November 11, 2010 / Opportunity

Slide Show: Where Are the Heroines?


Newsweek notes that the ladies are notably absent from hero stories. Women are primarily featured in “sexy, tight, alluring clothes (usually with exposed skin between mid-chest and upper thigh). Their most common occupation is being a royal, and their aspirations are limited almost exclusively to finding romance.”

This isn’t a question of feminism; it’s a question of role models. Hey animated Hollywood: Where my girls at?!

Says Newsweek:

For decades, the majority of female characters in cartoons and family films have been mostly stuck behind the macho lead, baring their midriffs and looking like Barbie dolls. At NEWSWEEK’s third annual Women and Leadership conference this year, the actress Geena Davis talked about the latest findings from her Institute on Gender in the Media, which was founded to reduce gender stereotyping in media aimed at kids 11 and under. Davis’s research shows that for every female character in a kids’ movie, there are three male characters.

Check out the slideshow here.

And look: Unbelievably it’s even true for anthropomorphized females!

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