July 2, 2011 / Uncategorized

TNA’s Amy Siskind talks to Fox & Friends about Bachmann’s gaffes and sexism


Check out Amy Siskind explaining that gender bias impacts women politicians of BOTH parties:

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  • Bes

    Great job Amy. I think conservative women have been getting the worst of the media misogyny simply because the Dems haven’t been letting as many women run for office.

  • Bruce Nahin

    Great job Amy- notice that while they attack Rep Bachman over John Quincy Adams,call her a Flake etc, no one questions Obama mistaking his daughters ages, the fact that he was wrong when he said at a military ceremony that he gave the Cong Medal of Honor to a survivor of that division, when in fact the guy was dead, joking about shovel ready projects etc.

    Bea you may have a point, no Dems women are on the scene who are contenders for high office-but the fact is conservatives are as a rule held to different standards by the MSM them liberals and women more than men, so you add the two up and get Palin,Bachman etc being the most atttacked

  • AnnE


    Thanks for posting! You more than held your own!

    As far as piling on women candidates–I think the left side went to town on HRC, and when the right saw how effective the tactic was, went to work on other female candidates including their own. We had the congressional race in CO, where the male Repbulican candiate advised voters to vote for him because he didn’t wear high heels. And Chris Wallance asking Michelle Bachman if she was a flake? Can you imagine someone asking voters to vote for them because they don’t wear a tie? Or someone asking John Edwards ( pre-scandal) if he was a flake and too pretty to run for office?

    Perhaps we should ask these moral idiots to replace the words woman, female etc., with black, hispanic, or any other ethnic or religious group and see if they would hesitat to voice these foolish ideas in polite company. Somehow I believe the answer is “no.”

  • JeanLouise

    Until Bachmann or Palin is actually accused of having someone murdered, Hillary wins the sexism “prize”.

  • yttik

    I’m sorry JeanLouise, but Hillary will have to share her “prize” with Palin and Bachmann. Hillary may have been accused of Vince Foster’s death, but Palin is allegedly responsible for the Arizona shooting, and this morning I got an email telling me Bachmann was dangerous and anyone who supports her will “have the blood of our daughters on their hands.”

    I’m being sarcastic and snarky of course, but Hillary has one kill under her belt, Palin took out a whole crowd, and Bachmann is responsible for taking down an entire future generation. If this progression follows the proper path, the next female candidate should be accused of the complete annihilation of all humankind. Us girls are incredibly bloodthirsty, donja know.

  • Bes

    Yttik: I forgot about Palin supposedly being responsible for the Arizona massacre even though she never met the lunatic who carried it out. I don’t get why the men who write and publish this crap don’t realize that it says more about their profound insecurities than anything else. They might as well tattoo “I am a frightened bigot regarding women” right on their foreheads.

  • Kathy in CA

    I think Bes is correct – Since right now we only have conservative women running for higher office – they are getting all the attention. We have another 4 years until we will see a female running for the Democratic nomination for President. I hope we have someone step up to the plate, because until we have women running for both the D and R tickets – we will have this double standard. We may not get it for the general election, but certainly in the primaries….