August 21, 2012 / Safety

Representative Akin’s Apology Is Not Legitimate


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Sunday, Representative Todd Akin (R-MO) had this to say about the correlation between rape and pregnancy:

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Akin said, referring to conception following a rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something (emphasis mine), I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist…”

While most people are talking about the ignorance of such a statement or wondering what kind of “doctors” Akin has been talking to, I’m left shaking my head in disbelief and anger. I need to make it very clear that neither my outrage nor this article have anything to do with the context in which Rep. Akin made his statement. His lack of understanding of basic female physiology, aside, what he said was incredibly painful and offensive to rape victims.

“…that’s really rare.” A study released by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1996 showed 5% of rapes  – over 30,000 of them – resulted in pregnancy. They concluded that, “Rape-related pregnancy occurs with significant frequency,” and that it is “closely linked with family and domestic violence.” His assertion that rape resulting in pregnancy is “rare” is a slap in the face of the tens of thousands of women for whom this is a reality.

The U.S. Department of Justice’s 2005 National Crime Victimization Survey concurs with the percentage, though it shows a lower number overall of rapes. RAINN notes the following reasons why there may be a lower rate of pregnancies among rape victims:

  • Some victims may be using certain birth control methods to prevent pregnancy;
  • Some rapists wear condoms in order to avoid detection by DNA evidence;
  • Victims of rape might not be able to become pregnant due to medical or age-related reasons.

To this list I would add that rapists don’t stop to ask their victims if they are menstruating before continuing with their act. Even if they did, an affirmative answer is not likely to stop them.

RAINN also cautions that the number of rape-related pregnancies may actually be higher, but factors not accounted for include pregnancies which occurred during a second or third incident, and the victimization of Americans age 12 or younger.

“…the female body has ways to shut that whole thing down.” We all know this isn’t true. But where his statement is so horrendously offensive is in the assumption that a rapist’s ejaculate has nothing to do with pregnancy, that it is entirely up to the rape victim to prevent conception, it’s not his fault. The only animal with the ability to prevent pregnancy by rape is a duck.

Biology aside, by prefacing it with “If it’s a legitimate rape,” Akin effectively told every rape victim who has ever been impregnated by a rapist that because she allowed herself to become pregnant, she must have wanted it and, therefore, it wasn’t rape. It wasn’t a horrifying, traumatic experience. Rape victims should have fought harder to prevent the act from occurring in the first place. This attitude – deciding what is or isn’t “legitimate” rape – plays into the myth that if a rape victim didn’t fight back, she must have wanted it. She had sex, regrets it, and is crying “rape” out of revenge. It doesn’t take into consideration being held down or drugged. There may be a weapon involved, in which case “fight or flight” can give way to the less frequently talked about “freeze” for self-preservation.

But let’s assume that didn’t work, or something…” Wow. How blasé. Let’s assume? Something? He may as well have said, “But let’s suspend reality and pretend she got pregnant even though she really didn’t want to have sex, then it might have been a ‘legitimate’ rape.”

“…the punishment ought to be of the rapist…” No one would disagree with Rep. Akin on this point. No one wants rapists to go unpunished. But the truth is, we live in such a victim-blaming culture, it’s hard to imagine reporting a rape when a victim knows she’s going to be bombarded with questions and statements about what she was wearing, why she was alone, why she was in the wrong part of town. No one wants to sit through accusations of being a tease or have her sexual history dredged up as a means of proving she has an insatiable sexual appetite and, therefore, brought this on herself. Rape victims are threatened by their assailants. They may have been told harm would come to loved ones. Whatever the reason, the majority of rape victims are too terrified or filled with shame to even report their rapes. When they do, only about a quarter of rapists are arrested. Of those arrested, about 3/4 of them are convicted, with fewer than half receiving a felony conviction. In the end, only about 6% of offenders in reported cases will spend a single day in prison. And now Rep. Akin would see that number shrink even smaller because, in his view, a rape resulting in pregnancy is not a legitimate rape.

Representative Akin did issue a statement later on Sunday.

In reviewing my off-the-cuff remarks, it’s clear that I misspoke in this interview and it does not reflect the deep empathy I hold for the thousands of women who are raped and abused every year.

This is not an apology. An apology actually contains the word apology or apologize or sorry. He “misspoke”. Which part, exactly, was misspoken? Why would anyone make off-the-cuff remarks on issues this serious? Had he not thought this through before throwing his hat in the ring for Senate? It’s interesting that now he’s mentioning “deep empathy” for victims of rape and abuse. Frankly, I don’t buy it. He may feel bad to know rape victims exist, but anyone who empathizes with them in the least, let alone deeply, would have never excluded them from his original statement, reducing them to rape receptacles and holding tanks for rapists’ progeny. It’s abhorrent and unacceptable.

I also can’t help but wonder if he will issue a statement saying he misspoke when he said his deep empathy is for the “thousands of women who are raped and abused each year.” In December, 2011, the CDC issued a statement that each year over a million women report being raped. Given the fact that more than half of all rapes go unreported, the number of women raped each year is likely closer to 3 million.

Later on Sunday, Akin clarified his statement on Mike Huckabee’s radio show. He meant “forcible”, rather than “legitimate”. For millions of us, those two words carry the same connotation, and trading one word for another doesn’t change the rest his statement. “Forcible” or “legitimate”, if your assault doesn’t meet certain requirements, it doesn’t count as rape. This is incredibly insensitive and traumatic to hear for women who were raped under circumstances not considered “forcible” by Akin.

Akin offered, “What I said was ill-conceived, and it was wrong. I really just want to apologize to those I’ve hurt.”

Apology not accepted.

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  • Kimble

    I don’t think (and don’t want) him to drop out. But guess what? He still has a very good chance of winning.

  • Kali

    Kimble, yes, he’s still leading in the polls. That’s the most depressing thing.

  • yttik

    I’m still waiting for an apology from all the folks on the other side of aisle that supported Julian Assange and Roman Polanski. Apparently Whoopi also believes there is such a thing as rape-rape, implying other kinds are not legit.

  • Bes

    Don’t hold your breath while you are waiting Yttik, Liberals never apologize or acknowledge liberal sexism.

  • Bes

    The lesser evil argument. Is it really relevant? Not to me. For me the most important “women’s issue” is parity in political representation for women and Democrats set that back 50 years with their misogyny strategy in 2008 when they took Hillary’s votes and gave them to Obama and then told her to sit down and shut up before the convention.

  • JeanLouise

    yttk and Bes, I wasn’t aware that Whoopi Goldberg had been elected to the House or was running for the Senate. How on earth does she have time to submit bills redefining rape, cutting Women, Infants and Children nutrition programs and denying children health care while appearing on The View every day?

  • JeanLouise

    Edee, the father of the “she won’t get pregnant if it’s really rape” lie is Jack Wilkie, an Ohio doctor who wrote a book asserting that in, I think, the early 1970’s. He started the National Right to Life movement, a group which has never let science get in the way of their determination to debase and control women. Wilkie was one of Mitt Romney’s mouthpieces in 2007-8 and Akin is touting his support today. Akin has not seen the error of his ways. He had doubled down on his ignorance.

  • Julie

    The Democrats can’t be to upset with Akin as they spent 1.5 million dollars to help get him elected. So if Romney and all republicans are responsible for Akins opinion on abortion shouldn’t Obama and all democrats be held equally responsible? Obama and the democrats do not care about abortion or Women’s rights. Abortion is a sound bite to them and a way to control women. I would think women would have more self-respect than to fall for this. The outrage and media coverage over one man’s opinion on abortion is ridiculous. It just proves how out of touch the media is from everyday lives.

  • Henrietta

    Jean Louise,

    Whoopi Goldberg, and anyone else who frequents television and/ or radio, has a tremendous influence on culture which… influences both policy and cultural practices. Rape is a cultural practice and the degree of rape can fluctuate from nearly inevitable for women to almost absent, depending on the culture. So Whoopi’s words support our culture of rape.

    Of course what Whoopi says is as important as any two bit congressperson who writes legislation, especially when considering that Akin and Ryan’s legislation had no chance of getting passed. Now Whoopi, to my knowledge, is not dangerous in terms of the issue of choice but when it comes to the issue of rape and how people perceive it – very dangerous.

  • Bes

    Whoopi is just a Left wing Rush Limbaugh. Neither of them writes our laws and neither of them are leaders of their party and yet both are quoted as if they are in charge of party philosophy by the opposing political party. And it is true that both Rush and Whoopi influence media culture and media culture does have some effect of authentic American culture.

  • yttik

    After watching what was done to Hillary Clinton and later to Sarah Palin, after watching women bloggers receiving rape and death threats and receiving them myself, I can no longer get all wee weed up over some scary Republican moron in Missouri saying the same damn thing I’ve witnessed coming out of liberal mouths. This whole idea that R’s hate women and D’s are going to save us just rings hollow now days. I’ve been there and done that and I’m no longer impressed by the self righteous hypocrites in the media that want to point fingers at the other guy and try to exploit the issue for everything it’s worth.

  • Jean Louise

    Whoopi doesn’t do political “commentary” three hours a day, five dys a week. No Democratic candidate has to worry about pissing off Whoopi. Not only is Romney terrified of making an enemy of Rush, Bain Capital owns a good portion of Clear Channel which broadcasts Limbaugh’s show so Romney actually makes money on Limbaugh’s deranged misogynistic rants.

    Whoopi’s comment was incredibly offensive and I wrote a letter to her, making that clear. She’s also not much of a liberal. She’s more libertarian and opposes any tax increases on the wealthy.

    Julie, Clair McGaskell ran ads against all three Republicans in the primary. Of course, she wanted to face Akin in the general election. He’s a rightwing nutjob with a penchant for sticking his foot in his mouth as he did with his “legitimate rape” comment.

    Henrietta, Akin’s and Ryan’s anti-woman legislation did pass in the House. It was held up by the Senate which is still controlled by Democrats. If the GOP regains control of the Senate and wins the presidency, expect to see such legislation glide through the process and becoming law. Whoopi can talk from here to eternity but she can’t offer a bill in Congress. Akin can.

    yttik, I’m not suggesting that you “get over it”. I never will but that’s certainly not an reason to insist that there is no difference between most Democrats and most Republicans on this issue.

  • Bes

    I give money to both Planned Parenthood and NARAL. I’m not saying reproductive rights are not important. I am saying that parity in political representation is the more important issue for women. Democrats set that back 50 years in 2008 with the misogynist attacks that they aimed at both Hillary and Palin and by taking Hillary’s votes and giving them to Obama and telling Hillary to sit down and shut up before the convention. Democratic party my ass! Their behavior shows they don’t value democratic values and processes.

  • Julie

    Jean Louise – if the democrats are so outraged about the rape of women why were they silent when David Letterman made jokes about Sarah Palin’s daughter, Willow, being raped? And worse she is a minor. How about Sara Bernhardts threat of black gang rape toward Sarah Palin? The death threats against Hillary Clinton, etc. Silence. Silence equals approval. Funny how when it’s democrats advocating the rape of women it is okay but one man makes a stupid remark and it is the end of the world. Yes what he said was wrong but he did not scream for a woman to be raped. Both are wrong but pushing for rape of a woman is unforgiveable. In my opinion Democrats are much worse for women and they have proven they cannot be trusted. I was a Democrat until May 31, 2008 the day Democrats told us what they really thought of women.

  • Jean Louise

    Again, none of the entertainers that you mentioned write and submit bills which become laws by which we all must live. Please cite any Democratic lawmaker who has stated that women who are “legitimately” raped don’t get pregnant.

    I, too, left the Democratic Party on May 31, 2008, but I didn’t lose my common sense when I did that.

  • Jean Louise

    Also, Julie, ” the Democrats” did not reject Hillary. She received eighteen million votes, the vast majority of which were cast by Democrats. It was the DNC, and, in particular, some people in the RBC, that gave Hillary’s delegates to Obama.

    While I won’t vote for Obama or any of his henchmen, my Democratic senator was a Hillary supporter until she left the race and, what’s more, he’s a good senator running against a piece of Tea Party trash. I’m certainly not going to let my disgust and disillusionment with the leadership of the Democratic Party stop me from voting for a man who best represents my interests just because he has a (D) behind his name.

  • yttik

    Jean Louise, numerous Democrats have committed rape and other sexual offenses themselves! It’s not like Democrats love women and Republicans hate them and everything is simple. Anthony Weiner had a great party platform, he just couldn’t stop sending naked pictures of himself to women who didn’t want them. David Wu was a great advocate for women’s rights when he wasn’t raping anybody.

    While Aiken was making his stupid comments, Rep. Kerry Gauthier was admitting to picking up a 17 year old boy at a rest stop. The entire North Carolina Dem party is currently being sued for sexual harassment.

    In my state we had Brock Adams, “a man who best represents my interests,” too, until numerous women came out and accused him of drugging and raping them. Kind of depressing, but I remember so many women rallying around him and declaring that none of his victims were “legitimately raped” since he was such an avid feminist who belongs to the party of women’s rights.

  • Julie

    Jean Louise – I did not lose my common sense when I left the democratic party. I am saying the democrats do not care about rape – they see it as a weapon to be used at election time and then forgotten. Why is there no outcry from these people who are horrified by what Akin said about rape when democrat supporters are always calling for rape and violence against women? They even go so far as calling for rape of their childern. We see it whenever a women does not agree with Obama. Now if they really cared about the raping of women these same people horrified by Akin would be speaking out. They are silent. Silence means acceptance. Acceptance as in it is okay if people who do not agree with us are raped. Where are the leaders of the democratic party? Where is the common sense? Democrats do not care about women being raped. It is sad that it is a political issue because then we can’t have a real discussion with results. But this is what the democrats want. This nonense that republicans are evil and democrats are good is childish and lazy.

  • Julie

    Jean Louise – please explain why tea party members are trash. The ones I know are good decent people. They are hard workers, give back to their community, happy, have raised good children. They enjoy their life and playing with their grandchldren. (I do not know who your senator is running against but why are they trash?) This is in contrast to someone on a message board calling people they don’t agree with trash. How sad and pathetic. I don’t recall the tea party rallies having any violence, spewing hate or calling for rape of people who do not agree with them. Their beliefs may not agree with yours but that does not make them bad people.

  • Kimble

    Julie, I agree that blanket descriptions such as “tea party trash” are inappropriate. I’m no fan of blanket descritions in any direction.

    But I can give you an example of statements by a tea party person that can be construed as a call to violence.

    Scott Boston, a tea party activist in Missouri, told supporters that “we need to kill the Claire Bear” in reference to Senator Claire McCaskill. The threat was deemed serious enough that the Capitol Police provided McCaskill with extra protection.

  • yttik

    Okay but Kimble.there are nutcases of every political stripe. The FBI is currently investigating threats against Akin, including threats to rape and kill his family and his staffers. That doesn’t mean all liberals and pro-choice advocates are insane, just like the threats against McCaskill doesn’t mean Tea Partiers are insane.

  • Linda Anselmi

    Great post. That such blatant ignorance (I’m being kind) is being spread as truth by any member of our government is sad beyond belief.

    Only thing worse, but not surprising given this “ignorance”, is your chart from RAINN showing that rapist only have a 3 in 100 chance of spending time in jail.

  • Juliette

    Leftist defend rapist when ever they have the chance. Whoppie Goldberg spoke of the difference between rape and “rape rape” when defending Roman Polanski, a darling of the left. Wasn’t Bill Clinton accused of rap by Juanita Brodrick? Who should I believe, a serial womanizer-pathelogical liar of the woman-humm?
    Were any women ever raped at a Tea Party function? NO. Were any women raped at Occupy Wall Street functions-YES, 3, one of them right here in my city of “Brotherly Love.” Organizers at the OWS sites informed followers NOT to report incidents of rape to the police. When CBS reporter Laura Logan was being gang raped in Cairo, did the left stop priasing the progress of the “Arab Spring?” NO they continued cheering on the Muslimbrotherhood which now all the power thanks to the Facebook aggitators on the left. I was taught to believe that leftist men were the champions of human rights. Now I wonder if they even think of us women as human. This stupid republican doesn’t know a thing about rape. What he does know is that a fertilized human embryo= a human life at it’s most innocent stage. But still the left believes that nothing says love like an abortion.
    The 2008 democrat primary was a virtual gang rape of Hillary Clinton. The democrat party continued by attcking Sarah Palin with the most vile misogyny I have ever witnessed and even targeted her children.
    Ted Kennedy got away with leaving a woman at the bottom of a lake to die. His brothers were passing around a 19 year old in the White House pool. Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner, Al Gore and the Kennedy clan. If these men are pro-women we sure don’t need enemies.

  • Kimble


    Of course there are nutcases of all political stripes. Agree completely.

    I don’t think the threats to Todd Akin, which are reprehensible, of course, are comparable to the comments about Claire McCaskill.

    While both required action by law enforcement, the threats to Todd Akin were anonymous. We don’t know who made these multiple threats and it would be wrong to assume the political motivations of the perpetrators.

    Scott Boston, a tea party activist, used threatening language in reference to Claire McCaskill. Is he a “nutcase”? The candidate he supported, Sarah Steelman, didn’t seem to think so. She gave a weak “I would not have used his words but I support his views” kind of response to his comments, and a few weeks later said “I’m ready to punch Claire McCaskill out.”

    It should be noted that the 3rd candidate in that MO GOP primary, John Brunner, soundly criticized Boston for the violent nature of his comments.

  • yttik

    There’s a huge double standard when it comes to rape and partisan rhetoric. It’s really harmful to women because the implication is that some victims are not worthy, not legitimate, because they’re on the other side of the political aisle. So Akin’s wife, children, staffers, who are receiving rape and death threats are really not as important or comparable to the one threat McCaskill has received. Once again, like Whoopi said, it’s not really rape-rape because of who the victims are. Many people support Roman Polanski and Julian Assange in the same way, the perpetrator has the correct politics, so the victims couldn’t possibly be legitimate victims.

  • Kimble

    Yttik, I hold no double standard. But when threats are anonymous, obviously it’s much harder to punish the people who made the threats.

    Some might even say that the comments by Boston are mild by comparison to threats to Akin’s family. But we know who made them. They were made by a political figure. And he should be admonished accordingly.

    On a different notes, to me the most disgusting thing about Akin is that he holds a seat on the House Science Committee, and he believes in junk science! That is a fact that people of all political persuasions should be troubled by.

  • Julie

    Kimble – What kind of mental gymnastics does it take to convince yourself that rape threats against a person who does not agree with the democrats are okay or not as bad? I honestly think that the democrats and their supporters calling for the rape of anyone, including chldren, who does not agree with their thinking is worse than what Akin said. This is why I am no longer a democrat. They betray women by using rape as a weapon and a sound bite. Same as the race card. Democrats have no respect for women or the people of this Country. They are doing everything they can to divide us. They have become the party of hate.

  • Kimble

    The threats made to Akin are awful, terrible, reprehensible. I think everyone can agree on that. I never said otherwise, just that the threats made on Akin were anonymous.

    But why would anyone assume that the folks making those threats are associated with the democratic party?

    The article yttik links to does not name anyone, or any motivations. They were ANONYMOUS threats. Maybe made by crazy, hateful, democrats, maybe not.

    This reminds me of when Gabby Giffords was shot, and everyone assumed the shooter must have been politically motivated, perhaps spurred on by Sarah Palin’s target-practice imagery, or whatever that was. But no, it turned out that Jared Loughner was just a deeply disturbed individual with no political affiliation whatsoever.

  • Juliette


    As a former democrat (until 2008) I have to agree with you 100%. Haters like Bill Maher are intellectual giants to the left. The party is controled by communists who hate Christianits and Jews, but love the Muslim Brotherhood just as Hitler did. They pretent to be pro-gay and pro-choice but they are really just anti-God. Islam is favorable to them because they embrass European style anti-semitism and Islam is a totalitarian political system that allows no freedom of religion and denies woman all human rights. But the left will continue to support “Arab Spring” or as I prefer to call it, spring time for Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood. They have no real objections to the Muslim Brotherhood so how can they honestly say that they are pro-Gay rights and pro-womens rights. Only women ( and a few men) in congress are fighting to keep Shariah out of America’s political system. Sue Myric and Michele Bachmann have been champions of this fight. There are also two men who come to mind- Rep. Alan West and Rep. King of N.Y..
    Thanks to the lefts destruction of all the conservative presidential hopefuls like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, I have to choose between two sons of a polygamist in this presidantial election.
    Leftist will put out movies trying to exploit the horors of Mormonism, a polygamist cult disguised as Christianity, just to hurt Romneys chances. Didi they ever object to their Senate Majority leader HArry Reid, another Mormon. NO! Their hypocricy is stunning.
    When leftist ask me if I support gay marriage, I tell them that none of my gay friends are here as a result of gay marriage ans they certainly are not here as a result of abortion. So I will remain a Christy Christy Christian with no apology to the Godless left.

  • JeanLouise

    Juliette, the only people who are trying to institute anything near Sharia law in this country is the Christian Taliban which includes people like Akin, West, King, Kyl, DeMint, Bachmann, Ryan etc. I’ll gladly add Democrats to that list if any of them supports a Constitutional amendment which gives fertilized eggs “personhood” which would require women to act as incubators no matter what the cost to her, even including death. That’s in the GOP plank this year and not one of them has challenged it. These are very dangerous people and they should not be in the government.

    Look up Josh Mandel if you want an example of Tea Party trash. Whatever grassroots creds that group once enjoyed are long gone. They’re now part of the wingnut section of the GOP and are financed by the Koch brothers and other ultra-fundamentalist billionaires. That’s the section that opposes a woman’s right to control her own body and to be able to actually obtain equal pay for equal work. If you object to the word “trash”, I will happily refer to them as cult members because I haven’t seen a single one speak who actually has a thought that wasn’t spoon fed to them by their masters.

  • JeanLouise

    Again, yttik, what elected or campaigning Democrat has suggested that Akin or his family need to be raped? The world is filled with sick or evil people. McCaskill’s gotten her share of death threats, too, because she does support a woman’s right to control her own reproductive system.

    I am so glad that, despite what I saw the Democratic leadership do in 2008. that I’m not so embittered that I hate and despise anyone who is, in any way, associated with the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Party has lost a lot of its credibility with me but I will continue to support and vote for individuals who represent my pov, no matter what their affiliation. Since the Tea Party has taken over the GOP, I haven’t found any Republican that I’d like to vote for except that NY congressman who went to a women’s gathering and told them to contribute to the Democratic Party because the Republicans who currently run the party want to force women to accept their view of us as second-class citizens.

  • Julie

    Jean Louise – Tea Party trash? Such hate for anyone who does not conform to the Democratic line. I believe it was OWS who had no problem with women being raped. Rapists were to be protected so OWS did not look bad. Nancy Pelosi, Obama etc supported OWS.

    As far as women being second class citizens, I believe that is what Democrats want for women. They treat women like they are stupid and need coddled. If a women does not agree with the democrats she is demeaned and degraded. Threatened with rape and violence. Women’s rights are more than on demand abortion.

    Koch brothers? Democrats demonizing men who support someone else. When I read blogs or articles name calling and demonizing I usually quit reading as the person has lost all credibility. Tea Party trash and Koch brothers are democratic talking points. I refuse to participate in their hate.

  • Juliette


    It is an inconvenient fact for supporters of abortion that a fertilized human embryo is in fact a human life, as alive as it will ever be and distinctiveley human in it’s DNA. This country was a much better place before abortion was an option for women.
    Most women I know who have had abortion are having a hard time dealing with their “choice.” That is a major part of the reason why I changed my position from pro-choice to pro-life. I also learned alot of things about abortion I never knew when I was doing research on Obama’s defeat of the Born Alive Protection Act. You might want to check out Born Alive Truth’s website if you can stomach the facts.
    More and more Americans are becoming pro-life at the same time that more Americans identify themselves as not religious, so to blame those evil Christians who are as bad as the Taliban (SIC), in your oppinion displays the same kind of utter contempt for most common sense Americans that leftist like Bill Maher and many Obama supporters cling to.
    Rep. Alen West defended this country at great risk to himself, from the Taliban and other Islamo-facists organizations that want to detroy America. Mhele Bachmann is calling for internal investigations of the Muslim Brotherhoods influence in American policy making. She is a hero to those of us who are informed on the traitors in both parties who would seel out America for Saudi money. But like Bill Maher and other leftist traitors you prefer to attack American patriots while comparing them to Islamic facists who the left loves almost as much as Hitler did.
    Why don’t you do a little reading on Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood? Or perhaps Hitler’s Table Talks-particularly he August 28 1942 entry-it’s amazing how much he sounds like Bill Maher or even Obama in his never ending praise for Islam.
    I am sorry for ever woman who thinks that the party that wants to give you abortion is the one that loves you and the party that supports pro-creation of the human race (yes the HUMAN race, not those pre-packaged divided races the democrats create in order to manipulate)is anti-women. And if these Tea Party people that you compare to the Taliban were as racist as the left would have US believe, why don’t they send checks to Planned Parenthood, after all they know the statistics on abortion and people of color, I read their comments on conservative blogs and they are much better informed on the subject than you and one nut case republican named Atkin.

  • Kimble

    Juliette, how do African-Americans and Latinos fit in to your “godless left”? Both groups have high identification as Christians, both groups vote Democratic. Not just for an AA president, but historically.

  • Juliette


    Public sector unions and big government rewards for the children of dead beat dads, families broken by the policies of the welfare state keep the democrats rich with a bumper crop of votes from the minorities they exploit.
    To get a perspective from African Americans who are on to the dems game ( I am Italian American which is Latino in fact!) you should check out the movie that just opened in theaters called “Run Away Slave.” Star Parker is another former welfare reciepient who woke up to the democrats game that kept her addicted to big government.
    In cities like Philadelphia, public sector jobs with bloated pensions and inflated salaries are given to minorities in return for their loyalty to the party of government dependency. Politicians cave to the unions that are bankrupting cities from San Bernidino CA to Philadelphia PA because they will be out of office before the effects of their sell out occure.
    You should read the writings of Bella Dodd who spent most of her life in the Communist PArty of America. “After her defection she revealed that one of her jobs as a communist agent was to encourage young radicals to enter the Catholic Seminaries. She said that before she left the Party in the US she encouraged almost 1,000 young radicals to infiltrate the seminaries and religious orders.”
    Margret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood and student of Eugenics in Nazi Germany, also preached that the “black Churches” must be used to control the populations that mutiplied like weeds. I look at Barak Obama’s church of 20 years and I can tell you there is nothing remotly Chritian about it. Even my Catholic Church had nothing much to say about Obama’s support for infanticide in his defeat of The Born Alive Infant Protection Act.
    Why did so many women vote for Obama in 2008 when he smuggly used brutal misogyny against Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin Why did I vote democrat for so many years? The leftist indoctrination is every where. It’s in the public scools, the main stream media, Hollywood Movies and popular music.
    Ben Franklin said that we are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid.” It seems that is the only hard working some people have been doing.

  • Juliette

    Jean Loiuse

    I would like to challenge you to compare the unthinkable crimes of those right wing extreemist- industrialist- the Koch Brothers to the lefts puppet master-financier George Soros. Did the Koch Brothers proudly collaborate with Nazi’s against their own people. Did they crash the British Sterling and the economies of serveral other countries for their own vulcuristic gains? My home and yours (most likely) is full of products the Kochs companies manufacture. But Soros has not done a dame thing to make my life more convient. He is a Hedge Fund manipulator and a vulture not to mention. Read the transcript of his interview with 60 minutes Steve Kroft. He has no remorse for the time he spent helping the Nazis redistribute the wealth of rich Jews who were imprisioned in concentration camps. The man is evil as evil can be and he controls the democrat party completely.

  • Juliette

    The Republican Party
    Not affiliated with George Soros, OWS, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, The Muslim Brothood, Jeremiah Wright, Rev. Pfleger, The New Black Panther Party, Louis Farakhan and the Nation of Islam, Tony Rezko, Bill Maher, should I continue?

  • yttik

    Just for the record, I don’t hate anybody. I’m not embittered and full of hatred. It’s not hatred to open my eyes and take a hard, critical look at the ideology and hypocrisy of the Dem party, a party I belonged to for many years. I’m not the one calling people “trash.”

  • Kimble

    The piece that Bes has linked to by Kathleen Park in the Daily Beast, “What the $%@* is Wrong with the Republican Party”, is a must-read.

    Sen. Susan Collins of Maine makes so much sense. She’s a moderate, and she wants to see things get done for the better of our country. Is anyone in her party paying attention to her, and to all the moderates like her?

  • Juliette

    Democrats continue to paint Tea PartyPatriots and Pro-Life Christians as extreem when the majority of Americans agree with these views. I have to admitt that after his 2004 speah at the DNC convention I had a bit of a Koll-Aid buzz. I did consider him as a candidate while I was still democrat but I found something in his legislative history that turned my stomach. Watch these two video’s and ask yourself who the real radical is on abortion?

  • Julie

    Is there anything more extreme than calling people racist for not agreeing with you? I think the democrats have become extreme. Has there been any democrat who has stood up and said “enough”? Has there been any democrat who wants an honest discussion of women’s rights? If there was I haven’t heard them. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Obama, Maxine Walters, the Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, MSNBC, Howard Dean, etc are about extreme as you can get. No lie is to big, no smear to great. When you think they can’t get any lower they out do themselves. Democrats had the Presidency, house and senate and could not pass any legislation that benefited the people, much less women.

    How extreme was it to blame Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabby Gifford? Did any democrat leaders step up and denouce Paul Krugman who started the narrative. Paul Krugman by his own admission gets phone calls from Obama. This is the party that stands for women?

    Women will never be taken seriously by the democrats. They talk a good game but that’s all it is. Talk.

  • Juliette

    God Bless you. America was a radical idea foreign to ever form of government that ever existed in Europe. It was a new system of government that insured that our rights came from our creator, not a government or King. So let them call US extreemist, radicals if they want. America is the greatest country in the world and that fact is self evident in the numbers of people who leave their nation of birth, (breath takingly beautiful nations) to come to America to enjoy the opportunity they would never have in their quasi-socialist country.

    Last night MSNBC blacked out all the minority speakers at the republican convention with commercials. Fox and CNN did not. So are the folks at MSNBC racist or are thy just afriad of men like former democrat Congressman and Obama supporter Rep. Artur Davis.