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Can you meet me for breakfast or lunch?


We’re JUST two weeks away.  Our first annual National Girlfriends’ Networking Day  is JUNE 4 and we’re planning a big celebration!


1. Pledge to Connect – meet with a peer, mentor or mentee.  Don’t have one?  Find one on The Mentor Exchange.

2. Attend an Event – we’ll convene at 12 (noon) EST for a virtual celebration,  an informative, interactive program  about how to build your network and plan your career path.

Events are being held all over the country!  Lunch on the East Coast, breakfast on the West Coast and coffee all over the Midwest.  Check our listing of events here.

Read Gretchen’s bio › Read Jeannette’s bio › Read Elizabeth’s bio › Read Rosemarie’s bio ›


4.  Donate – support our work year-round to engage young and professional women in building and expanding their networks.

3. Angel Investor – make herstory as an Angel Investor in the first annual NGN Day!  Angel Investors will be listed online and recognized at our virtual celebration.

5.  Social Media – tweet using @TheNewAgenda, #NGNDay; join us on Facebook!

Girlfriends, let’s build that network!!!

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