February 9, 2010 / Politics, Unity

MORE Breaks the Left’s Ice on Palin


There’s an old Chinese proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step. That has been our work here at The New Agenda – one small step at a time towards unity for women.

PALIN TEAAnd so I was delighted yesterday to see an article over at MORE which gives reasons to like Sarah Palin.  All the more so because it is a piece written by Judith Coyne, Exective Editor of MORE and like myself, a lifelong Democrat.  Unlike myself, Judith pulled the lever for Obama.

You can read Judith’s beautifully written (as always) piece in full here.  The three reasons cited in her piece:

(1) She has amazing hair. Always a plus for Palin, it now seems longer, with movie-star fullness. Maybe she’s found the world’s greatest volumizer. Maybe she finally has the time and money to give her hair the attention and expensive products we all know our hair deserves. Or maybe she’s the first former vice-presidential candidate to have extensions. However she got there, it looks goo-ood.
(2) She really is a mom. While being interviewed post-speech by tea-party convention organizer Judson Phillips, she answered a question about her son in the military while noting that Track didn’t want her to talk about him and now he might hear about her doing exactly that. The interviewer said, “Maybe he’s watching right now.” Her response must have drawn a smile from the mother of every twentysomething in America (except the ones who are grad students at the Georgetown School of Foreign Service): She smiled fondly and said she didn’t think her son had ever, “in his young life,” turned on C-Span. (And the way she said it even made me think, against all Couric evidence to the contrary, that perhaps Palin herself actually had.)
(3) She gives no quarter. After a year of watching Obama do the rope-a-dope, it’s refreshing to see some brashness. As in her taunting “How’s that hope-y, change-y stuff workin’ out for you?” Or the nasty “We need a commander in chief” not a professor of law. Or the possibly accurate “When you’re 0-3 [in mid-term elections], you’d better stop lecturing and start listening.”

Here’s the real gem that caught my eyes:

No, she didn’t go to Wellesley or any of the Ivies–but then, neither did I, and more to the point, neither did such Congressional powerhouses as Olympia Snowe (University of Maine in Orono), Barbara Boxer (Brooklyn College in, you know, Brooklyn) or Barbara Mikulski (Mount Saint Agnes College in Maryland).

I give Judith a lot of credit. Politically speaking she is cut from the same clothe as a certain writer over at Salon who wrote a not very nice piece about Palin on Sunday.

The Salon piece reminded me of something my tween daughter would say: “That’s so last year.” I mean really – can’t we just let the men practice the misogyny? They’re so much better at it (or are they?)

How can an educated woman refer to Palin as “dumb”? Disagree with her politics, sure. But baring that, get over yourself and grow up! This behavior is better left back in junior high school- although a good parent wouldn’t even let a teenage daughter demean another girl by calling her “dumb.”  Let alone a girl who made it on her own all the way to become a governor!

Let’s be clear: TNA is not saying you must vote for Sarah Palin if she runs. What we have been saying is that Sarah Palin has, and continues to be a victim of a media smear campaign. And it takes an educated, independent thinker to see above the smog and consider who this woman actually is.

After all, there’s a decent shot that Sarah Palin will be our country’s first female president. She’s not afraid to color outside the lines – and frankly given the setup of our political system, the odds are stacked against a woman who chooses to run along the traditional path.

So please, in 2010, let’s all take a deep breath and stop being “so last year.” If you don’t vote for Palin on policy so be it. But give a chance to judge her on her merits. Then decide.

Oh, and in the mean time, head over to MORE and give Judith your support with a comment for breaking the ice on the left!