October 19, 2009 / Unity

Senator Gillibrand, ERLC Join in Saying Monserrate Should Resign


Another women in government and another women’s organization joined the chorus demanding that Monserrate resign.

Thus far, State Senator Liz Krueger was the first Democratic state senator to speak out.  Followed by State Senator Betty Little, the first Republican state senator to call for his resignation.  And now, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand issues a release which says:

Domestic violence has no place in our society, and certainly has no place in the State Legislature. A court of law has found Sen. Monserrate guilty of domestic violence, and I believe he should resign immediately. If he does not resign, then the Senate should move to expel him. We must take a hard line against violence toward women in our society.”

Also this afternoon, Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee issued a press release (read full statement here):

On Thursday, October 15th, Democratic State Senator Hiram Monserrate was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend by slashing her face with a piece of glass. The ERLC joins together with our Board member and State Senator Liz Krueger, NARAL, NOW, and the New Agenda in calling for the resignation of Hiram Monserrate from the New York State Senate and in demanding that the Senate take immediate action to remove him from office.