September 4, 2011 / Leadership, Politics

“Sarah Palin lights up Iowa”


Sarah Palin had QUITE a day in Iowa on Saturday. That title of this post? That’s the headline of the story published in the Washington Times, in which lively reporter Eric Golub describes the day and the message:

Despite torrential rains, Sarah Palin lit up the Iowa sky and lit into the failed Obama presidency.

It was an honor to be one of her “opening” acts.

I met Governor Palin for the first time recently at the Iowa State Fair. She is every bit as genuine as I expected. She is also a true conservative.

To understand Sarah Palin is to see a woman who is so despised by the liberal media that they will do anything to destroy her. MSNBC has morphed into Glenn Close from “Fatal Attraction,” stalking Governor Palin and screaming that they will not be ignored.

The liberal media is angry that she refuses to tell them whether or not she is running for President. This is her decision, and she is under zero obligation to bend to anybody else’s timetable. She is not the one begging reporters to cover her. It is not her problem that others are obsessed with her. …(Read all of Golub’s post at the Washington Times’ “The Tygrrr-Express” blog.)

Thanks to MrTimotheus85 who uploaded Sarah Palin’s speech to YouTube on September 3, 2011. Here’s Part 1:

Next up, parts 2 and 3:


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  • BevWKY

    You know, I’ve been convinced she’s already running since she resigned from being Governor, but I don’t believe I’ve ever been totally sure she could win it all until yesterday. And it wasn’t the speech, which was absolutely freaking fantastic. It was watching her with the crowd afterwards. Watching her interact with people in that crowd on national TV was like seeing her daring the other GOP candidates and Obama, too, to even attempt her level of retail campaigning.

    If they can.

    I’m not sure some of them even have it in them.

    Oh, and Organize4Palin has a complete transcript of the speech up @

  • SugarSnap

    I know that Sarah Palin is extremely popular at The New Agenda, but that popularity does not play out with the American electorate:

    “Americans overwhelmingly believe that Sarah Palin should remain out of the race for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, a new Fox News poll of registered voters reveals.

    Respondents were asked: “Do you think Sarah Palin should run for president in 2012 or not?” Overall, 74 percent said no, just 20 percent said yes, and 6 percent said they’re not sure.

    Among Republicans, 71 percent said the former Alaska governor should stay out of the race, as did 80 percent of Democrats, 66 percent of independents, and 66 percent of tea party members.”

  • BevWKY

    Yeah, but, just curious, how many other candidates was that question asked about? Why is Palin the only one that gets the “should she run?” question?

    Or if they did ask it about the others, where are those results? Hmmm?

  • SugarSnap


    The Huffington Post/Patch “Power Outsiders” [influential local republicans in NH, Iowa, and SC] poll asked respondents if they’d be interested in any of these individuals as possible candidates:

    Christie (31), Ryan (17), Palin (8), Giuliani (4).

    Results about Palin are the ones that garner the headlines, for sure.

  • JeanLouise

    I’m curious. Didn’t the author of this article make a joke about people with special needs in his comedy routine before Palin spoke? Did Palin call him out for it? If not, it reeks of the hypocrisy that Palin displayed when she objected to Democrats inappropriately using the word ‘retard’ and gave Rush Limbaugh a total pass on it.

    Btw, who amongst Palin’s supporters really thinks that big business should be given a pass on all taxes? Most Americans, very sensibly, want businesses to pay their fair share. They benefit from the freedoms and civil structure that are provided by our taxes, too. Thanks, but no thanks. That was one of the dumber ideas that Palin has put forth.

  • Bes

    Wow! what a speech. She now gives a better speech than Obama (the speech she gave to the 2008 Republican convention was also a good one). I’m real sick of the political class screwing us all and bailing out their buddies. I also like hearing the Iowa men in the background yelling “run Sarah run, run Sarah run!”. I’m sick of listening to male voices with east coast affectations trying to degrade her. As the Corporate Media loses their grip on their program delivery system Sarah stands an increasingly good chance of being able to win. Now we can hear her speeches and thoughts on line without the permission or distortion of the Media Cartel.

  • anna

    I am not so sure about the 0% corporate income tax either. but look at the current and previous administrations, who was exempt from all kind of taxes. example who is exempt from providing health care in the obama care bill. sounded like what she describes with loopholes and favors for the corporations funding the winning candidate. her description of the permanent political class will resonate with many.
    tax heavens attract businesses and what we need is employment.
    I didn’t like the little joke on the solar panels, paying off mine. but when the choice is between someone who sells nuclear plants as clean energy and provides huge windfalls for the nuclear industry with taxing most other energy providers and backs insurers with federal money on building new plants; and a candidate who is for drilling, I will choose the pro gas and oil drilling candidate. reading the reports after Fukoshima and that we have a similar situation on the west coast,
    that wasted fuel is sitting around in tanks not appropriate for tsunami or earthquake exposure, drilling gas somewhere seems a minor problem.

    also with these polls. all of the other R candidates had not had the onslaught of destructive treatment they will get in the general election or any of the sexist rampage Palin went through. and without having declared that she is running, coming in third is not bad at all.
    Perry will get negative treatment too eventually and he cannot energize a campaign like her. if the poll numbers would not leave Sarah a chance, she could be left alone, but what I am sensing is huge nervousness.

  • SugarSnap


    Thanks for prompting be to go back and read Mr. Golub’s post (the one re-posted by The New Agenda here).

    Here’s part of his “joke” comparing liberals to special-needs children:

    “…the leftist haters are an entire political ideology of special needs children.

    …and unlike Trig, they aren’t very lovable…

    Every word out of their mouths is ‘gimme, gimme, I need, I need, I want, I deserve, I’m entitled’…no you don’t.

    When you’re four years old it’s mildly adorable. When you’re 64 like Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, or the Pelosiraptor, it is intolerable.”

    So… let me get this straight. In order to further elevate Sarah Palin, The New Agenda reposts a piece by a guy who made a “joke” with references to special-needs children that is in very poor taste, AND includes misogynistic and ageist language directed at three venerated female politicians?

    Nice work!

  • Bes

    Actually the multinational Corporations who own our current government and politicians already don’t pay any taxes AND we are taxed to bail out the debts created by their poor judgement while they continue to draw huge salaries with bonuses.

    That sounds like a bad joke or reference you quoted Sugar Snap, so are you suggesting that everything else that happened or was said at the gathering has no value because of it? I have never subscribed to the liberal notion of ideological purity.

  • SugarSnap

    The event in Indianola was exciting for many. TNA could have highlighted the event by linking to coverage by The Des Moines Register or a number of other news outlets.

    TNA chose to link to a piece by Eric Golub, who made a flagrantly sexist, ageist joke. Listen, I know he’s a conservative satirist and he’d be really bad at his job if he didn’t make jokes about liberals. If the butt of his joke had been, say, Obama, Reid and Pelosi, it would be unremarkable.

    Golub instead chose all women–Pelosi, Boxer and Clinton–in his “joke” comparing liberals to special-needs children. He made sure to point out that they are over 60; no doubt to subtly draw contrast to the much-younger Palin. Classic, tacky sexism.

    I thought one of the central missions of The New Agenda was ending sexism in politics… so why is Eric Golub merely “lively” (TNA’s description in this post) and not sexist?

  • marille

    Hi sugar snap, i went back and read the whole Golub article. true refering to the gimme gimme liberals Golub should have included some male liberal names. the sentence you quoted is sexist.
    but in fairness to TNA the blogpiece is about Sarah Palins speech and not about the one sexist sentence of writer Golub, whose main coverage of Sarah Palin is portrayed correctly.

  • SugarSnap

    Hi Marille,

    Thanks for your perspective.

    So, since Golub’s “main coverage of Sarah Palin is portrayed correctly”, should he be given a pass on his blatantly sexist comment aimed at Boxer, Pelosi and Clinton?

    As I said earlier, the speech was widely covered in the media and TNA could have linked to a different source. Instead, they linked to the guy who authored the sexist comment! What is going on here?

  • JeanLouise

    anna, when asked, Palin repeated her statement that all corporate income taxes should be discarded. She did not mention loopholes at all.

  • Bes

    Sugar Snap: Yes I would judge the remark as sexist and ageist. However if we spend all of our time objecting to every sexist utterance from Republicans and Democrats we women will never get anywhere. Sexist twits will have the power to waste our time just by continuing their idiotic ways, and keep us from focusing on Parity and improving the country in general. There are a lot of really stupid men in the world, they are best ignored, correcting them is a waste of time and energy. To me the point is Palins speech and I loved it.

  • Bes

    Again: Major Corporations are already paying zero taxes.

  • BevWKY

    Busy with the holiday but just found this. As far as I’m concerned, it explains why she can win, polls or no polls. It also gets into the policy stuff some but not much. Read it or don’t. Up to you:

    Now, off to finish the holiday. 😉

  • Bes

    From Bev’s article above

    “But, as Robinson and Bila point out, she has made a case – and has politically differentiated herself from the field. If she should decide, Iowa, and Palin Nation, will follow. They will campaign relentlessly. They will fundraise constantly. They will stand in the rain, in the blazing sun, in the bitter cold. They will make Obama supporters of ’08 look like chumps compared to the work they are willing to do. Palin Nation, from every indication, will not rest until their Grizzly is in the White Den. It is an authentic intangible that no other candidate, including President Obama, can engage. And it may make all the difference.”

  • JeanLouise

    Bes, thanks for the list. The point is that those companies should pay income taxes, too, not be rewarded for employing 800 accountants to dissect the tax code which was written by their lobbyists so they don’t have to pay their fair share. If Palin would have talked about simplifying the tax code while assuring that everyone pays their fair share, I would have applauded her. That’s not what she did. Palin proclaimed that I and middle-class people like me should pay the taxes that keep our troops scattered all over the world for the benefit of KBR and other defense contractors.

  • LilyinCA

    Nice to read good intelligent comments about Governor Sarah Palin at this site.

  • AsilisArt

    The missing revenue from corporate taxes will come from the corporate welfare that will cease to exist. Corporatations should stand or fall on their own.

  • Bes

    Jean Louise: Well I am just saying that the state of affairs under a Democrat regime is much of Corporate America pays zero taxes or gets a refund. So while it is true that Palin didn’t say they should pay their fair taxes, the Dems are in power and they have allowed Corporations to not pay taxes so obviously they believe that is OK. Also Jeffery Immelt CEO of GE/MSNBC/NBC which helped install Obama as Democrat Nominee and then President, is Obama’s jobs Tzar. GE didn’t pay taxes on their huge profits and also shipped thousands of jobs overseas.

    So just like there is no party that cares about women’s reproductive rights since the Dems wrote the Hyde Ammendment into law, there also is no political party that thinks Corporations should pay their fair share of tax. So that being the case I prefer Palin for President.