June 30, 2011 / Uncategorized

MEDIA ALERT: Fox & Friends at 7:15 a.m. EST


TNA’s Amy Siskind will appear on FOX News show Fox & Friends tomorrow (Friday) morning from 7:15-7:30 a.m. EST.

Topics discussed include the media’s obsession with Bachmann’s gaffes and more.

Tune in!

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  • Amy, you did great! It is interesting how both sides don’t understand the pattern of sexism that follows women who enter the race for higher office. Just stunning.


  • Eliza Stone

    According to Amy Siskind, Republican and Democrat women politicians receive equally biased treatment by the media. Given the Liberal-Progressive bias of the media, this is patently not true.
    The only reason that Hillary Clinton received such negative and biased reporting during the 2008 election was that she stood in the way of the media’s choice for President, Barack Obama. As soon as she was removed as a threat and became Secretary of State, the biased treatment stopped.
    (Please research the treatment in the news media, eg. New York Times, that John McCain received before he became the Republican candidate and compare that to the treatment of him once he was nominated. He was the choice of the media to run against Obama. There was very little difference between them. Remember TARP? And I am excluding the mistreatment of Sarah Palin. I’m talking just about the news treatment of McCain before and after the nomination. The differences were stark and telling.)
    Has the Liberal-Progressive media ridiculed Maxine Waters? No, although there is much to criticize. How many media outlets pounced on Barbara Boxer when she dressed down a General?
    The Liberal-Progressive media bashes Democrat women only when a particular woman stands in the way of their agenda. However, their bashing of Republican women is unrelenting. If there were equal media treatment against all women politicians, the media would have a field day with Nancy Pelosi on a regular basis, and they don’t.

  • Kathleen Wynne


    Long before 2008, Hillary was demonized by the right. Obviously, all “elephants” don’t have long memories!

    Seriously, Hillary was called every name in the book by the right wingers, when she became First Lady and then ran for the Senate, and then with a vengence when she ran for president.

    True, the left has shown that it is just as misogynistic as the right is, and women, like myself, who used to be dems, left the party, became independent, called the progressives out for their misogyny and promptly started defending Sarah against the sexism she endured during the GE. We were willing to publicly acknowledge that it was equally as wrong to be sexist towards a conservative woman as it was with a liberal woman.

    I honestly don’t understand the reason conservatives have a real blind spot when it comes to sexist attacks from the right against liberal women, particularly Hillary Clinton. In that regard, on a previous TNA post, Optixmom posted some links depicting how Rush Limbaugh has used extreme sexist remarks in his ongoing critiques against Hillary. This guy has a huge conservative audience numbering in the millions. Yet, not once did we hear one conservative voice stand up and defend Hillary against his sexist remarks in the same way the Hillary supporters stood up and defended Sarah when the liberals attacked her. Check out these links and then tell me again how Hillary has not been demonized by the right:

    Rush uses sexist language to demean SOS Clinton. It is relatively easy to find.

    He calls her a “Screaming Witch”. [Free Republic]

    He refers to her disrespectfully as the Sex-cretary of State.

    He refers to her as a “Testicle Lock Box”

    He states: “You Really Think [Clinton] Might Castrate You If You Go Off The Reservation”

  • Eliza – a picture is worth a thousand words. Watch this:


  • Kathleen Wynne

    BTW, Amy,

    I saw you this morning on Fox and you did an excellent job in making the point when you said “ALL women” are subjected to a double standard and not just conservative women.

    I also knew you would be the lone voice on Fox reminding the conservative talking heads that Hillary, too, suffered at the hands of conservative pundits and media long before the 2008 primary. You countered the dem/male on panel who would not acknowledge that the liberals did, indeed, spew sexism unabated throughout the primary, and were the only panelist who kept the discussion “fair and balanced.”

    Great job and thanks!

  • AnnE


    Can you post a clip of the interview? It was too early my time to see.

    Thanks much.

    Oh, and in case everyone forgot, Chris Wallace asked Michelle Bachman if she was a flake–wonder if any male candidate that is good looking gets asked that question. Not that we should be looking at looks. Loved Bachman’s comment on Palin–that she respected her and she was not going to give the press an obligatory catfight.

  • Thank you Kathleen for waking up to watch!

    AnnE – it was too early for me too:-) We’ll post the clip tomorrow morning on the blog.