December 18, 2012 / News, Opportunity

Dare to Dream


The following piece is written by Hannah, a middle school student.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in a dream. But dreams can be monsters. All they give you is a false front. It’s like a cloudless day. All you can see is the blazing light and nothing else. For a moment, you forget about your troubles. It almost seems like it might turn out okay. But then, a meteor crashes into your dream, and just like that-it’s in a million pieces. You try to pick up the shards of your dreams, but you just can’t. As soon as you grasp it, it falls right back to the ground. Before you know it, there are only clouds overhead. There is no more light, only dark clouds. And just like that your dream is gone.

Henry was only another victim of this monster. His dream was just within his grasp. He was so close he could almost taste it. He was three months into his new job as a hedge-fund manager. He was on his way to success. He had just proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes. Henry could feel the joy of success coming his way. There was nothing stopping Henry now. Henry walked into work full of energy, practically skipping to his office. When he entered his office, his boss was in there waiting-with a grim look upon his face.

Henry had been fired. He had gotten some numbers wrong and was told to pack up his things. His dreams were being swept up right out from under him. The last thing he wanted to do was tell his fiancé, Jessica, that he had been fired. She had just quit her job to prepare for the wedding, thinking they had a solid income. They were going to start a family. He was so ashamed. How could he have messed up such a simple task?

He went home to find Jessica looking at floral designs with the wedding planner. Jessica could feel the tension as Henry walked in the door. She asked the wedding planner to leave. Henry told Jessica what happened. Jessica walked out the door almost right after the wedding planner. Henry was hopeless. No job, no fiancé, no future.

Dreams can destroy people. One minute they’re there, and the next they’re gone. It’s like holding onto water-you just can’t do it. It’s easy to dream a dream, but nearly impossible to achieve it.

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