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Where’s Hillary?

Where, oh where is Hillary?

On the world stage: Where's Hillary?

Remember Hillary Clinton? Ya know, the woman that is Secretary of State.  Has anyone seen Hillary lately?

Well I for one can’t seem to find her.  And I’ve looked all over the world stage.  And I’ve searched all over the press.  Can hardly find a mention of our Secretary of State’s whereabouts.

The folks over at HotAir report:

Week-by-week, world event-by-world event, the public humiliation of Hillary Clinton is taking place right before our eyes.

In more modern times, names such as Henry Kissinger, Cyrus Vance, James Baker, Madeleine Albright, Colin Powell, and Condolezza Rice loom large in our psyche and history. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Who? Possibly the most marginalized Secretary of State in modern times.

And it’s true – with all the crises going on around the world, do we even hear Hillary’s name? Obama and Biden are off globetrotting and where is Hillary? What have they done with her (Hat tip to FreedomFairy for the graphics – prizes given for finding Hillary)?

Do I sense a pattern here?  Are the most powerful women politicians being silenced?  Does our country allow such a high level of sexism to exist that ultimately women politicians get put in their place?

Hillary was subjected to incredible sexism during the presidential primary, yet few spoke out.  So lo and behold what happens?  The sexism and misogyny breeds underground – fed by the media and our silence.  And when it springs back up above earth, the roots are that much more invigorated and strengthened such that yet another victim is claimed.

And yeah, yeah if you read some of the comments on the blogosphere, we should NOT be defending the “other” victim.  Sarah Palin is actually, don’t say this out loud – whisper, not a Democrat.  Shh…told you.  So The New Agenda gets attacked on our blog for having Sarah Palin’s back.  And instead of being Clinton dead-enders, apparently we have now evolved to “new agenda/Palin supporters” (according to a NOW National Board member), or “pro-life feminists”.

But what these short-sighted folks seem to be missing is that sexism knows no bounds.  It impacts all women and our daughters.  Speaking out about it on a case by case basis is simply hogwash.   And I’ll say it right here, right now – history will judge.  Those folks who stood silent while a woman and her children were subjected to the worse kind of sexism, will be judged harshly.  Any woman who considers herself a “feminist” or “women’s advocate” or whatever who thinks it was okay because of policy differences – SHAME!

Meanwhile, back at the White House, where’s Hillary?  I’ll tell you.  She has no power.  She went through a year of the most vicious personal attacks, took a back seat job, and now is silenced.  As HotAir writes:

If Hillary’s loss in the primaries was a body blow, being Secretary of State is like being bled by leeches. Hillary seems to know her political persona is being bled dry, but she feels no physical pain.

Well I for one feel her pain. In tribute to Hillary, we started The New Agenda to have her back and the back of others. And I always suspected that when Hillary got a chance to show her stuff, she would outshine her former opponent. As I said to some friends a few months ago – watch out – Hillary’s approval ratings are skyrocketing over Obama. Sure enough, he silenced her.

But The New Agenda is committed to changing things. We are here to have the back of all women – including recently Sonya Sotomayor, Nancy Pelosi amongst others. And if you are not in the battle to defend all women, then move over and get out of the way. We tried your way – it didn’t work – now we are trying ours!

We’re going after the roots of sexism and misogyny, buried deeply in ignorance, bias and darkness. And if you care to join us, grab a shovel and pitch in. And if you can’t see through the fog of your own limiting ignorance, then simply step aside!