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The New Agenda publicly calls for an apology from Joy Behar


In a story over at The Daily Caller, The New Agenda joins others in calling for an on-air apology from Joy Behar (see video in blog story below):

Amy Siskind, president of the feminist group The New Agenda, told The Daily Caller she was appalled by Behar’s language calling it sexist and insulting.

“I think the remarks are completely and utterly unacceptable and I think she should — by tomorrow — be on the air with an apology to Sharron Angle and to the women of this country,” Siskind said. “The ‘b-word’ has no place in our national dialogue, and especially when she was using it in a very pointed way here to demean another woman.”

Conservative women’s group, Kitchen Cabinet also joined The New Agenda is this demand, as did blogger Joni Hudson-Reynolds, a self-described African-American mom.

Sadly, the progressive women’s organizations contacted by the reporter at The Daily Caller would not join the call for an apology.

Siskind concludes:

“She should be ashamed of herself. She truly should…And if she cannot apologize I think The View should really consider whether she is appropriate for that kind of show,” Siskind concluded.

Read more: here.

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  • Marie

    I believe Behar should be fired and she owes an apology to Angle. You can not compare Joy Behar to Dennis Miller. This is the reason I don’t watch the view. A bunch of cackling hens…

  • Janis

    Better watch it, Amy. Pretty soon if Joy has her way, the whole school will think you stuff your bra and give out blow jobs behind the gym!

  • Henrietta

    Between Whoopi and Joy, the View needs to be condemned.

  • Bes

    Again, The View is often quoted but who do you know who watches it? It is on during the day when most real women work. The only people I know who watch it are retired men who seem to have nothing productive to do.

  • libby

    I agree the show is appalling and Behar was wrong to use the word repeatedly in such as aggressive way that was as Siskin says intended to demean another woman. ‘Bitch’ is used by women as a term of approval amongst themselves in my experience, its a way of reclaiming the word and changing the meaning as the gay community has done with queer, but that does not make it acceptable in public. Behar was clearly using it as an insult. She should respect women as simply call Angle the racist bigot that that ad clearly shows her to be. Oh and I hope TNA will also be calling for Rand Paul to apologise for his employee’s use of physical abuse against a women then claiming its her fault and demanding she apologise to him. The classic abusive male tactic that other males are of course rushing to make excuses for. Shocking.

  • Samsmom

    Got to love Angle’s response. A thank you note and a bouquet of flowers. But someone should clue Behar in that illegal immigrants can’t vote. Or at least not legally.

  • I am glad to see some woman’s groups are standing up and calling Joy out on this. Offensive.

  • Bes

    “Sadly, the progressive women’s organizations contacted by the reporter at The Daily Caller would not join the call for an apology.”

    Well I am glad we now have TNA to speak out for women in general and women candidates. Back when they were doing this stuff to Hillary and Palin there were no groups who would speak up for women. And where is NOW or Emily’s List?

  • Janis

    Well since I got paid, I’ve dropped a check to TNA precisely because they seem to be the only women’s org with their heads between their shoulders and not their ass cheeks.

    You want to eradicate the disease, you don’t just inoculate your BFFs.

  • Optixmom

    < >

  • Optixmom

    I meant to say, “cue bringing in a new segment on Menstrual Cramps so that The View can show how sensitive they are to wimminz issues.”

  • Juliette

    The word Bitch implies a crime, that is that the women being called that word has sold herself (sexually) for money. I find it ironic that Joy Behar uses this word to describe conserative women when the creator and host of the View, Barbara Walters has admitted to affairs with married senators and seemed to prided herself on those affairs which surely gave her journalism career a boost. The neo-liberal women embarass me: Sarah Silverman, Jeaneane Girafollo, Sandra Bernhart, Helen Thomas, Rosie O’Donell, and the so called journalists who consider themselves progressive are as backward and submissive as self loathing women can be. I hate that my own mother watches this show and the Oprah show. Conservative women need to push themselves into the mainstream media and fight for their dignity which has been degraded and all but eliminated by the likes of the Joy Behars of the world.
    Joy, you are as classless as they come. You should leave morning television and find a career in rap “music.” Grow up “ladies” of the view, you are becomeing as ridiculous as MTV.

  • Juliette

    I recall an episode of the view, shortly after Nancy Pelosi became speaker of the house when Pelosi was a quest on The View. Whoopie Goldberg pointed out Speaker Pelosi’s husband in the audience and all the ladies agreed that he was a very attractive man. Then Whoopie classlessly added “I’d do him! I think it was Joy who responded something to the effect of: wow your going to mad Nancy jeolous. That’s was when Whoopie said to Secretary Pelosi “I’d do you too!
    I don’t like Nancy Pelosi, not even a little, but is this the way you talk to a newly elected Speaker of the house and her husband who are quests on your show? The View is a train wreak and has been for sometime. It has had an unfortunate and negative effect on popualr culture. It’s time for us to reject these classless female baboons and replace them with some dignified self respecting women commentators.

  • Janis

    And shoes. You forgot the shoes. Very important, hot-button women’s topic of vital importance to all women worldwide.

    And thongs.

  • Juliette

    Just wait until all these fine conservative women win on November 2. I am predicting a couple of nervous break downs to inflick the “ladies” of The View.

  • Martha Mahan

    As a 70 year old, I am sadden that women such as Joy Behar would slander another, just because of political differences…the good ole boys win again! JB is so unconscious of her negativity that it astounds me…I was so hoping that one day I would see a woman president but with this kind of rhetoric, extended from one female toward other, it seems hopeless…donating flowers to a hopital and a $5000 pledge to a charity is not acceptable for bad behavior Mrs. Behar!

  • anna

    Juliette, as much as I wish to have this show gone. I think this is a wide spread problem. the more outragious they are the larger the viewer numbers. anybody decent has no place in this system.
    the DNC targets the conservative women. there are too many women in close races that I feel like celebrating now. Neither Nevada, nor California, nor florida, nor alaska, nor delaware are sure wins for women. just listened to Cspan this morning and progressives go around bragging of making 50000 phone calls a night. people calling not robo calls. we can help and make calls from anywhere in the US you can join a phonebank and talk to voters in california, delaware, any of the states you like. you talk for 2 hours or 20 minutes. they connect you to likely voters. you don’t need software. you can even do it from your cell phone. we need to push these last days.

  • bruce nahin

    “Sadly, the progressive women’s organizations contacted by the reporter at The Daily Caller would not join the call for an apology.”

    We have discussed over and over the lack of support conservative women get from the left so called” feminists”….sadly it no longer surprises me when NOW and their ilk act as they do…I am shocked no longer 🙁

  • Janis

    And Bruce, I’ve said a million times how little support those women give to liberal women as well. NO WOMAN gets their support. Not one. They are out for themselves only, and every other woman on Earth is their enemy.

  • Janis

    Juliette, they’ll freak out completely. It will be a “death blow to feminism.” Because of course, it’s much worse for women for Republican women to win elections than for Republican men to win them. Insane. Absolutely insane.

  • Rachel

    Thank you, Amy, for taking this on. It’s more than NOW will do. (Maybe they should change their name to THEN; but I digress.) It’s ironic that Behar is on a show called The View when she can’t tolerate anyone’s views but her own narrow one. And God help you if you disagree.

    As for who watches The View, I think any woman should avoid it at all cost. But to the sister who said “real women” work during the day, I work…at home as a mother/homemaker/referee/repairperson/bug controller/chauffeur/cruise director/homework checker/launder/dishwasher/etc. You can believe I don’t waste my energy with The View, with Whoopi, whom I used to like, and with Behar, who used to be mildly funny, but is now just mean.

    Anyway, thank you again from my daughters and I.

  • Big news – she apologized!


  • Juliette

    I agree with you completely that this problem is wide spread. I was just talking to a nurse who has two small children, one is a girl. I was talking about my work with classical musicians and she said she wanted to expose her children to things such as classical music. We went on to talk about how terrible main stream culture has become for children, particularly girls because no one is ever rewarded for good behavior or excellance in any real skill or talent. It is always infamey that leads to fame. The druged up internet sex promoting bimbos are the toast of the day while decent hard working women and girls with all kinds of amazing talents and skill are ignored. I brought to the attention of my friend that soon there would be an action cartoon promoting Islam via the discovery channel. The program by Discovery kids chane (the Hub) will be called The 99. It seems that polygamist religions are getting much promation today, on TLC “Sister Wives” and now for children on the discovery kids channel. Hasbro is planning to market action figures based on these Islamic action heros. I already called their customer service to tell them I was boycotting them.