July 3, 2009 / Politics

A Dark Moment for Our Country


What am I going to tell my daughter?


From my daughter's school locker

That was the first thing that popped into my mind this afternoon after watching Governor Palin step down.

My 11 year-old daughter adores Sarah Palin. She is too young to understand pro-choice and pro-life. The difference between drilling and being environmentally cautions.  My daughter looks at Sarah Palin and she sees herself. My daughter plays point guard in basketball like Sarah. My daughter is a competitor and works really hard like Sarah. My daughter will be devastated.

For not once, but twice in the last two years, my daughter has seen a hero fall. Three years ago, when Hillary was serving at a NY State Senator, my daughter wrote a third grade report about Hillary. I took my daughter to meet Hillary, who took the time in the throngs of thousands of supporters to stop, read my daughter’s report, and ask her about it. This is when I became inspired into political activism. This is when my daughter found an important role model.  And my daughter believed “I CAN BE PRESIDENT.”

amandahilllary2I still remember an email that a mother sent me last October. She was grieving because her 12 year-old daughter, who prior to 2008 had aspired to a career in politics, told her that she no longer wanted to be a politician – that the boys wouldn’t let the girls win. Teenage girls might experience sexism in a different way, but believe me, they “get it” nonetheless.

I hope, no I pray, that in the end Sarah Palin will run for President. I watched today as many of you did and saw a woman who had just had enough. Not only the onslaught of sexism and vitriol aimed at her, but also at her family. In the last month alone we had Letterman, John Kerry’s comment, the Vanity Fair trash and all other sorts of snipes and sexist attacks. I’ll bet that Todd Purdum is celebrating tonight and getting congratulatory emails and high-fives from his “friends”.

How did we let it come to this folks? This is our country – a country we are proud to live in. How did we allow such a high level of acceptable sexism to exist and flourish? What about our daughters? As Mary Matalin said this evening on CNN:

The price of public service should not be personal destruction.

But there’s more than just destruction. Sarah Palin was treated differently solely because she is a woman. And our country let this happen – you would have thought that we would have learned a national lesson after the national shame of what happened to Hillary – but sadly, no.

I’m proud that we started The New Agenda last August. I’m proud that we decided to speak out against sexism against all women – after all Sexism Against Conservative Women is Still Sexism:

When a conservative woman is the target of an attack, many so-called feminists stay silent. This “selective sexism”, or speaking out against sexism on a case by case basis, does not advance our national dialogue on women’s issues. Rather, selective sexism allows a dangerous level of permissible sexism to live and breed in our country.

But at the same time, I am outraged by how many other women have turned a silent ear to the sexist attacks on Sarah Palin. Or worse, how our old line national organization actually aided and abetted these attacks. I recall how NOW featured Costume Idea: Sarah Palin as a Halloween spoof on their website. This is an organization who holds themselves out to national organization focused on women’s rights. Yet, they allowed this clear and utter sexist attack against a female politician on their organization’s website?

And I want to be hopeful that NOW can reinvent itself under new leadership. I wrote an article for The Huffington Post about the importance of NOW as a national organization. But then a National Board Member of NOW has taken the time to come to our website and write this:

We are not new agenda/Palin supporters. We support candidates and women that adhere to choice

Sigh, this type of thing makes me lose hope that despite their decline, the folks at NOW “get it.”

Because today’s loss is much bigger than Sarah Palin herself. Today we lost the second hope in as many years of getting a woman to the highest office. Today we lost an important role model for our daughters. Today was a loss for our country, and the next generation.

So I ask you all to join us at this moment. We need your help. We simply cannot let this continue. We need you all to join us right here, right now, at this moment. And if not for ourselves, then for the next generation. They deserve a better country than what we are currently leaving them. We must fight sexism and misogyny together and eradicate it starting today.

And we need your help. Please join us. Let’s draw a line in the sand and say NO MORE! This is a moment of darkness for our country, and it’s time to start letting in the light!

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  • Janis

    …that the boys wouldn’t let the girls win.

    But Aaaaamy, you don’t understaaaaaaand! IT would be GREEEAAAAT to have a woman in power — it just has to be the EXACT RIGHT, PERFECT ONE! And if an entire generation of girls and female teenagers get it smashed in their faces by the boys around them with wide grins, fangs bared, and utter glee in their faces that FUCK OFF LITTLE PUSSY YOU AIN’T SHIT, then … oh, well! We’ll just have to wait for Miss Perfect! Everything will be peachy-fine! Lookie my organic garden!

    I’d like to kick Susan Sarandon’s stupid face in right now. And Gloria Steinem. And Ellie Smeal, and all the rest of those pathetic, disgusting, snivelling losers who brought us to this point. Your daughter knows that boys won’t let girls win, but she also knows that girls won’t let girls win, either. They are all together, and each and every one of us is on our goddamned own in the wilderness.

  • Agree Janis.

    I think today marks a big asterik next to a lot of women who held themselves out to be in the history books filed under “women’s rights”.

    How did we let it come to this?

  • HeroesGetMade


    I posted a link to one of the pieces (Opting Out) in the “Lessons for Girls” series in the other thread, but you and your daughter might be interested in these, especially the first two (I haven’t read them all.) Although it says these are for girls, these are the things you don’t learn until long after, but wish you had:


    I don’t view this as a loss, but rather as someone who has been playing a rigged game, turning it around by rewriting the rules that say if you’re female, you must always lose. Palin may be out, but I don’t believe for a minute that she’s down, since she opted out of her own accord, for very good reasons if I read her statement right. I’ll be watching to see how this plays out with much interest and hope.

  • Lonni

    Reading this I wondered if I had watched a different video of Sarah Palin then some of ya’ll have. I didn’t see any dark moments in our history with Sarah making a choice in her life to do what she can do best without being hog-tied by politics. During her whole speech she practically shouted out that she isn’t done yet. A smart woman never shows her hand first. I figure Sarah has a plan that she isn’t going to let anyone get ahold of except herself. Take heart.

  • Kathy in CA

    I too was stunned and unsure regarding Sarah’s resignation. Since it was on the heels of the Vanity Fair article – it just reeks of sexism defeat. In many ways, it makes me respect her even more because she has effectively released herself from any political correctiveness she had to display because she was Governor. I do hope she comes out fully swinging. We need that, women need that, and our daughters need that. If she can successfully do this – in the end we do win because it says that women will not stand around and play political games and be a part of the good old boys club. She will instead show she can make her own rules.

    As I have posted before, it makes no difference to me if someone is pro-choice or pro-life. That issue was important for feminism in the 1970’s – not today. I have always voted for someone based upon their ability to lead, their ability to negotiate, and their ability to inspire us all to make every day a better day for women. When we live in a country that sexism can knock down a Governor because she is a female, we are all in very deep trouble.

  • cloud

    I think the treatment of Sarah Palin by the media and especially by Democrats has been horrific and disgusting.

    They even relentlessly trashed her children. The disgusting jokes about her Downs Syndrome baby Trig were beyond the pale.

    I am ashamed to be a Democrat today because of all the terrible and insulting things Democrats have said about Sarah and her family (I even called John Kerry’s senate office to tell his aide how disgusted I was with him for his remark that he wished it had been Sarah Palin who “had gone missing.” )

    I didn’t support most of her political policies but I like her as a person; she is real and she is a hell of a lot smarter than some of the jerks who think they are qualified to be president or vice president.

    She is a woman, a smart woman, and a beautiful woman — and that was just too much for the small brain people in this world.

  • She’s running for POTUS, don’t worry about it.

  • cloud –

    I think a lot of Dems feel that way. I ran into a neighbor tonight who did not vote for McCain/Palin in 2008 because she didn’t think Palin was ready. Now she does. As does her 25 year-old daughter. Both Dems. She, like myself, was concerned about how devastated her daughter would be.

    anne –

    IMO, watching her today, I don’t think she has decided. But we better gear up just in case. It’s going to be a long time for women unless we support each other!

  • Mitch,

    Here’s the facts – women get treated MUCH more harshly then men do in politics. How much have Obama’s daughters endured – or Biden? Nada. Yet, Palin’s baby son and teenage daughters were open game.

    Wake up and open your eyes!

  • Boston Nell

    A sad, cautionary tale…

    From the moment she could walk, my daughter loved everything athletic. She never met a sport she didn’t like and as a young child she excelled at all of them.

    Here in our small, liberal, affluent New England town, starting at age five, she participated in a co-ed summer soccer league. When she was about 11 or 12, despite the fact that she still excelled at the game, she announced that she didn’t want to play in the summer league any longer. As I watched during the last season in which she participated, it became painfully obvious why. The boys simply shut the girls out of the game, even to their own team’s detriment. The boys played as if the girls were literally not on the field, never passing the ball to them and even stealing the ball from their own team mates rather than allowing a girl to advance the ball down the field. My daughter was a clutch player and a consistently strong scorer–she could hit the goal from 30 yards out. Many a time, in earlier years, she scored the come-from-behind goal to win the game. But about the time they hit puberty, her male team mates would rather lose than allow her to score.

    And the worst part of this story is that the coaches condoned it. My daughter’s epiphany took place 10 years ago. Nothing has changed nor will it.

  • Re: Amy’s assertion that, “…I am outraged by how other women have turned a silent ear to the sexist attacks on Sarah Palin…”:

    For those who use Twitter, Jenn Pozner, Executive Director of Women in Media and News (wimnonline.org), began a hashtag #palinsexism in order to flag such expressions and note through social media to as many people as possible the instance (i.e., Rick Sanchez suggesting that maybe Palin is pregnant). The tweet itself that Jenn first used three hours ago and I retweeted looks like this:

    rt @jennpozner: let’s b on lookout 4 #palinsexism –if u see blatantly sexist coverage, call it out. (h/t @addiestan 4suggestion)


  • RealChange

    I am beside myself. I want to scream and cry at the same time. Another strong, powerful, INDEPENDENT, woman brought down by the patriarchy. Pretty soon the only women that will be left for us to support and vote for will be the women who are hand-picked and groomed by the patriarchy. Like the Claire McCaskill’s of the political world. Same with the corporate world. I hope that Gov. Palin and her family weren’t threatened in some way she couldn’t refuse by the powers that be, but I wouldn’t put it past them. Shades of past powerful leaders who went against the status quo.

    I am sick to my stomach right now, but I know we mustn’t give up and we mustn’t give in…so tell me, what do we do next?

  • goesh

    – here’s hoping its a run for POTUS and she is going to study up and travel and talk and raise money and get some more political tutoring, start getting some positive PR from the media once in a while – with national exposure, the more sexist condemnation she gets the more people will look at her and listen to her and see what she is truly made of before buying into the stoning, burning, lynching, pedophile BS that has come her way and there will be more backing from women than ever before, thanks to Letterman mostly – indeed, an adult male athlete taking an inning off from the game to impregnate her 14 yr. old daughter – laugh, Mother’s of American girls if you really think this is all you are worth, Sarah Palin sure the hell didn’t think it was funny , neither did TNA and other women’s groups. She can unify a large number of women by simply being a champion of equality for women and I hope she reads TNA. Do you, Sarah?

  • Jill,

    Have not heard of Jenn or that org but if you can make an intro that would be great.

    We need as many teammates as possible.

    BTW, we were out with that story, which was picked up by NewsBusters earlier today (see Judy’s story one piece below this).

  • Boston Nell

    Oh, and I forgot to add…

    During that last season, the boyz were happy to allow my daughter to play goalie, a position at which she also excelled. Almost no one could score against her.

    Don’t you just love the irony??

  • RealChange,

    I’ll tell you what we need to do next – we need to build out this org and keep speaking out. We need your support. We are getting the ear of the media (see our press section) and I’m going to write til my fingers fall off for the websites like HuffPo that get the most eyes each day. And we will stick together and fight.

    I am sad and sickened as well. We need to build out this org – that means adding members, donations, blog stories – whatever you can give.

    The time is now for The New Agenda. If the other women’s orgs won’t do it – WE WILL together!

  • Hi Amy – will do – I will email you some info. I actually am displaced from home (for good reasons but ones that involve home demolition!) and didn’t know a thing about any of this until about 6pm this evening – still catching up.

  • Kathy in CA

    Wow – there are a lot of Palin 2012 supporters on this site (both Dems and Repub!). I would be thrilled to support her for many reasons, but the first that come to mind is
    1. She seems to be the real deal – very honest and hard working – no good old boys club.
    2. She is female
    3. She listens to BOTH sides and is focused on what is important.

    As with Amy – my daughter is very much a Sarah Palin fan – and isn’t is very interesting that it takes an 8 year old (and whatever age Amy’s daughter is) to remind us what a feminist is!

  • Firelight

    Amy don’t think of this as a dark day. Tomorrow is Sarah Palin’s Independence Day. In my opinion she has put Alaska’s house in order. She is leaving it better than when she received it. She is also leaving it in good hands with people she trusts. No Sarah Palin is not quitting. She has not been defeated. She is turning to face her detractors head on, face to face. She will take on the Washington establishment and I believe they will be sorry they ever messed with Sarah Palin. She will not be vengeful but I believe she is ready to lead the fight for real change.

    Maybe all these years of sexism and forcing women to run the house, clean house and deal with children has prepared our fiercest warrior yet for this battle. She is going to clean house in Washington, she is going to take the childish Congress to task and she will prove that she is qualified and able to run this country in a way that no man has ever.

    This is not a dark day this is a new day and the grizzly has awoken.

  • Kathy,

    The one thing that unites all the folks on this website – whether they would vote for Palin or not – is that enough is enough with sexist treatment of the woman and the fair game of attacks on her children. This double standard of treatment has got to stop. We need to get rolling right away – spread the word – gather our 100,000s of members nationwide so if Palin does run, she will be treated to the same standard as her male counterparts.

    I mean c’mon – can anyone cite a single media attack on Romney?

  • Firelight,

    It is always darkest before the dawn. Let’s hope what we started for Hillary here can very soon have Sarah Palin’s back!

  • Bes

    So now is it time for women’s groups to recommend to their membership that they should stop supporting the corporate media by paying for TV cable and should instead download only the content they choose to watch? Because every woman who subscribes to cable TV is subsidizing the malecentric misogynist boiz who chose Obama for us and who mock and drive female candidates out of office. Stop the subsidizing garbage content, cancel cable.

  • Kathryn

    Most of the posters at Shakesville (a very good feminist website) think that Palin’s decision reflects narcissism, a lack of logic, and just plain incompetence. The media has often made sexist attacks on her and those should be deplored and rebutted, but that doesn’t mean that she’s not incompetent. Her rambling statement about resigning made no sense–she’s doesn’t want to be one of those governors who doesn’t do her job…so she’s going to quit her job and not do it at all? Well, that makes sense. And if she wasn’t going to back down from being McCain’s VP because of persona attacks, then it makes no sense for her to back down now. I doubt she’ll run for president–voters aren’t going to choose someone for the toughest job in the country who abandoned another job 21/2 years into her first term. We all want to see a woman in power, but you guys seem to be allowing your desire for that to blind you to the fact that Palin simply isn’t qualified to hold power. Women like Hillary are, and we must find those women and support them until we achieve parity–but we can’t ignore reality while doing it.

  • Suze

    Don’t worry. She is running for something big.

  • Anna in AK

    Particularly being an Alaskan women, I don’t know what to think. I’m sad I’m loosing her 🙁

  • Anne-Marie

    If she really wants to continue in politics, this was a huge risk for her to take. People won’t trust that she will be able to handle a tough job like being a President.

    I liked her, and hope she continues in some way in public life. But I also respect her right to choose what is right for her.

    I think we need to start an alternative, parallel political organization based on the philosophy that is the foundation of the New Agenda.

  • Juliette

    “I loved to kick Susan Sarandons stupid face in right now.”

    Who ever you are Janis, I really like you!

  • bruce nahin

    read this at hot air, by a guy named lansing quaker
    Did she have to quit?
    For America, she did.

    Was Palin naive? Yes. She was naive in her belief that parties stood for principles.

    Now Palin has argued, via her speech today, that principles stand before parties.

    She’s late to the game, but she’s the quintessential PUMAs. And anyone sick of Democrats, Republicans, RINOs, and DINOs, should be on her bandwagon and supporting h

  • bruce nahin

    mark levin on his program today has a very thoughtful and uplifting analysis


  • Juliette


    Please give your daughter a hug from me and tell her to keep her chin up. I see a huge backlash coming against the dictator in cheif.

    I actually spoke to some reformed Obamabots who agreed with me that Obama was Bush on steroids and more of an Oligarch than Bush ever could be. Pretty amazing considering that this was in an elite urban section of Philadelphia.

    I think women need to orginize a million Burka March on Washington. We could act out the stoning of Hillary and Palin in the post-American Obamanation.

    Sue the FED!

  • Juliette


    If Hillary Clinton had stayed in the Senate and fought against Obama’s enslavment policies I would consider supporting her again as I did before with my time and my money. But she played party politics, something that Palin has proven to be above.
    HRC made a terrible mistake and she will forever be tied to this toxic administration. The democrats are dead to me. Dennis Kucinich should get out and become an independent.
    Sarah Palin has accomplished much more for her state and the future of America’s energy than most governors accomplish in 8 years. I as an authentic liberal support her policies. No one who says that they disagree with her policies ever seems to note which policies exactly. If I was believe all the lies that CNN and MSNBC reported about her, I would not like her at all. But they were lies Reference-Factcheck.org “Sliming Palin.”. She is an American hero.
    I will support her all the way to the White House.

  • marille

    I agree with Amy that this is a dark day for us.
    I also hope that Sarah Palin can succesfully fight back and a big movement of women banding together is awakening.
    I am still thinking what will I tell my 8 year old daughter tomorrow? definitely not before her swim meet, where we hope she can make points for the team.
    we were last year in the building museum listening to Hillary’s suspension speech. and all my daughter could understand, was, she is giving up. I will always remember her crying for our fallen hero. It took her weeks to slowly warm up for another female candidate Sarah. Now she cherishes her personal letter sitting on top of her desk from the Alaska governor. I have not figured out how to explain that she will step down as governor. Luckily it is vacation time and this is not going on when she has to face her classmates (100% Obama adorers).
    It is one thing to accept the outcome of an election, even if you doubt the fair process. But it is much harder to see a hero step out. Girls are not allowed in this society to have powerful role models.

    How do you explain to an 8 year old girl, that a female politician is confronted to see the distorted pictures of her so much loved baby made by political enemies. But I start thinking that these pictures will explain to an 8 year old why she stepped out.
    As I think now, the pictures of making fun of Trig could be the start of another blog, another big issue for TNA. Don’t we have antidiscrimination laws for handicap? For women to band together the instant of poking fun at a handicapped child of a repuclican star by democrats, could be an uniting moment. as somebody before me here said, it makes me ashamed to ever have been a democrat.
    This is a very dark moment. And it has nothing to do how successful Sarah Palin will hopefully eventually be.

  • lorac

    I don’t think it’s a dark moment at all. Whether she will remain viable in politics will all depend on the moves she makes going forward from here, not on this one act of resignation itself. Sure, there will be people who will keep throwing it at her, but if stays visible with a message that resonates, the “quitter” slam won’t work, IMO.

    She considers herself a maverick. Let’s face it, the “rules of the boys’ club” weren’t written for her – matter of fact, they were made to oppress her. I think she has identified a different path, one which may remove her more (not totally) from the boys’ destructive and below the belt games, providing her with more freedom to move forward with dignity and in her own way. Following the traditional path, the boys’ path, is almost self-sabotage.

    So, I don’t think it’s a dark day. And I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she choose the 4th of July to make her announcement.

  • Kathryn

    “mark levin on his program today has a very thoughtful and uplifting analysis”

    You’re turning to Mark Levin for analysis now? What’s next, looking to Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter for wisdom? The goal of this website–fighting sexism and promoting women in power–is necessary and admirable, but you guys are allowing your desire to achieve those goals to blind you to reality. You’re aligning yourselves with people who are homophobic, racist, and yes, sexist, without questioning their credentials so long as they support Palin.

    Mark Levin is intensely homophobic–he once called into a radio show on which Alec Baldwin was being interviewed and started insulting him, calling him “Brokeback Alec” and “butt-boy.” That’s the person you’re turning to for sound analysis?

    Mark Levin also had these lovely things to say about Hillary:

    “The ultimate exploiter of the “trophy spouse would be Hillary Clinton. But for Bill Clinton, she would be a nobody. If Hillary was only a Rodham, she’d be just another Chicago liberal. She’s stood on Bill Clinton’s shoulders for three decades. In fact, she’s still relying on him to help deliver campaign contributions and the votes in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire. And that’s why she stood by him when he was accused of rape and other forms of criminal assault. It’s called power.”

    Again: this is the person you are turning to for analysis? Are you that eager to find other people who like Palin that you have to turn to the hard-core right?

    In combatting sexist people, many of you seem completely willing to ally yourselves with people who foment other kinds of hatred. And that’s not good, and in the long run that will hurt the cause of feminism. Actually, it will in the short run too, and it has.

  • It wasnt “sexism” “misogyny” or “patriarchy” that did in palin.Those are myths.

  • goesh

    Virginia, I’m not sure Sarah has been done in

  • Ron

    Following the surprise Palin announcement, website supporters are gathering across the nation to support Sarah Palin for President in 2012 can be found online at http://www.palin4pres2012.com

    Our the website is in danger of crashing due to the flood of readers and supporters signing up to show their interest in a Palin Candidacy. The GOP establishment had better watch out, Sarah Palin and Ron Paul combined with the power of the internet will remove the stranglehold of GOP special interests and the elites who have brought the party to its knees in defeat in the 2008 elections.

  • MaryL

    This struck a chord with me. From Boston Nell:
    “The boys simply shut the girls out of the game, even to their own team’s detriment. The boys played as if the girls were literally not on the field, never passing the ball to them and even stealing the ball from their own team mates rather than allowing a girl to advance the ball down the field. My daughter was a clutch player and a consistently strong scorer–she could hit the goal from 30 yards out. Many a time, in earlier years, she scored the come-from-behind goal to win the game. But about the time they hit puberty, her male team mates would rather lose than allow her to score.
    And the worst part of this story is that the coaches condoned it.”

    Yep, this is life on Wall Street, too. I’ve worked there for 30 years—nothing has changed. It’s business as usual…

    And yes, take a good look—this is what the future holds for all of your daughters…


    Kathryn et al- I would bet that many of us at TNA are not even Palin political supporters- I think we’ve gotten off the point. You can disagree with her politics, you can even disagree with her ability to serve but what we’re saying is what you can’t do is trash her simply because she is a woman. The argument that she’s a quitter and that her reasons for so doing is bogus depends on how you twist her words. Once she decided not to seek re-election that would make her a lame duck- as such she would have weakened powers to get through the major initiatives that she’s been working on. If you choose to see it that way, and it is very legitimate, makes perfect sense. Move it on to the Lt. Governor who most likely will run for another term. Of the 15 ethics suits brought against her she has won all – they keep coming- It reminds me of the frivolous travel gate-whitewater etc. that the wealthy republican “vast right wing conspiracy” brought against the Clintons. David Brock who now runs Media Matters was part of that movement and he repented letting us all in on the tactics. Now that these same tactics are being used by the Democrats against a Republican woman it’s okay?

    It truly amazed me that my so-called liberal feminists friends refuse to see any inconsistencies in the way they treat and think about Palin. Their ears and minds are closed- even though all they know of her comes from the same press that turned Hillary Clinton into a greedy, self-centered, lying, emotionally unstable, witch. They say Palin is an idiot-period. An idiot who made it to become governor of a state without money or a husband’s position to get her there. I don’t know too many really dumb women who have managed that.

    I keep thinking of her school teacher parents-watching their daughter become a target must be very painful.

  • Kathryn — I would generally consider myself to be an ally of Katha Pollit and Gloria Steinem and not Mark Levin. But I have no problem calling out when the former say something I disagree with. Why should Bruce not mention when Mark says something reasonable?

    FWIW, I find his homophobic slang and what he said about HRC to be detestable. But we’ve heard all that and more from the left.

  • Cynthia Ruccia

    I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Sarah Palin on the national political stage. I do NOT believe she’s throwing in the towel. I prefer thinking that she’s just playing by a different set of rules (her own—-and bravo for that!!) and has seen a way to prevail with her national ambitions that the rest of us just haven’t been able to visualize yet.

    Her act of resignation was not quitting or withdrawing. It is an act of getting everyone off guard so she can go in for the kill (running for president). Stay tuned….

  • dianet

    Talking with a friend last night, we think that Palin is probably under investigation for something she doesn’t want to come to light, or she is being forced out due to some ethics investigation. Hope I’m wrong.

  • Florida Lady

    Amy – will you be on cable or other media to point out the injustice here? I do not have cable so I will look for clips on you tube.
    I count on you to keep on speakin’ – we appreciate it.

  • Florida Lady,

    I would love to speak out. My next TV appearance (scheduled) is on PBS To the Contrary in 2 weeks so this likely will have petered out by then – but who knows.

    Please write to the cable networks and ask that they invite me to appear – I guess having our members do this could help. Else, we’ll have to hope they see a story and call on us. We seem to be getting loads of blogosphere press.

  • Sherp

    I pray that the Governor or her family have no health issues. This resignation makes no sense to me, but what do I know except knowing sexism when I see it. Heartbroken. May all the blessing of life come to this wonderful family. I am gonna miss her and family.

  • KLinn720

    To Ron–having a similar thought here and wondering if the GOP isn’t in for quite a surprise. Instead of issuing a statement that defends criticism of Palin’s resignation by pointing out how no other politician has ever had the expense of half a million dollars fighting off specious lawsuits, the RNC is already planning to dispatch Palin to NJ and VA to help win gubernatorial seats for them. I wouldn’t count on an automatic helping hand from Palin if I were Michael Steele. This party did NOTHING to come to the aid of its own teammate, Palin, and I bet she’s going to pick and choose her own battles to fight and candidates to support from now on. She’s going to turn the tables and make her appearances and fundraising efforts on behalf of others a highly prized commodity. I wouldn’t even be surprised if her support included a few Independent and/ or Libertarian candidates.

    Total gut feeling but could be Sarah’s about to show people what being free really means.

  • lansing quaker

    Sarah dropped her title (Governor) to declare her independence.

    She did it on the eve of our Independence Day.

    And what happens when you declare your Independence? You fight a war.

    Sarah is not going away, and anyone who thinks she bowed out due to pressure is incredibly naive to what’s really coming ahead. We’ll see an entirely new Sarah Palin come August.

  • bruce nahin

    Kathryn- by mentioning a thoughtful, what I believe to be a correct analysis , makes me allies with Mark Levin? My views are well documented here. Are you suggesting we quote only those who we are 100% in agreement with? Frankly there is no one on this planet I agree with 100% of the time, not even my wife of 25 years. Even Janis and I here disagree from time to time, should I not support Janis in her 99.9% correct thoughts here? Same with Judy and Amy, not 100% of the time do I agree with them. Although most of the time I do.The fact is, say what you want about Levin, but the analysis seems correct to me…Did you listen to it before attacking my post? Maybe you should do so and then tell me what you think about it, not about Levin the person.

  • Chris

    Just to comment on WRAHR’s suggestion that her choosing to resign makes sense because she would be a lame duck: if that logic made sense, then states like Virginia would never have any effective leadership since their governors only serve one term (and cannot run for reelection). The logic is bogus. The people of Alaska voted for her to lead them, not this other guy; doesn’t she owe it to them to finish out her term, barring some revelation we aren’t aware of?

    Does she deserve sexist attacks? No. But we should expect that our leaders serve out their time. I’m not going to absolve her of her responsibility just because she’s a woman.

  • marille

    so Chris, tell me about another governor who has his/her kids trashed like her!
    tell me, who other governor gets a lawsuit for holding up a fish, caught in his/her own state!
    tell me another governor getting lawsuits for clothes he/she wears!

    tell me how you know where the limits are?

  • Chris

    Marille, there are two different issues here. How she’s been treated is one; what she owes the people who voted for her is a second. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to deplore how she’s been treated while still taking her to task for not fulfilling her obligation to the people of Alaska and with no clear or justified reason. If she goes back to private life, then fair enough. If she’s planning to propel herself into national political life, then there are serious questions. Does she really expect the majority of people in this country to vote for her when she’s proved that she won’t meet her most basic obligation? That of completing her term?

  • Dori

    There sure is a double standard in play here. What about a certain US Senator who in 2004 pledged to the people that voted for him that he would serve out his term and would not run for President in 2008? That pledge lasted, what – 140 days? Didn’t seem to hurt his chances of running for national office. I didn’t hear anyone say he wasn’t fullfilling his obligation to the people who voted for him.

    How does anyone know Sarah Palin isn’t doing what‘s best for the people of Alaska? Her time as governor, as well as tax payer dollars, were being wasted fighting ethics complaints. Maybe passing the reins to a very competent lieutenant governor was in Alaska’s best interests. Maybe she was also ensuring that her accomplishments for the people of Alaska, such as the pipeline, were being protected since now in 2010 Governor Parnell will be going into the election as an incumbent with a much better chance to be re-elected.

    Bottom line, we don’t know what is best for the people that voted for her. Only they can decide that. But I’m pretty sure Sarah Palin probably has more of an idea of what that is then we do.

  • Chris

    Dori, no politician keeps all the promises they make. They’re all liars to some degree or other. But I’m pretty sure that if Obama had lost, he would have served out the rest of his Senate term, as has McCain and as Clinton would have had she not been tapped for Sec of State. Palin’s not running for election this fall and whatever aspirations she has for future political office, none of these opportunities were going to present themselves before her term was up. And as for the people of Alaska, they didn’t get an opportunity to decide what they wanted. She just left. We have a system in this country where elections happen at regular, pre-defined intervals (barring special circumstances) for a reason. Palin can flout that system if she wishes but I don’t understand why she’s being praised for it.

  • MaryL,boys are just tired of always having to accomodate girls,especially in a society and school system that doesnt give a sh** about boys.Men feel the same way in the workplace.

  • Boston Nell

    Oh those poor neglected boyz!! Cry me a river.

    You are a classic enabler of patriarchy, Virginia. In fact, I suspect you are really a male troll.

    At 22, my daughter can still kick ass on any athletic field (oh, and did I mention she’s in a PhD program at a major state university?). She recently won an amateur competition at the Basketball Hall of Fame where her opponents were a bunch droopy-drawered high school local boys. Goddess, were they pissed! The women in the stands went wild when she won. It was a sight to behold.

    We gotta celebrate our victories wherever we can. Amy, I would love for your daughter to meet my daughter. Wouldn’t that be cool–successful young women mentoring their younger sisters? I do worry, though, that my daughter, so bright, confident, and full of promise for the future, will have her dreams shattered once she gets out into the real world and faces the spirit-crushing misogyny of the patriarchal oligarchy.

    We women need to use whatever power we have to beat the men at their own game. “Lysistrata,” anyone? [snark]

  • I’m not sad. I love her even more after that speech, and I think this is the first step toward 2012 for her. It’s unusual and daring, but the women who have made an impact and broken barriers always have been unusual and daring. She’s got my vote. Go Sarah!

  • MaryL

    Don’t know what “workplace” you are talking about, but it doesn’t matter because the statistics on women’s pay, titles, promotional opportunities, representation in government, business leadership positions and on corporate boards, etc. in workplaces ACROSS AMERICA show that these “workplaces” do not “accommodate” women ENOUGH.

    These “men” who are tired of accommodating women can always find new jobs—and at higher pay—because the odds are on their side…

  • BAC


    I have asked you before, and you have yet to respond: If Phyllis Schlafly decided to run for President, would you support her?

    Is sexism against every woman candidate wrong? Absolutely.

    Is every woman who seeks to be president deserving of feminist support? No.

    Not every woman is a feminist, as evidenced by some of the comments on this post!! Take Janis for example. She wants to “kick Susan Sarandon’s stupid face in … and Gloria Steinem. And Ellie Smeal …” And Amy, YOU AGREED!! HOW IS THAT FEMINIST?

    Do you have ANY IDEA the level of sexism these women have endured in their struggle to secure YOUR equal rights? Do you even care? Apparently NOT.

    Are you aware that many of the rights you take for granted today where secured for you by these women? Again, apparently NOT. Wake up and practice what you preach!!! Your support for anti-woman rhetoric makes you a hypocrite.


  • BAC,

    I’m not certain if you are being facetious about your Phyllis Schlafly comment but I will say this – if Phyllis were to run and be subjected to sexism, then The New Agenda would speak out on her behalf. This is what we have done with Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi amongst others.

    And for the record, if you read our writings, The New Agenda is an organization that celebrates women who have worked for women’s advancement.

    That said, those women, if they truly care about the way forward, should be seeking to harvest new leaders to take their place. I’m a Wall Street person and we always plan for the next generation of leaders. Sadly, this support and encouragement has not come from some – yet others have been incredible helpful to the way forward for women and we have celebrated many of those women such as Judith Hope on this blog. Who did their hard work for women, and then seek to help and mentor the next group of leaders.

    Dr. Lynette Long’s work should tell you something. Numbers don’t lie. The populace is no longer part of women’s advocacy. We need new leadership to invigorate and inspire and put us back on course.

  • Men bond even though they are as divided by race, class, party and choice/pro-life but because women own less than ten percent of the wealth/property in the world, these divisions keep us from bonding. At this blog and others, I’ve seen liberal and conservative women join together in fighting patriarchy. It’s been thrilling to see our numbers double as many women previously excluded from the feminist movement join us. Men keep their power despite their choice/pro-life division so I’m sure we can find a way to work together despite this difference.

  • We need all women in the US and worldwide to achieve critical mass, get representation, pass feminist legislation, to continue to fight sexism and beat the patriarchy.

  • Floridan

    Cloud: “The disgusting jokes about her Downs Syndrome baby Trig were beyond the pale.”

    What jokes?

    I have yet to see any evidence of someone mocking or making a joke about Trig’s condition.

  • You must be kidding Floridan.

    Check out the top story on our blog.