October 29, 2010 / Unity

Joe Miller: Murkowski is Witchy


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Joe Miller, the Tea Party backed Republican contender for U.S Senate in Alaska, is at it again.

Back in August his campaign likened opponent Lisa Murkowski to a prostitute in a tweet . And now Miller himself stars in a new and attempting-to-be-clever advertisement that claims Murkowski is NOT a witch… merely witch-like.

So I must ask… why do male politicians and the media insist on calling female politicians witches?  Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Christine O’Donnell and Lisa Murkowski have all been called witches as have many more women holding or seeking office. I’m tired of it and I think these negative female archetypes can creep into our consciousness. Before we know it the public assumes there’s something unnaturally evil about a particularly powerful (and often middle-aged) women.

Check out the Youtube video below. It’s short, insipid and full of witches!

With Miller trailing into 3rd place in recent poles (Murkowski is leading), he must be feeling desperate. But desperation is no justification for sexism no matter if you live in the world Liberal Dude Nation or Conservative Dude Nation.