November 13, 2009 / Media - News Reporting & Analysis

Round #8,624 of MSNBC’s War on Sarah Palin – Ding! Ding! Ding!


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boxing_glovepHere we go again… I don’t even know what to say about the video from MSNBC’s Morning Meeting with host Dylan Ratigan.  Will the war on Sarah Palin ever end?  I’m starting to wonder if they are just trying to wear us all down so we will just stop fighting sexism entirely?  Ok!  We get it, you hate Sarah Palin!  But the war on Palin isn’t really the only point is it?  It’s the “sexism is okay if we just don’t like you” war on women that is exhausting.  Do I even need to list what is offensive in this video?  I’m so tired of pointing out what seems like the obvious, I thought I would ask for your help!

Here is a quote from Dylan Ratigan to get you started,

“What is it about Palin that drives America wild? We at the Morning Meeting have some ideas on why America is infatuated with Palin. And to have some fun, we have Time magazine writer Jay Small Newton. She covered Sarah Palin on the campaign trail and our own Contessa Brewer is with us as well. And, so, let us commence the conversation. [Reading off the Morning Meeting top ten list.] The tenth reason why she’s people are so obsessed with her, Jay, we say is because we say she is the strongest man in the Republican party. You agree with that?”

Take a look at this video and tell us what catches your eye from the most recent round of sexism in the media? Please tell us what you think…