August 21, 2011 / Uncategorized

TNA’s Amy Siskind on Fox & Friends discusses a possible Palin Run in 2012


The New Agenda’s Amy Siskind appeared on a political panel for Fox & Friends to discuss whether Sarah Palin will join the already crowded GOP field.  And how Palin is different than other GOP candidates.


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  • imustprotest

    I enjoyed Amy’s commentary. Good points on Palin’s record in office, which has been, IMO, distorted. Amy was the only female on the panel but wasn’t asked anything specifically from a feminist prospective. But did you notice how Palin and Bachman were lumped together as “gaff” machines and yet Perry has made at least a gaff a day since he threw his cowboy hat into the ring. Basically, the womenfolk were dismissed.

  • Bes

    Clearly the political and media establishment (men)don’t realize they don’t represent the rest of us and that we consider THEM to be the problem. I agree with Amy, Palin is a different kind of leader who isn’t beholden to The Powers That Be who have been screwing us and this country long enough.

    I thought the men on the panel seemed frightened of a Palin Presidency. So they must be fearing loss of power for themselves. It is pretty pathetic of them.

  • Kathleen Wynne

    The guys just can’t bring themselves to fairly and objectively analyze and comment on any woman running for office. They simply have been conditioned to ignore an effective, solution-oriented governor like Palin showed herself to be while governor and did so in a relatively short period of time.

    Most of the GOP candidates talk the talk, but very few have been as talented as Palin (as Amy so astutely pointed out) in bringing the two parties together. She reminds me of a female Reagan and were she a man, the dialogue would be totally different and she would be touted as the next Reagan and more than qualified to be president.

    The inability of men to see the very real qualifications and rare talent of Palin stems directly from their universal disrespect for women in general. I suggest everyone read Linda Ansehl’s article which puts into perspective just how well women have functioned during difficult times, as compared to men.

    It is with dispair to even think about how much our country and the world has lost due to the kind of male prejudice against women which has limited half the human race from particpating and offering their ideas to the problems we face predominantly because once men get into power, they seem absolutely incapable of ever admitting they need our help and would rather see the world go up in flames than share any power with a woman, who they fear might actually accomplish what they have failed to do.

  • JeanLouise

    Like the first commenter, I noticed that Cose classed Palin and Bachmann together. Palin does use tortured syntax occasionally but that is very different from the off-the-wall comments made by Bachmann, Perry, Romney and Obama.

    Some men irritate me to no end.

  • anna

    Really interesting interview. well done Amy. these two guys on the show sound like they never would talk about any woman being the solution. great to hear Amy’s angle represented in the discussion.