July 14, 2010 / Leadership

Pro-Women Palin Continues to Endorse Women


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In her continuing empowerment of conservative women candidates for office, Sarah Palin announced two more endorsements this week.  The New Agenda previously discussed alg_gov-palinseveral other women who Palin has endorsed.

Palin, perhaps taking a page from TNA’s request that she embrace her gender in her campaigning, has sought out ladies she calls “Mother Grizzlies” to endorse and support via speeches, fund raising and her PAC. Perhaps I am biased, but I am unaware of any other candidate, male or female who has stepped out and put his or her reputation on the line for so many women candidates for office in one year. The two new candidates are:


Ann Marie is a registered nurse who went back to college to earn her law degree at age 40, while at the same time serving her community on the Syracuse City Council. Since 1997, Ann Marie has served as an Assistant New York State Attorney General on behalf of Upstate Medical Center. She is running for the 35th congressional district in the central New York area , a bastion for the women’s movement, Seneca Falls etc.

Karen is running for governor of Georgia. She has served as the Chairperson of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors and as Sate Secretary of State