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ACTION ALERT: Author Jason Mattera Disses Kagan, Napolitano, Sotomayor and Hillary


Jason Mattera thinks sexism is cool.

Mr. Mattera is the 26 year-old author of a new book,  Obama Zombies.  The byline is “How the Liberal Machine Brainwashed My Generation.”

The New Agenda’s Amy Siskind read his book and put up a post on her Facebook page yesterday about a chapter on the media bias.  The Facebook post received a lot of attention:  including a comment from Nora Bredes, President of The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee, letting us know that Mr. Mattera had recently made a sexist remark on Elana Kagan, Secretary Napolitano and SC Justice Sotomayor:

As captured by Media Matters, here’s the tweet by Mr. Mattera:



Upon seeing this, Amy sent Mr. Mattera a message on Facebook asking him to apologize for his remark:

I read your book and was actually promoting it on my FB page..then someone brought to my attention the comment you made here:http://mediamatters.org/research/201005110058. This comment was a huge turnoff for the folks that are Hillary Clinton fans and had to endure rampant sexism in 2007-2008. You would further your cause and sell lots more books if you apologized for your sexist comments on Kagan et al – which I’m sure you regret. Else, it will haunt you with Hillary fans.

Here’s Jason’s response:

LOL! Apologize for ragging on Hillary? Riiiiiight. I think I’ll pass.

Apparently sexism is cool to this 26 year-old author?

It’s time for this punk to apologize for his sexist remarks about Elana Kagan, Secretary Janet Napolitano and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Contact Mr. Mattera’s publisher and demand an apology!  We won’t be buying his book until he does the right thing and apologizes!!!
Threshold Editions (Simon & Shuster):
General Phone: 212-698-2807
General Fax: 212-698-2858
Jennifer Robinson, Vice President, Director of Publicity

For those of you on Facebook, you can send a message to Jason here.
Here’s how to contact him on his website.

Please also pass this along to other women’s organizations and pro-Hillary blogs and ask them to cross-post this information.

Mr. Mattera:  Sexism is NOT cool!

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  • Jen

    Apologize for telling the truth? They DO look like linebackers! How is that sexist?

    Liberals find the silliest stuff to gripe about. I think I will buy this book.

  • Recovered Demoholic

    Bam! Give it to ’em!

    Left, right, or center. Published or relatively unknown. Misogynist or femisogynist. No matter.

    From this J.M. citation to “… have to lift up their skirts….”

    Jason, please don’t miss the point — whether feeling justifiably angry or being overly defensive. Get a grip on this and offer a sincere mea culpa. You’ll feel much better.

    [aside: Again, for those who still don’t know it or completely missed it — thanks to this site for being at the forefront in the push back which led to the retraction by the AAP of the ‘surgical nick.’]

  • Janis

    Fucking loser.

  • Janis

    And Jen — that picture of the author himself doesn’t exact make me think of Jude Law or Ioan Gruffudd. I wonder when his hairline’ll have backed up all the way to Fresno? When was the last time you saw a sexy MALE politician? They’s some ugly motherfuckers, huh?

    Whoops, I guess that makes me look mean and unladylike to have said it. Bad me!

  • Valentina

    I already called the publisher. I hope all of you have taken some action.

  • SYD

    Conservative Dude Nation.

    Liberal Dude Nation.

    Any more, what’s the difference?

    (Oh yeah, the latter thinks my daughter should be able to have an abortion after he knocks her up.)


  • Recovered Demoholic


    The Liberal Dude Nation can count on “Isablella Snow”.

    (I only stayed there long enough for a quick scroll and to copy the link — apologies if deemed inappropriate — pull it if you wish — but, I beg you not to block me from this site)

  • Bes

    If Jason is a Democrat then I am not surprised. He and his sexism should be right at home among the Obamacrats who own the Democrat party now.

  • Hillarysmygirl16

    I am no liberal and TNA is not a liberal organization. This writer is no different then those who will attack Sarah Palin or any other Republican woman. I do not like any of the women except for Hillary that he did insult but it makes no difference it is wrong to make fun of their physical appearence.
    Men need to have the same scrunity on their physcial appearence.

  • Patti

    It could be you’re giving this twerp more fame than he deserves. Who is he and why do we care? Yes, he’s a pig, but I’m pretty sure he’s relishing the attention right about now. What does he have to lose? His friends are probably high-fiving him for his comments.

  • Henrietta

    I was thinking of buying the book because of the title. Obama Zombie sums up the massive worship-fest during the election quite nicely. But after this, no thanks. Jason is sounding just a bit too frat boy for this moderate Independent. I think he should go hang out with the other young big time loser frat boy, John Favreau. They can mock women together, fart and then laugh about. Oh joy.

    Oh, and I will be delighted to tell my many conservative friends about Jason’s frat boy mentality.

  • Janis

    Yeah, he’s just another guy who fell for the last failed Great Male Hope, and the last chapter of his book is nothing but a list of two dozen male names who can be the new Great Male Hope of his poor Democratic party. Howard Dean! Hey man — Jerry Brown! Dennis Kucinich! OMG like dude, how about This Guy! That Guy Over There! This Other Guy! He’s like SO TOTALLEE awesome! Yeah, man! *throws a goat* Dude!

    Like I’ve said elsewhere, they’ll get around to digging up the corpse of Bobby Kennedy and voting for THAT before they’ll even imagine some chick doing the job much less the incredibly perfectly qualified and fantastic one they dissed in 2008.

    Seriously, he’s a recovered Obamabot — he’s already demonstrated that his judgment track record for political saviors is pretty lousy. Let’s face it, the same stupidity that led him to the mindless trendy penis worship that got us into this mess in the first place will prevent him from recognizing his mistake anyhow.

    If he were smart enough to learn from his mistakes, he’d have been smart enough not to make them in the first place. Ain’t no baby in that bathwater. Pitch him.

  • Janis

    It’s also amusing as all hell watching these little insects trying to make themselves more manly and adult by acting all “MOMMY’S NOT THE BOSS OF ME!” 🙂

    *puts some popcorn in the microwave*

    Jason, you’re fun to watch! If I give you a buck, will you eat a bug, too?

  • sandra s.

    Wow. This guy is a first-class Douche. Note to dumbass: it doesn’t take a lot of intelligence to make a living off of being wrong, you just have to do it REALLY LOUDLY.

  • Poor Jason. Women just don’t like him and everybody knows why–except Jason. Jason would like them to go away so he doesn’t have to worry about it any longer. So he gets all……shrivel-y when there’s one around who is smarter than he is, which is often.

    Poor Jason.

  • Hi All – THIS IS IMPORTANT – please, please keep up the calls to Mattera’s publicist!!!

    Another women’s org, Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy, is joining us in speaking out!

    And we’ll be reaching out to other organizations. We’ll keep going until this young man apologizes.

    We’re just getting warmed up!

  • yttik

    Wow! What a first class loser. There is nothing clever about using sexism like a snot nosed little jerk. He should be ashamed of himself.

  • Kiuku

    Just another dude who has a problem with women.

    Hey Jason, why do all men look like apes?

    I went through a growth spurt and grew an inch. As a result I now can look a good deal of men in the eye. This changes your entire perspective. They have weird bodies. noting that tall or lithe or non-ape looking men are not the norm and that a lot of tall men were actually taking growth hormones from their parents for sports. Most men appear stout, and not lithe, and it almost looks like their arms are a little longer than womens. They have a longer upper torso. They look more ape-like than women. They walk like apes too. they are robust,and the reason for this is their Y chromosome hasn’t really changed in 6000 years by creationist theory, and 100,000 years by any other.

    So when Jason can tell me why men look like apes, I’ll explain why some women look completely normal, like actual human beings.

  • Amy Siskind

    Uppity- can you make us a graphic to put all over the blogosphere til he apologizes? Maybe the book cover with SEXIST across it….we’ll post it everywhere!

  • Recovered Demoholic

    @Janis said: “Yeah, he’s … and the last chapter … who can be the new Great Male Hope … Dean! … Brown! … Kucinich!….”

    Thank you very much. You saved me the effort of even looking for a copy to borrow.

    And, Jason, forget my advice about a sincere mea culpa. Just go about being your Favreau-esque self.

  • Uppity…shrivel-y…heh, heh.

    With his common sense he probably would have a good chance at being an official teleprompter speech writer or something. Way to aim high, Jason! Your pathetic sexist attitude is about the only thing on your person that could aim high.

  • Recovered Demoholic

    @Amy: “Uppity- can you make us a graphic….”

    How about with him groping a cardboard cut-out of Obama with Dean holding the beer bottle(a laFavreau)? I don’t have a link, but I’m sure everybody remembers. Now I’ll shut up.

  • Janis

    Recovered Dem, I was guessing. I haven’t seen the book. That said, if that sort of nonsense ISN’T in there, I’ll buy a copy and eat the goddamned thing.

  • Janis

    Just e-mailed the little shit’s bosses. I wonder how they’ll look on him writing a book guaranteed to appeal to 18 million people and then insulting them all into not buying it?

    I guess Jason doesn’t want girls to buy his book, or else he’ll get cooties from our pink money. S&S may feel differently. I think the only color they see when it comes to money is green.

    This is like a whole little capsule example of how the Debacle of 2008 took place, really. Brainwashed his poor innocent, idealistic, peace-loving generation my bald white ass — and how? By appealing to their already-extant woman-hatred? They weren’t brainwashed. They lined up for that shit. And thanks to it, they shot themselves in the foot and made a huge, stinking political mess that’s crippled liberalism in this country, set back civil rights for generations, albeit merely for the unimportant non-Jasonlike untermenschen, and sent squillions of dollars into the coffers of the same assholes who caused the planetary economy to teeter on the verge of disaster in the first place.

    The Democratic party appealed to the “bros before hos/women suck/fuck dem pussies” mentality in these little pieces of ambulatory waste, and used it to get into office. Now, we get to see the poor little creature trying SO HAWD to express his youthful disenchantment with having been made a complete, gullible jackass in the eyes of the world … and the only way he can think of to do it is to engage in exactly the same “bitchez ain’t shit” attitude that caused the problem in the first place.

    Jason, stupidity at the level at which you evince it should be fatal. It’s proof that basic body functions like breathing, eating, and shitting don’t take place in the cerebral cortex, or else you’d have suffocated the second you were taken out of your poor mom, provided you weren’t raised by wolves. God, what that woman must think now looking at His Majesty the Baby of twenty-odd years ago makes me cringe in sympathy for her.

  • sandra s.

    Is there any way we can get this stuff out to some of Simon & Schuster’s other Political authors (some of whom are important Dem supporters, and others are women in the public eye because of political connections)? I mean, these guys also publish Mary Cheney, Begala and Carville, and lots of others. If their authors condemn this, they’d probably be more bothered by it.

  • AliceP.

    The fact that this young man thinks he is not a sexist is telling. Education is really lacking in this country when you have someone who picks and chooses what “right” to fight for with little to no understanding of hatred towards half the population. There is no moral center whatsoever in any of his comments. Maybe his mother, sister, niece don’t have to follow the same rigid “looks” guidelines before the thinks they are worthy of fairness in society. According to him only women who look like some male definition of acceptable are to be listened to at all or have any merit. Yet Jason doesn’t have any problem with this or with so blindly and openly ignoring his own misogyny. Shallow, cruel, stupid, and blind. It doesn’t sound like someone whose opinion I care to read in the pages of a book on any topic.

    I’ll skip on this book since someone with such poor judgment obviously has nothing of interest to say to me. I wouldn’t buy a book from a blatant unapologetic racist and I’m not going to buy one from a blind misogynist either. Passing the word on to everyone I know and calling the publisher.

    Why is Jason trying so hard to look like a bad replica of Miami Vice in his photograph? Has he ever considered a nose job? Why do all frat boy types think it’s their natural born right to pass judgment based upon women’s looks? Of course they are perfection personified physically so it’s okay…I think based upon Jason’s looks that I won’t be listening to him. Something just isn’t right there..the arrogant snark of his facial expression, the know it all eyes, the not quite done up staged cool position of his tie…not worth reading him.. “Stop RAGGING on Hillary” language tells all. Indicative of his inner attitudes. Because of course no women have any value unless Jason deems them attractive, that’s the most important factor. Jason believes it is his right of course to pass judgment upon the looks of women and of course this isnt’ sexist of him. ALL women in politics should be attractive to Jason. He has these ways of thinking yet deems himself informed enough to pontificate to us in a book? “riiiiiiiiiight” indeed Jason. I don’t deem Jason attractive enough for his book to be of any interest to me whatsoever.

  • Kathleen Wynne

    Unfortnately, this kind of male mindset of excluding and dismissing women outright, no matter how often the men screw up, is as pervasive as many of us have been saying since we observed it’s ugly head throughout the 2008 presidential campaign.

    This is a guy only a mother could love. Unfortunately, far too many women, other than his mother, will mother him and think they can change him into being a better man by trying to understand his insecurities about women and convincing him that women aren’t the enemy, but human beings just like men!

    Let’s just see if NOW or any other women’s group takes him on like TNA is doing.

  • Hi All – just a reminder to please all call Mr. Mattera’s publicist today and let her know that we demand an apology! A few people emailed me that they had called and the contact person is Kirsten/Kristen? Please whoever calls next can we get the first and last name and direct dial!

    We are reaching out to other organizations and blogs – having a direct contact point with phone will be really helpful!

  • Denny Matola

    I think you need to take a look at Jason Mattera’s background before you make fools of yourselves.

    Judging by the comments here, most of you seem to think he’s an ex-Democrat for some reason. He’s NEVER been a Democrat, always a Republican. That’s why he laughed at the idea of laying off Hillary.

  • Denny – we are well aware of who he is.

  • AliceP.

    I never thought he was an ex dem. I’ve read his bio and heard of him. It’s not about him going after dem women on policy. It’s about his sexist remarks. Had he said the same about any female politicians on either side I’d be just as angry. Misogyny is not okay coming from anyone for any reason. Going after their policy positions is fine, going after them with tired sexist memes not so much.

    It’s the same way people used to talk about the “looks” of ethic groups in this country as a way to demean them and it’s an outrage.

  • AliceP.


    Apparently he has also spoken out about companies providing breast feeding time for working women. Oh this guy is a real gem indeed.

  • Great research AliceP!

  • Henrietta

    Dude doesn’t want women to express milk at work? Dude needs to update both his style and his retro attitude toward women. What an %$&@!

  • Janis

    “I don’t deem Jason attractive enough for his book to be of any interest to me whatsoever.”

    Just wait till he turns 50 and that jawline is around his navel and his hairline has backed up halfway to Fresno. He’ll be a right pretty picture. 🙂

  • Amy I don’t want you to think I ignored your graphic request. Freedom Fairy does all of my graphics. I am essentially useless that way and would be lost without that girl. However, her photo shop software blew up and we are currently working on raising the money to buy her a new boxed copy of that horrendously and outrageously expensive software. So at this moment I can’t help you because I can’t ask her to do what she can’t do right now. Wish I could, sister. You know I love ya.