July 3, 2009 / Politics, Sexism

CNN Anchor: Palin Playing the Victim; “Clintonian”


(This story picked up by NewsBusters.)


Rick Sanchez

In covering Sarah Palin’s resignation from the Governorship of Alaska, the CNN anchor [Update:  Rick Sanchez] said

Oh, I see.  So she’s basically kind of playing the victim here, as often times politicians do.  Well that’s interesting, somewhat Clintonian some would say.

He was reacting to Palin’s comment, as related by reporter “Andrew” [Update:  Andrew Wellner from the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman]

You are naive if you don’t see a full court press right now on the national level, picking apart a good point guard.

Other comments Andrew related include:

We know that we can effect change outside of government.

I’ve never believed that I or anyone else needs a title to do this.

We’ll post more as we’ve had time to digest this, but it seems that the sexist media is thumping it’s chest over having driven a female out…

UPDATE:  at about 4:30 Candy Crowley reported that she had received on her Blackberry a statement from the DNC:

…continues a pattern of bizarre behavior

And commentator Paul Begala said:

It’s just very flaky.

UPDATE #2:  More quotes:

We’ve seen the governor’s had some pretty bizarre behavior in the last few months. — Democratic strategist Karen Finnery on CNN

We’ve seen a lot of nutty behavior from governors and Republican leaders in the last three months, but this one is at the top of that – John Weaver to the Washington Post

The Palin announcement:

Update #3:

MSNBC’s David Shuster (at about 1:50):

I don’t think she’s viable at all… Top Republicans… are openly saying that she’s even worse a candidate than people thought, that she’s not smart, that she has problems with the truth… There’s sort of an open war on Sarah Palin by elements of the Republican party.

Update #4: Here’s a two-part longer version of Gov. Palin’s speech, from Talking Points memo:

Update #5:

I bet there’s another ambition here, and that’s for money…  seems bizarre from the outside… it’s nonsense — David Gergen on CNN’s The Situation Room

Is this a refreshing attitude, … or is this really irresponsible and somewhat ridiculous — MSNBC’s Alex Witt

Update #6:

She’s probably going to be the person that can attract the largest crowds; some of it is car wreck watchers — Chuck Todd, NBC Political Director on NBC Nightly News

It was just the latest bizarre twist for the self-described maverick — NBC’s Peter Alexander on NBC Nightly News

Update #7, from CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight:

Any controversy that’s come has come because of her behaviour.  This is again going to raise serious questions about her behavior… You don’t want to be viewed as the candidate who’s a kook…  She has basically put a gun to her head and finished her career off… She will diminish as time goes on. — Republican Strategist Ed Rollins

It’s funny.  I thought after reading the Vanity Fair piece… I thought things couldn’t get tawdrier or any more scandalous with the Sarah Palin story this week, and she goes and she proves us wrong…  There’s something that looks very suspicious here… Can I say something as a woman really quickly?  I think this perception that perhaps she’s quitting, right?  And this perception that she doesn’t have the skin that you need to hang tough when you’re getting bows &arrows — that’s the name of the game when you’re in politics and I think there’s a concern that that could be the perception. — Kelly Goff

It’s a reminder of the time she got phone pranked.  Her communications people — a couple of radio talk show hosts threw to her immediately and they got her into an embarrassing, ridiculous kind of situation. — Errol Louis

The tone of her voice — the way she delivered the speech, the way she rambled, there’s something we still don’t know about this.  Her whole arguement… that doesn’t make any sense to anybody… It’s suicidal — Columnist Miguel Perez

Update #8:  On CNN’s Anderson Cooper, in response to Cooper saying “she talked about Trig as if people are making fun of the little child…”

I didn’t hear David Letterman make fun of her 14-year-old daughter a few weeks ago, but that’s what she heard.  And I think that’s sort of the story we’ve got with Sarah Palin and with her supporters.  They’re gonna hear what they want to hear; they’re going to see what they want to see…  She’s putting up this persecution complex that the Republican base responds to — ooooh, the evil media, the democratic strategists, the democratic operatives, you know, they’re out to get me; they forced me out. — Steve Kornacki

Update #9:

Often she has seemed unable to exercise enough restraint to avoid getting dragged down into the mud with everyone from Alaska bloggers to a late-night comedian. — CBS News analysis by Shushannah Walshe and Scott Conroy.

… the near-constant barrage of criticism has clearly weighed on the former vice presidential candidate, as her demeanor during the emotional press conference at her lakefront home in Wasilla attests. — Scott Conroy, producer, CBS News.

It’s absolutely bizarre. — analyst Larry Sabato in AP story.

While it is absolutely true that people in Alaska were trying to tear her down with false charges, it doesn’t look good that when she was faced with adversity and attacks on her character that she threw in the towel… truly bewildering — Republican congressional official quoted on Politico.

This lady was spooked, scared, angry, I thought, and incoherent. — Sherrilyn Ifill on Politico.

… cashing in on John McCain’s poor judgement in picking her…  If she did this to run for President, she will be even more a national joke than she is now — Greg Dworking, Contributing Editor, Daily Kos, on Politico.

Update #10:  For those who aren’t aware of who’s been making fun of Trig, see here and here for examples.

There’s a fishy smell coming from Alaska, and it’s not the salmon.  Governor Palin’s mid-course resignation is flaky at best but could also be spawned to stop the discovery of something else that’s rotten. — Harvard Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter, on Politico.

Either Sarah Palin is leaving the people of Alaska high and dry… or she simply can’t handle the job.  Either way, her decision … continues a pattern of bizarre behavior. — DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse, quoted on FOX.

Ding Dong, the Witch is Gone… Always eager to portray herself as a victim, Palin also “pulled the trig” at this afternoon’s press conference — mentioning her disabled son, Trig, as one of the reasons influencing her decision.  Shameful…  — Kevin Osborne on Cincinnati City Beat.

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