August 18, 2010 / feminism, Leadership, Politics

Sarah Palin’s Actions Speak for Me


As a nonpartisan gender parity enthusiast who believes our country is sorely in need of capitalizing on the talents and contributions of the other half of its population, I have been very encouraged and excited by Sarah Palin’s Mama Grizzly effort to get more Republican women elected. I’ve been wishing that Democrats had someone like her who was willing to use their power and influence to elect more women in their party. I’ve been hoping that someone or some group would emerge soon, even in time for the midterm elections, because I strongly believe that we need many, many, many more women in both parties. But instead of getting the much-needed, hoped-for, wished-for, proactive effort on behalf of women candidates, a negative, reactive video emerges. Instead of an effort to elect women, we get a video and a website targeting a woman who isn’t even running for office. Instead of a person promoting women, we get technology asking us for money and votes – and NOT EVEN ONE SINGLE MENTION OF A WOMAN CANDIDATE.

Is this the best that liberal and Democratic women get? Just a negative ad and an ask for money? Just a low budget video with women in costumes? Couldn’t you at least show us one woman’s face, perhaps one who is running for office and very likely needs our support? Couldn’t you put the same amount of public relations effort surrounding this negative ad behind a promotion of Democratic women working their behinds off trying to win primaries and general elections? There is a problem here.

If any liberals are scratching their heads wondering why so many women view Sarah Palin as an icon for women’s empowerment, this could be why. If anyone is wondering why Sarah Palin is emerging as the most direct path to achieving representational parity for women, this could be why. If anyone is wondering why most women don’t self-identify as a “feminist”, this could why. Traditional women’s groups, liberals and the Democratic Party get bogged down in issues and policies. This sounds very intellectual and lofty until you realize that this basically leads to any excuse not to vote for women, even women in their own party. This is the problem.

Let me make it simple for any head-scratchers out there: SHOW US THE WOMEN!

No more excuses. Run women. Support the women who do run. Vote for women. Elect women. Elect women. Elect women.

Sarah Palin is on to something and women know it. Let’s hope others catch on.

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