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RIP, Nora Bredes


We’ve just been informed of the passing of Nora Bredes, a true champion of and for women.  Nora was President of the Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, a prominent organization in New York dedicated to increasing women’s representation in politics.

Nora will be missed immensely.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family.

Her family put the following note on her Facebook page:

Dear friends,

This is a message from Nora’s family. Nora passed away peacefully on Thursday afternoon after a long battle with breast cancer.

We know this may come as a surprise to many of you. Nora was a strong and deeply private person, and did not want to let her disease influence her many friendships and collaborations.

We also know that she touched many of your lives, and relied on a wide and loving community for support. We have set up an email account ( where we would welcome your condolences and remembrances.

With our love,

Jack, Nathan, Toby and Gabriel

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  • I was a teenager in high school on Long Island when Nora Bredes was an environmental activist speaking against the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant. I never had the honor of meeting her, but I followed her activism and was forever inspired by her. I became an attorney, a prosecutor, grass roots breast cancer activist, human rights activist and environmental activist for many years after that. Most recently, I have testified against corruption in the courts and testified before the NYS Senate, taking retaliation for my insistence that the law and constitutional rights of PEOPLE be safeguarded, all after my own personal and private battle with ovarian cancer. I owe Nora a debt of gratitude for inspiring me and my friends to take a stand for what you know is right, for speaking truth to power even if you are ahead of your time (as she was) and for proudly wearing the battle scars that come with caring for the earth. That is what Nora Bredes was to me and yes, RIP, Nora, you live on in this activist’s heart.