September 18, 2012 / Uncategorized

TUNE IN: Siskind Talks Obama’s Record with Women on American’s Morning News Radio


The New Agenda’s Amy Siskind will take to the airwaves tomorrow morning on America’s Morning News Radio at 6:50 a.m. EST.

Siskind will be discussing her Huffington Post piece, Grading Obama’s First Term for Women.

You can find information on your local radio affiliate here, or tune in live here.

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  • yttik

    I want women to have jobs, opportunity, upward mobility, political power, and the Dems are like, “shut up, here’s a condom!” And than half a dozen people start praising President Obama for thinking of women.

    It pisses me off to be viewed as nothing but a condom or a pack of BC pills. It really makes me mad to see so many women decide that is a fair price for our votes, for our hopes and dreams.

  • samsmom

    I read your article at Huff:

    Amy Siskind as advocate for women – C

  • Bes

    I agree with yttik, and the Democrat convention was appalling. They put up women movie stars and the wife of the President, a bunch of random women from the reproductive rights orgs to speak in prime time. Clearly this is who Democrats see as leaders among women. They only put the women with elected political power briefly on during the day and only one was a speaker. Movie stars?! Democrats clearly don’t think political parity in representation is important for women. Of course we knew that back in 2008 when the sexist Democrat mocking of all women who ran for office was unleashed.

  • Kimble

    I saw great w

  • Kimble

    Apologies… Writing on my phone.

    I enjoyed speeches by Elizabeth Warren and Tammy Baldwin at the DNC. They now lead their senate races after trailing for months.

    Other good speeches: Lily Ledbetter and Jennifer Granholm. They spoke about Obama’s accomplishments with Ledbetter Law and resurgence of the auto industry. Also effective. Obama leads, and the gender gap is wide–Obama leads Romney by 19 percent amongst women voters.

    The RNC also featured a big Hollywood star, remember? Clint Eastwood.