September 26, 2010 / Discussion

Why We Must Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act!


How can we ensure passage of this bill?  Tell us what you think!

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  • kiuku

    Disgusting. I can dissect the sexism in the way the whole discussion was framed. How many times did she say “kitchen cabinet” and the “but what about the men” at the end, likening women’s agenda to a bottle of water when we have a tsunami; come on guys there are more important issues. Amy Siskand did a great job. There was no way to win in that discussion. The very first line was “It would be great to have equal pay based on merit” (and you think he’s going to say and not based on the sex of the individual but then he says and not government legislation.) It was a stupid argument to begin with. Of course you need laws; we didn’t get to where we are by being buckaneers.

  • kiuku

    I hope that in one of these interviews someone asks them point blank what then they suggest be done by a woman in the event she is discriminated against. It seems they suggest that we be a bunch of gun toten buckaneers. Honestly I want to know what they suggest in the event she is discriminated against; in an honest scenario of discrimination. I bet they say something about court.

  • kiuku

    and then if they try to talk around it and appeal to “free market” then bring up trade unions.

  • Seth

    I agree, women need to make the same amount of money as men no matter what their job is. Actually women should make more, in order to pay for the generations of oppression.

    I suggest we force corporations to pay everyone the same amount of money for whatever job they do. They should base pay on how many children the employee has. This will allow women to get more pay than men since there are so many single mothers.

    Everyone from the CEO on down should make a set amount. Then we can finally put this age old argument to rest.

    Hey all. What is the current pay gap?

  • Arun Gavali

    As a “recovering” CNBC junkie (I still watch the important stuff), I can assure you that “gun toten buckaneers” is actually quite an accurate description of Kudlow’s point of view. The US Constitution gave us the right to bear arms for, among other reasons, the ability to stand up to our own oppressive government. Therefore, the founding fathers wanted it to be LEGAL to to use a weapon against the authorities.

    What he says about “government legislation” is totally Kudlow in all situations and it makes sense if you follow him enough. He is opposed to “big government” and government sanctions. He believes in a “free market” as do hundreds of millions of others. Whether he is right or wrong, his comments were totally consistent with his point of view.

    And again, not saying that this isn’t possible or even ideal, but paying everyone the same is called “Communism” or “Socialism”. It is still in practice today. However, it failed with the major player–that being the U.S.S.R. And even China is becoming more and more capitalist. The reason for this countries success, whatever you consider that to be, has to have something to do with capitalism.

  • MaryL

    Wall Street Says Women Worth Less as Disparity Over Pay Widens;ccode=