April 4, 2012 / Careers

National Girlfriends Networking Day


If Goldman Sachs was run by ‘Fiona’ Blankfein, things would sure be different!!

How do we produce Fionas? By working together to cultivate and support one another.

Decades ago, when women entered the workforce, we made a conscious effort to bring our daughters to work with Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

Today, we have to help our daughters learn what to do at work:  to teach women, young and old, to build their network of connections.

On June 4 this year we’ll start the process with our first annual National Girlfriends Networking Day!

We’ll begin linking women together, creating a national network to help us all succeed.  Women around the country will be meeting for breakfast, coffee, lunch and drinks to help one another, and to connect.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1.  Pledge to connect with a mentor, mentee or peer.

2.  Attend or host a virtual event in your area.

3.  Become an Angel Investor – make herstory along with prominent women like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and FOX News co-anchor Gretchen Carlson .

4.  Support our work year-round to engage young and professional women in building and expanding their networks of connections.

5.  Spread the word – on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email!

6. Read our op-ed featured on the front page of The Huffington Post – What if Goldman Sachs Was Run by ‘Fiona’ Blankfein?

Join us! Girlfriend, build your network!