March 24, 2010 / Politics, Unity

Why Governor Sarah Palin Should Support Women


The opinions expressed herein are those of the author, and not necessarily those of The New Agenda.

Today I saw a very interesting list.  It was a list of political incumbents in Congress that Gov. Sarah Palin has created that she believes must not be re-elected in November.  It is a list of Democrats who voted for the Health Care Reform monstrosity bill.  I understand the outrage, I understand the frustration.  I understand because I am a life-long Republican and mandates make me crazy.  When the government makes demands on how I can use my hard earned money AND they accost us with a law penalizing women while overlooking men, it makes my blood boil!

I would hope that Gov. Palin and her supporters understand the disappointment coming from the women in the Democratic Party regarding the garbage bill signed into law yesterday.  The National Organization for Women called it “a tragic setback for women’s rights.”  They don’t like it, we don’t like it.  They are just as disappointed in their representation in the House and Senate as we are; for different reasons but discourse is discourse.

This list that Gov. Palin has put forth is understandable from one aspect, but disturbing from another.  More than half of the incumbents on her list are women.  I truly believe that if there had been more equal representation of women (conservative and liberal) in the House and Senate that voting would have taken a very different course.

Gov. Palin you have an opportunity staring you in the face right now.  You have the opportunity to rally Republican women to run for those spots you want to replace. You have the opportunity to move women forward and increase our numbers in Congress.  You, Gov. Palin have the single opportunity to set the tone and make 2010 the year of the woman for the US Government.  We want representatives to fight for our rights as equally as they seem to be fighting for men.  My suggestion is that if you wish to remove incumbents that you work twice as hard to find replacements that have women’s interests in the forefront.  Men have claimed to hold that interest, even our current President, but their word doesn’t seem to carry much weight when push comes to shove.  Investment in women representatives is what is needed and I personally challenge you, Gov. Palin to make such an investment.  This one change to your priorities will come back to you ten fold in support. I guarantee it.

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