March 29, 2011 / Safety, Sexism

SIGN THE PETITION: Bill Maher Should be Taken off the Air!!!


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Home Box Office (HBO) “Real Time” host Bill Maher’s recent foray into sexism – employing the terms dumb twat, bimbos, and cunt in describing Rep Michele Bachmann and Gov Sarah Palin – is completely unacceptable and should not be allowed to be part of our country’s national dialogue.  That is why The New Agenda, a national organization devoted to improving the lives of women and girls, is calling on Time Warner, owner of HBO, to immediately cancel Bill Maher’s show and terminate his employment.

Mr. Maher has a track record of sexist comments against women in power.

In February 2008, Maher made light of David Shuster’s Chelsea “pimp” comment by saying (emphasis added):

Now they fined CBS a million dollars, a million dollars for Janet Jackson’s nipple. Think what they could get for Hillary Clinton’s cunt.

For this, Mr. Maher was almost fired by HBO. He should have learned from his mistake, but he clearly did not.  In fact, Mr. Maher’s most recent string of vulgar comments has little to do with political party, and everything to do with his utter contempt for women.

Mr. Maher’s use of the terms dumb twat, bimbos, and cunt hurts not only Rep Bachmann and Gov Palin, but each and every mother, daughter and wife.

Mr. Maher’s statements reveal his belief that rather than criticize or question a woman on her positions or ideas; it is appropriate demean and diminish her by sexualizing her or presuming a lack of intelligence due to her gender.

Mr. Maher’s comments have no place in our national dialogue and he should be taken off the air immediately.

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  • Henrietta

    Maher is well known as a misogynist and I am thrilled that TNA has started this petition. Other “women’s organizations” might spend 5 seconds condemning Maher’s sexist slurs and then spend the next 5 hours slamming the insulted women (Clinton, Bachman, Palin or whomever). TNA is the real deal!!!

    I love Hillary, have mixed feelings about Palin and actually dislike Bachman a great deal. Who cares? This is not the point. The point is to stop calling women sexist slurs!!!! It is not okay to call Asians, African Americans, Latinos, Middle Easterners racial slurs. It is not okay to call gay men and women homophobic slurs. It is not okay to degrade someone based on their religion. And it is not okay to call women bitches, twats, sluts, whores etc.!!!!

  • Samsmom

    I did something even better. I cancelled HBO, and I let them know why.

  • yttik

    Amen!! Sign the petition!

  • Kathleen Wynne

    I did and it felt good!

    Clearly, Maher needs to go. His expiration date expired a long time ago and the only reason he’s still on the air is because the media is filled with misogynist just like him with an audience of young men support Maher.

    As long as sexism sells, men like Maher will remain on the air.

  • KendallJ

    I was disappointed to see Tina Brown on his show. Before she came on, he referred to Palin and Bachmann as bimbos.

  • marille

    just signed with my daughter. so happy she is on it with me.

  • Bes

    Thanks, I am sending the link to my friends.

  • Henrietta


    I think this is the way to go! Sign the petition and cancel HBO!

  • William L. Donlon

    Thanks Amy!

    I am sending it to my family and friends.


  • Anne Louis

    If Maher used slurs about any other group of people he would have been long gone by now. But trash women and HBO just snickers and let’s him keep right on doing it. I’m canceling my subscription and getting the word out.

  • gxm17

    Signed! Thank you, Amy. We must be loud and clear. This level of degradation and misogyny is never acceptable.

  • k

    If he has sponsors, publish the list. That is the real way to take action.

    Until we are allowed choice on cable channels, this kind of thing will continue.

  • Greta Van Susteren: ‘I Hope Fox Never’ Books Bill Maher Again

  • Virginia Dude

    Bill Maher is the Peter Principle at work! He has no place on the air and sponsors should be ashamed of themselves for promoting such gutter trash on TV.

    I would love to know who the sponsors are, and would boycott them as well.

  • Thank you for providing me the priviledge of signing the petition , my pleasure !

  • Thank you for providing me the privilege of signing the petition , my pleasure !

  • We’re the “Petition of the Day!” and close to 3000 likes already on Daily Caller!

  • juliette

    Bill Maher, Keith Olberman and Al Gore should do a new version of the three stooges on Gore’s new Current Channel.

  • annie

    I want to sign this petition but I don’t like giving so much personal info up. Why does this petition require an email address and street address?

    Will either — or zip code — be published? Will we be spammed afterward?

    this is a great initiative and I DESPISE MAHER but will not sign if so much personal info is required.

  • Henrietta

    Annie, when you fill out the info there is a box that you can check off so that your name will not appear in public. I guess they ask for addresses and such to show that all signees are legit versus people just making up names.

  • Neal Olson

    What has happened to this country? When did this kind of language become acceptable on national television? I must still be living in the past; this kind of speech used to be heard only in the lowest dive bars…

  • The link to the petition, and our piece at Daily Caller, has been sent to the board of directors at Time Warner, owner of HBO.

    We hope that you all will continue to encourage your friends and family to sign the petition!

  • CliffNZ

    I am really impressed by this site. I am a Palin fan from far away, however I also admire Hilary and other female politicians on both sides of the aisle. I have learnt a lot about the real hurdles facing female politicians from them! It is not only the vile insults of the likes of Maher, but the sly, undermining and patronising denigration from men within their own parties that has been most illuminating. It is refreshing to read comments and articles that focus on issues, not people. I hope your petition makes a real difference and congratulate you on trying to make the political climate better for all women.

  • Thank you all for your support.

    I spoke to a senior person at HBO today. They are having an internal meeting early next week to discuss what has occurred. The HBO contact will then call me back to let me know the outcome.

    Can’t hurt to keep spreading the petition around. Believe me – they know about it!!!

  • Phyllis Wilson

    The vulgar and vile attacks against Palin and Bachmann are unforgivable. I can’t believe this man is still on HBO spewing his sexist remarks.
    Where are the political police for conservative white women?
    BTW, I do not support Palin or Bachmann politically, but they are 2 accomplished women and he is actually a ‘Jon Stewart’ wannabe. He should be FIRED

  • Bill Maher
    should no longer be allowed a public forum in which he can spew filth to America. I don’t even let my children watch television any more due to the poor examples shown without restraint. This is absolutely disgusting…
    Neal W Olson

  • Barbara

    Bill Maher was sent by the devil, retained by the devil, and he needs to go back to the devil….that’s where he belongs

  • I used to be totally in favor of feee speech, but that was before scumbags like Maher existed…