November 10, 2010 / Leadership, Politics, Sexism

Will the Republican Old Boys Network Do the Smart Thing?


On Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace calls out Republican leadership and defines the Old Boys Club. To see for yourself, watch this (skip to 12:30):

Chris Wallace asked Rep. Eric Cantor whether the GOP will act as an “old boys’ network” and freeze out newer Tea Party members like Michele Bachmann. Cantor said no, not at all—he’s simply endorsing Jeb Hensarling for conference chair over Bachmann because “we’ve had a history of working together.” “Yeah, but that’s the old boys’ network!” Wallace interjected.

Thank you Chris Wallace! This is the VERY definition of the Old Boys Network. It isn’t necessarily something done on purpose. Typically, it is matter of choosing people they feel more comfortable with. The only way to move beyond the network and realize the resulting benefits, is to purposefully and consciously go out of the network. This is the logic behind affirmative action programs. But you don’t have to have a law or be forced to do it. You can do it because it is the smart thing to do. Republicans rode a Pro-Women wave in the midterm elections. For the first time since 1988, women voted equally for Republicans and Democrats, compared with double digit point advantages for Democrats in 2008 and 2006. Republicans would be smart to keep that wave going. That includes putting women in leadership positions and in the pipeline for 2012 candidates. Not only is this smart politically, it is smart for the country. Our country needs solutions and that other half of the population is an untapped resource with loads of talent and valuable life experience. Considering the state of our economy, doesn’t now seem like the time to use all of our resources?

Come on boys, do the smart thing. Show us the women!

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