February 8, 2010 / Safety



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We’re at the finish line:
This week the NYS Senate will decide the fate of Senator Hiram Monserrate, the senator convicted of a misdemeanor assault charge for slashing his girlfriend’s face (more info here).

The bi-partisan NYS Select Committee gave the Senate 2 options: “censure” or “expel.”Democratic Conference Leader, Senator John Sampson (D) is considering bringing a resolution to censure, not expel Monserrate.

It seems that Sen Sampson is okay with putting partisanship ahead of women’s safety and moral authority!  The New Agenda says “no how, no way!

Now We Need Your Help!
We’ve also been informed that Senator Cathy Young (R) plans to bring a resolution to the Senate floor demanding the Sen Monserrate be expelled!We must let the 8 Democratic women state senators know that we expect them to only allow a resolution of expulsion to be brought to the floor. Period. Censure is not an option. Email or call these women state senators:

Sen Suzi Oppenheimer
Sen Ruth Hassell-Thompson
Sen Shirley Huntley
Sen Liz Krueger
Sen Velmanette Montgomery
Sen Diane Savino
Sen Toby Ann Stavisky
Sen Andrea Stewart-Cousins

Tell them:  “Vote NO on allowing a Resolution for Censure to be brought to the Senate FloorMonserrate must be Expelled!!!

Take power women senators!  Do what is right! Stick together and expel Monserrate once and for all!!!