November 17, 2011 / Media - Entertainment, Politics, Sexism, Unity

Why Is Bill Maher Still on the Air?


On Tuesday, Bill Maher was politely confronted by Elizabeth Hasselbeck on ABC’s The View over his comments regarding reporter Lara Logan the year before.:

“…he [suggested] that after the horrendous sexual assault of a CBS News reporter, we should send Hasselbeck to Egypt.”

Though Hasselbeck is the token conservative on the show, I found it horrific that her sister cast members would not make any kind of a stand against this kind of despicable and violent rhetoric, whether or not these other women agreed with her politics. Maher basically suggested that Hasselbeck, because of her conservative political views, should be sent to Egypt to be gang raped.

I had been a Democrat my entire life, but was likewise horrified when comedian Sandra Bernhard threatened Sarah Palin with gang rape in 2008 “if she dared set foot in Manhattan.” This is not about politics. This is about decency.

Maher, not surprisingly, hid behind the veil of “I’m a comedian” i.e, ‘relax, ladies, it’s only a joke.’

If a shock jock and hate monger misogynist like Maher face ever faced even the threat of the ills he wishes upon women, he might change his self righteous posture. I highly recommend watching this video if only to see his defensiveness, cowardice and unwillingness to apologize for something that clearly crossed the line.

What is even more grotesque is that the rest of the women on this show, knowing how much violence women face in this country and around the world daily, either sat in silence or did their best to try to smooth over the awkward moment and make Maher feel comfortable – as if Hasselbeck was being unreasonable.

Barbara Walter goes so far as to offer that she had to “endure” being called “Baba Wawa” her entire career, as if that compares to wishing unspeakable and horrible violence upon a woman. Shame on her for acting like a protective “mommy.” This is why overgrown spoiled children like Maher continue to practice this kind of behavior, while a network TV show holds up “Applause” screens to egg this on.

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