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ACTION ALERT: News Corp Must Censure Misogynist Louis C.K.


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Misogynist comedian Louis C.K. has gone too far!

First, these utterly sexist and disgusting tweets sent in an apparent drunken stupor:




And then this despicable appearance on the Opie and Anthony radio show:

This is sexism and misogyny at its worst and we cannot let it stand!

Louis C.K. has his own sitcom, LOUIE on FX, a cable station owned by News Corporation.  Sarah Palin is a contributor to FOX News, also owned by News Corporation.

Contact News Corp and Demand an Apology!
Tell News Corporation that their employee, Louis C.K., must apologize to Sarah Palin. We cannot let misogyny and sexism be part of our public discourse.

Primary Investor Relations Contact Secondary Investor Relations Contact
Reed Nolte, Senior Vice President
Investor Relations
Phone: 212-852-7092
Fax: 212-852-7145
Tony Santabarbara, Vice President
Investor Relations
Phone: 212-852-7840
Fax: 212-852-7145

And leave us a comment letting us know that you did!

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  • Kiuku

    Sexism- does it exist?

  • Henrietta

    Made both calls. Accountability, accountability, accountability. Dude needs to apologize or go.

  • Left a voicemail on behalf of our org. Demand an apology! Sarah Palin is an employee of New Corp too. They should stand up for her!

  • anna

    Maybe you don’t like Sarah Palin or her positions. But this kind of sexism is wrong no matter who it is aimed at. Think of a black person you don’t like – would it be okay to call them the N word? Of course not. Likewise, you don’t have to support Sarah Palin to hate sexist insults. Everyone should be against this.

  • Janis

    What a pig. Pity his father’s cock didn’t back out earlier.

  • Done. Here was my “request.” Apologize to Sarah Palin immediately. Whether language is permitted under the First Amendment or not, does not make it appropriate or right. I don’t care whether this guy is a comedian or not, nor do I care whether he likes or agrees with Sarah Palin – his language is extraordinarily offensive to ALL women.

  • yttik

    How disgusting. Yes, they should apologize.

  • pacific-cali

    Left a message on both emails protesting this vile misogyny.
    You would think that this sort of disgusting display would bring condemnation from men everywhere, but it will only serve to empower men to give expression to their own misogyny simmering just below the surface. That is the effect I saw with the Mel Gibson tapes – men dug the vicious misogyny. They got off on it.

  • bruce nahin

    An excerpt from my email to both individuals at NewsCorp

    “…Just saw the comments by Louie, Louis CK about one of your contributors on Fox news, Gov Palin. He is disgusting. He must apologize publicly to the Governor or removed from the air. I can not in good conscience watch one of your channels( fox cable news-one of my favorites) while you permit this misogynist pig on FX…”

  • Samanthasmom

    An apology is not enough. He needs to be fired.

  • Bes

    Yes he needs to be fired. I assume that these men are trying to position themselves as good little Democrats. How pleased the Democrats must be to have men like this publicly associating with them.

  • Pat Garrison

    This guy needs to be fired immediately. And the media — regardless of what side they are on, need to condemn this outrage (and cover it as they would a racist attack).

    I don’t care if you’re to the left of Karl Marx, this is an atrocity against Palin and against women everywhere.

    And, I’m a liberal democrat…I could never support such a thing and I don’t know any reasonable decent woman who would. When you’re talking about democrats, I think the difference would be gender. There me some very sick and sexist “liberal dude” males who get off on this…but I can’t think of any woman who would be ok with this.

  • Make sure you contact folks at News Corp listed above via email or phone.

    We will be launching an “action alert” to our email list on Monday a.m.!

  • Patty Orr

    Left my comment and here it is: Get rid of this pig! His comments about Sarah Palin and her son Trig ? words cannot describe them! What happened to common decency? This kind of behavior is exactly what Glen Beck is talking about. Let’s restore honor to our society and country. Start by getting rid of this sorry excuse for a man.

  • Tina

    Emails of protest sent, is there no FCC violation here since he is a media figure? The language is obscene by any measure.

  • Bes

    Actually I think it would be good to get Glen Beck on it and also Gretta. The left needs to answer for how far the sexism against women in politics has gone since they set the sexism bomb in motion in 2008. These are just liberal dudes looking for the usual pat on the head that Palin smears generally bring. At some point the left needs to address this but perhaps it isn’t making them uncomfortable yet.

  • Bes

    OK, I sent off my protest Emails.

    I doubt that there is an FCC problem because they only control obscene behavior over broadcast media not cable media or any other media. In fact the FCC does nothing but burn taxpayer money and consort with Corporate Media while creating an illusion of doing something. Until the last 5 years the FCC did not issue even one indecency fine in 30 years. This changed with the Janice Jackson super bowl stunt that outraged family football fans and generated many thousands of complaints, the FCC then, for some reason, bundled all the complaints and said they received ONE complaint and reluctantly issued a fine which I believe the courts just threw out. The FCC is an expensive joke.

  • Marjorie

    Comments sent.

  • I emailed them demanding an apology and a promise to go to his sponsors if one is not forthcoming.

  • PS, forgot to add, I will call as well today.

  • su

    When you email don’t forget to mention the disgusting disablism. As reprehensible as the misogyny.

  • kiuku

    He needs to go. Why men like this guy have jobs to begin with is a question only sexism can answer.

  • wodiej

    comments sent to both emails for firing CK. What disgusting things to say. Someone w that much hate needs some serious counseling.

  • Sent:

    “You must be so proud of Louis CK, working for and promoting shows for your corporation.

    With attached tweets, and link to video.

    Thanks for providing the email addresses!

  • I am sorry, but I must respectfully disagree. Like many politically-incorrect comedians, Louis CK is an equal-opportunity insulter — not a misogynist but a misanthrope — and he says much worse things about himself than about anyone else. I find him painfully funny, a worthy heir to George Carlin.

    I loved the monolog in which he said, approximately, “My wife [from whom he’s now divorced] is beautiful at 40. She’s got character. All those lines in her face from all that shit I did to her.” And “You know you’re a woman when people come out of your vagina and step on your dreams.”

    I think women, including Sarah Palin, and Nancy Pelosi if he ever gets started on her, are strong enough to take it.

  • I should add that I don’t find what Louis CK said about or to Sarah Palin at all funny. It is indeed disgusting, though free speech includes his right to say it. My defense is of Louis CK as a comedian, not as a mudslinger. But all in all, I think this episode reflects more badly on him than on Palin. He just got mud all over himself.