March 7, 2012 / Opportunity, Safety

Misogynists on the Left Trash Limbaugh While Giving Themselves a Pass


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A spate of articles have popped up taking hypocritical lefty men to task for tearing into Rush Limbaugh. While Limbaugh’s comments about Sandra Fluke were disgusting, men like Chris Matthews, Bill Maher, Keith Olbermann, Jack Cafferty, Ed Schultz and many more regularly engage in similar practices, with no consequence.

As Karen Tumulty of WaPo points out in her article, Rush not the only culprit, left guilty of misogyny too:

Over on the Daily Beast, columnist Kirsten Powers makes an excellent point that all the furor over Rush Limbaugh, while totally justified, has also been one-sided. When are we going to hear similar outrage over the casual sexism of the left-leaning commentariat?

Dealing with criticism is part of the job for people who do what I do for a living. I’ve felt it from both sides. But as I read Kirsten’s column, I thought back and realized that some of the more blatantly sexist attacks I have personally felt have come from the left.
Blogger Allahpundit made the point that you can be as big a woman-hater as you please, so long as you hold the correct opinion on progressive social issues…it seems perfectly fine for Matt Taibbi to refer to Ms. Tumulty as“mannish,” “a pre-op version of Dave Barry,” and a “female impersonator.” Tumulty also shared that “[Taibbi] wrote at length about the size of one female reporter’s rear end, and called another one “a squirrely b–ch.”

I can relate to the shock Ms. Tumulty feels.

Woman hate is as old as the hills, but arguably, 2008 is the year that made misogyny cool. “The Bros Before Hoes” tee shirts were mild compared to the rest. The 2008 election cycle felt like daily assault and battery. The toughest part is that so much of the onslaught was coming from the left. When men who belong to the “party of women’s progress” refer to women in a way that is anything but progressive, it makes one question how much they value women in the first place. The convenient talking point, “I love women – just not that woman” isn’t cutting it.

If a man does not have intelligence and enough command of the issues to take a woman to task on the merits, instead resorting to the level of a sixth grader, that says a lot more about the man than the woman he is attacking.

Clearly, men on both sides of the aisle have long enjoyed pigeonholing women by objectifying them. Cleaving women into body parts is a convenient way to disempower them. Only a man who is intimidated by a woman would do so.

Congressman Alan Grayson called one woman a “K-Street whore.” Senate Majority Harry Reid referred to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as “the hottest member of the Senate.” Bill Maher joked about Secretary Clinton’s “c*nt,” later calling Sarah Palin one.

Where is the outrage?

Men who pretend to agree with me, yet treat me as a lesser being by treating others of my sex with disdain and disgust do not get a pass, nor should they. As Ms. Powers and Ms. Tumulty rightly point out, it is about time we call both sides to task for classless, debasing discourse that has long become outmoded.

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