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TAKE ACTION: HBOs Bill Maher: “Sarah Palin Would ‘F–k’ Rick Perry If He Was Black.”


UPDATE: Thank you to those of you who signed or ‘liked’ our petition to fire Bill Maher. The petition has been delivered to the Time Warner Board of Directors, and initial calls have been made to HBO Management. The New Agenda will be forming a TASK FORCE to take such follow up actions as are necessary to ensure that HBO Management takes proper action with respect to Bill Maher’s misogynistic behavior. Info to follow…

On Friday, September 23rd, Bill Maher said this during his HBO show:

Sarah Palin Would ‘F–k’ Rick Perry If He Was Black.

This statement is yet another example of Bill Maher’s misogyny. Maher has employed terms such as: ‘dumb twat’, ‘bimbos’, and ‘cunt’ in reference to women leaders including Sec Hillary Clinton, Rep Michele Bachmann and Gov Sarah Palin (read here).

On the same show, Rep Jane Harman (D-CA) called out Maher for his sexist remarks about Fox News’ Megyn Kelly.

Put simply:  Bill Maher is out of control.   His remarks are sexist and racist and he should be taken off the air!

Please sign the petition here.

Then, share the petition with your contacts via Facebook, Twitter and email.  The petition will be presented to the Time Warner Board of Directors and HBO Management.

Here’s Maher in action:


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