June 28, 2010 / Media - Entertainment, Safety, Sexism

Rap Music Perpartrating the Myth of the “Ho”


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I grew up in the ghetto and like a lot of other ghetto people I grew up listening to the voice of the Streets or rap music.  Its my favorite type of music and it dominates my MP3 player. Yes I know I am 46 but I still grew up with rap I was a sophmore in high school when the first rap song hit number 1.

Nas:  Rapping without "ho"

Nas: Rapping without "ho"

There used to be female rappers like Queen Latifah who were as good as any male It was Queen Latifah who took on male rappers for calling females “bitches” and “hos” in the song U.N.I.T.Y. There were also M.C Lyte, and Salt n Pepa they did not come off as Ho’s.  These women were rap stars and made it in rap.

Then came Lil’ Kim who is a very talented “street” rapper but the story goes that the Notorious B.I.G advised her that she would never make it because no one wanted to hear a woman rap about anything other then sex and she listened to him.  She became a “ho” and things changed for women in rap music. Now we have Diamond and Trina singing about sex.

I have to be honest I am turned off by all the sex in rap today from males and females. Rap is supposed to be the music of the streets. To hear the rappers today the only thing going on in the hood is oral sex and frankly folks I don’t care what you do behind your bedroom door. I don’t need to hear it.

Both males and females say “sex sells” but so does street rap.  They believe that sex is the only type of music that sells but Nas and Tupac are and were pro-woman.  Nas sells millions without referring to females as bitches and ho’s and Tupac is a legend he also wrote positive songs about women.  They rap about things in the hood and provide a powerful voice for a community who has no voice.  A community that desperately needs a voice of both genders to tell our story.  We have major problems in our neighborhoods and to many young people are dying. This is what we need to put out there.  Sex may sell more to the burbs but what  happens when the women and men in the burbs stop allowing that music in their homes or refusing to buy these offensive albums.

To the women in rap I hear you this is the only way you can make money but think about what you are doing to all women. Now its believed that all girls and women in the hood are “hos” stand at the bus stop trying to go to work and you will find out how true that is.  I personally have to correct males from inside and outside of the hood. Ghetto women are not “hos.”

Lil Kim, Diamond, and Trina will either end up getting out of rap or changing their songs. Lil Kim is aging and soon no one will want to hear her sexual lyrics.  What will she do then? She will either lose her career or have to change her music. Sadly she will leave.

Another problem is the sexualization of all girls. When I see a 10 year old dressed like an adult with make up and nails done and proactive dress it drives me nuts it makes me wonder what their mother is thinking. Its coming from our music and music videos. Beyonce shaking her butt in very little clothes and you have a bunch of 10 year old girls dancing to the same video. Our young girls see women like Beyonce shaking her butt and Lil Kim singing nasty songs. It makes them think that is what they are here for. There is nothing wrong with sex but it belongs in the bedroom not the radio, television, and Movies.  We are growing our kids up to fast.  My own girls know they are worth more and their social activities are closely monitored by myself.

Most rappers are products of single mother families. They lived in the projects and experienced sexism through their moms.  They need to be reminded that they are also labeling their mothers, sisters, and daughters the same because we are all women.

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