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Letterman Doesn’t Stop. Contact These Sponsors!


Following his outrageous joke about Alex Rodiguez “knocking up” Governor Palin’s 14-year-old daughter, Willow, David Letterman is at it again (hat tip to Puma for Life and conservatives4palin).

The toughest part of [Palin’s] visit was keeping Eliot Spitzer away from her daughter. That was the hard part.

The way I hear it, the man called a 14-year-old child a prostitute.

Many of our readers would like to protest Letterman’s disgusting slurs by contacting his sponsors.  I don’t know what companies have been running advertisements during the last few shows, but I can tell you that the following companies currently have ads running as lead-ins to video clips on the Late Show With David Letterman website.  Let’s make our voices heard!

Aveeno (owned by Johnson & Johnson)
Charmin (owned by Proctor & Gamble)
Downy (also owned by P&G)
Lexus (owned by Toyota)

Update:  With apologies, we have removed a commenter’s list of sponsors copied from another site because we have been notified of at least four inaccuracies in it.  The sponsors above are those that we have personally verified.

Update #2:  Thanks to our commenters who have posted lists of the sponsors they saw on Letterman last night.  The trick in figuring out a target sponsor list is to weed out those who buy time from a local station or as a package deal in which they don’t specifically request placement on Late Night.  (Likewise, sponsors who appear only in banner ads on Letterman’s website may have little control over where their ads run.)  By cross-referencing the various lists of ads that viewers in different geographic areas have saw on Letterman’s TV Thursday show, my best information is that we should ADD to the above list (links coming momentarily):

Ambien CR (from Sanofi Aventis)
bing.com (owned by Microsoft)
Centrum (owned by Wyeth)
Listerine (like Aveno, above, owned by J&J)
Old Navy (owned by Gap)
Saturn (not a brand that will be continued; owned by GM, which mostly owned by taxpayers!)

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  • Hi folks,
    Very helpful post and list! both via main post and in comment section!

    we (FemiSex) just linked to your story and have put up Letterman Show phone number for those who want to have a go at it.
    David Letterman’s Sexism and Misogyny is so LAST CENTURY! Digits to tell him so: 212-975-5300

    We targeted Dove’s ad on Perez Hilton.com and Dove is no longer visible on his website. small victory!

  • Al

    My ancestry.com subscription (all access, $299.00 a year) was due Monday but I held off. Thankfully! I will not renew, and explained why.

  • Chappy,

    Guess our members are sending emails to our list. We just received that following email from LifeLock – guess we should take them off the list:

    At no time has LifeLock ever sponsored David Letterman or any other national CBS talk show. It is possible, however, that depending on where you live that your local station inserted one of our advertisements into an open slot. We have no control what these stations do with the open slot or where the station places our approved advertisement.

    I would like to assure you again, that we have no affiliation with Mr. Letterman’s show.


    | Corporate Communications | LifeLock® – #1 In Identity Theft Protection

    480-457-5272 Direct / 480-307-1909 Cell

  • Egallantry

    Seen on http://www.femisex.com/content.....2-975-5300

    ”Anything that has even a whiff of being racist, no one is going to laugh,” said Rob Burnett, an executive producer for Mr. Letterman. ”The audience is not going to allow anyone to do that.”

    Quoted from http://query.nytimes.com/gst/f.....wanted=all

    Why are the same standards not applied to sexist jokes? Would Rob Burnett laugh at slutty/rape/prostitution jokes about Eunice Burnett, Sydney Burnett or Lucy Burnett? Could he cut the sleaze for all our sakes?

  • Boston Nell

    “Anything that has even a whiff of being racist, no one is going to laugh…”

    I’ve always believed that Don Imus’s “nappy-headed ho’s” comment got him fired because of its racist, not sexist, overtones. If he’d simply referred to the women basketball players as “ho’s” no one would have batted an eyelash. It was the “nappy-headed” adjective that lost him his job.

    When misogynistic jokes become as unacceptable as racist jokes, then and only then will we know we’ve made progress in the battle for gender equality.

  • bruce nahin

    I am so disgusted- Just went to Politico(when will I ever learn),Ben Smiths coverage…the comments there were absolutely disgusting- supporting Letterman, ” fair Game”, ” only a joke”” Palin deserved it for saying Obama hung out with terrorists”, ” if she cant handle it get out of politics”” Palin is so vile and nasty she deserves it” and so many more…To me there is no excuse for Letterman.. and blogs that support this hateful behavior.I must stop reading Politico and HuffPost- My BP is high enough already

  • lorac

    Does anyone know how to change the picture of BO with the lie “This is what a feminist looks like” on his t-shirt, to Letterman with a t-shirt saying “This is what a misogynist looks like”? Make it go viral.

  • Wendy

    Letterman sucks… he is such an idiot. Did he forget that he knocked Little Harry’s mom before they were married? Why doesn’t he make some jokes about his own little bastard son? I, along with a lot of my friends, used to be huge fans of Letterman. Since the election, he’s lost it, and his mind!

    I think he must be on drugs… or he’s is getting old and hot that funny. He has lost touch with reality, that’s for sure!

  • bruce nahin

    The below is hot off the presses of Entertainment weekly. Frankly I think even less of Letterman now than I did before this” explanation”. ( if that is possible)He appears to be saying that it would have been wrong if he meant Willow, but he meant Bristol so it is ok. He didn’t address the ” slut” comment at all. From my point of view i intend to contact all the sponsors, the network and everyone else who will listen including my lefty friends in the” industry” here in LA

    From Entertainment weekly”Taping tonight’s episode of The Late Show, David Letterman took a few minutes to respond to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who called him “pathetic” in a radio interview after he made her and her family the butt of a recent Top 10 list. The late-night host had drawn particular fire from Palin and some pundits for a joke about one of Palin’s daughters being impregnated by New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez during a trip to Yankee Stadium. Camp Palin apparently took the joke to be a crack against Palin’s 14-year-old daughter Willow, who had recently attended a Yankees game, but Letterman insisted today that the real target was 18-year-old daughter Bristol.

    “We were, as we often do, making jokes about people in the news and we made some jokes about Sarah Palin and her daughter [Bristol]… and now they’re upset with me…” Letterman says on tonight’s show. “These are not jokes made about her 14-year-old daughter. I would never, never make jokes about raping or having sex of any description with a 14-year-old girl…. Am I guilty of poor taste? Yes. Did I suggest that it was okay for her 14-year-old daughter to be having promiscuous sex? No.” Saying he hopes he’s “cleared part of this up,” Letterman extended an invitation to Palin to come on the show as a guest.

  • Loralee

    Should or could we pick a sponsor and agree to discontinue any purchases of the goods of the company and any affiliates? One day or one week or a month. We can all go on a chocolate diet or maybe just a cheap chocolate diet. Mars, Inc owns tons of brands of candy, snack foods and pet foods but we could list them and avoid them. I am guessing that there may be so many people that make a living in E-bay that many may not be willing to boycott them. A boycott takes a while to get going but corporations know they are hard to shake too. Coors is still trying to shake their anti-gay image and at one point hired Mary Cheney to be the “liaison”, so to speak. Some folks just don’t get word when the boycott is over.

    Just a thought.

  • Michael Carr

    Perhaps all our protests shpuld also be directed to the Washington Post, where Kathleen Parker seems to be saying that Governor Palin brought this on herself by–wait for it–“sexualizing” her VP candidatesy. Basically, Parker is saying that Palin should ‘degender’ herself, that is behave like a man. Is there some law which says that an attractive woman, who obviously delights in being a woman cannot seek high office? A male politician who is tall dark and handsome is not expected to hide those features of masculanity is he? I wouldn’t.

  • KayJL

    I heard about Dave trying to say his Alex Rodriguez/Eliot Spitzer jokes were about Bristol and not Willow. I don’t believe him, but wouldn’t be surprised if by tomorrow the show came out with some sort of statement about how much Bristol and Willow look alike and that’s what caused them to make the “mistake”.

    As for Kathleen Parker, maybe someone should ask her if she thinks the sexual jokes about Willow were okay because Sarah “brought it on herself”.

    Last, I’m writing the list of Letterman show advertisers EXCEPT for Rogaine, because it’d be so cool if that were the only advertiser he had left.

  • John

    Three good things from this.

    1. I found your web site.

    2. Palin’s support solidified a little more.

    2. Palin’s brand of feminism got a good bump.

  • These are M&M Brands to avoid and specifically list in your complaint emails and snailmails. Let them know you know who they are and what they sell!





  • As someone who works in the business, Mars, Inc. has not purchased CBS Late Night for the past 2 years.

  • kathy

    Dave must live in a glass house..lol

  • michelene spencer

    add Pfizer to the list. Their Celebrex is a frequent advertiser on Letterman. You can contact the Board at their website: Pfizer.com.

  • Barb

    Thanks for the list! I’m going right out to buy every product I can find!

  • Linnyb0420

    Gee, Rogaine as a sponsor? Hmm, where is Viagra and Duct Tape sponsors? Everything he needs! What a has been! Washed up and I am sure Conan will do him in.

  • Billie Reynolds

    I am a firm believer in “voting” with my checkbook. If enough
    people will conciously avoid Letterman Show sponsors &
    let those sponsors & CBS know of the consequences of
    inappropriate “comedy?” we might have less of this garbage
    on the airwaves. Thanks to everyone who has listed sponsor
    info. I for one intend to use the info.

  • o

    We must keep fighting. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

  • Mike Ward – Ancestry.com

    Thank you for bringing this important matter to our attention.
    I can confirm to you that Ancestry.com is not an advertiser or sponsor of the CBS Late Show with David Letterman. It is unclear how the company’s name ended up on this list, but it appears to be a mistake.

    We would appreciate your help in spreading the correct information.


    Mike Ward, Ancestry.com Public Relations

  • Tom Flatley

    The timing of these remarks is curious. Jay Leno left the Tonight Show less than two weeks ago. Letterman chooses this time to be controversial because he hopes to gain ratings against Conan on NBC. Most of Letterman’s viewers are of a liberal bent anyway and anything said against Sarah Palin won’t offend them.

    If you want to hurt Letterman, hurt CBS. Don’t watch and tell them you won’t watch until he’s let go.

  • A in Texas

    Check out Hillbuzz .org for more advice on how to boycott letterman

  • Dana Jones

    Here’s what I sent to everyone on your list, starting with Les Moonves:

    David Letterman’s “jokes” about the rape of a 14 year old girl should be classified as hate speech or prosecuted as child pornography. What if someone made obscene comments about your children on a nationally televised show? How funny would that be? What if someone made NAMBLA jokes about Letterman’s young son? Bloody hilarious, right? As for the excuse that he was making the joke about the 18 year old, it doesn’t wash, because she wasn’t even in NY.

    This man is disgusting, and by association, so are you.


    Dana Jones

  • David McDonald

    I wrote to Mars, Charmin, Lexus, and Rogaine

    I asked them how they would like these associations with their products..

    M&Ms..the candy of child molesters
    Rogaine..for dirty old men who rape children
    Charmin..the toilet tissue for child rapists

    Keep up the protests!!!

  • Jean G

    David Letterman should be fired immediately!!

    How dare he make such crude, sexually perverted remarks about Sara Palin and her 14 year old daughter!

    I find it interesting that he has never made any derogatory remarks about Michelle Obama and her two daughters. I think he knows that if he does, the radical left-wingers and Obama supporters will be marching in the streets and there would be mass protests.

    David Letterman is not funny; he is an angry left-wing, conservative hating jerk – needs to be retired!

  • thomaslhill

    CBS wil never reprimand the pedophile Letterman. Time to boycott CBS. Yes, they have some good shows not to mention the forthcoming NFL season. Time for Americans to sacrifice for the better good. If that means not watching good tv programs and my beloved Kansas City Chiefs so be it.

  • So, why is it ok to make these kinds of remarks about Bristol? I just watched the video of his remarks (I could not stand listening to all of it, so I admit I stopped it before the end) and I am even more disgusted with him. He even repeated the jokes…this man has to go…

  • Tom Anders

    Good job in putting this list together. It was just what I was looking for after hearing Letterman’s disparaging comments. I like off color/edgy humor but Letterman has gone beyond the pale. The dissembling rationalization that was supposed to serve as an apology only buried him a bit deeper in my book.

  • Peg R

    How low has the morals of a vast number our society sunk that a TV host would even dare think that the perverse comments he made about a child (regardless of whose child) was even remotely funny. What were CBS and the sponsers of the show thinking when they allowed this to air. I personally will never watch CBS again nor will I purchase products from any of it’s sponsers.

  • Curth

    The sponsor list that circulated yesterday that included Ancestry.com apparently is a list of companies that have banner ads on the top of Letterscums website. Ancestry.com is still there .
    I have compiled a list of tv sponsors that I personally saw advertise on his show last night, complete with contact information.

    You can find it here:


    If someone wants to copy it and post it here, feel free.

  • How very sad for Letterman to hit an all time low. Once a avid fan, he has lost his way, and his mind.

    If media continues to support him and his writers, we are just one more step away from his tasteless sense of humor. It is obvious he is not a fan of Palin, but a true night show host could find a better way to entertain people and not pander to the liberal left.

    That night I turned him off and will not support him or his sponsers again. It’s the least I can do to try and show him that all of America is not sick.

  • Juju

    Liberals don’t get a pass for sexism and perversion. Letterman is disgusting and he should be FIRED.

  • Janice McLaughlin

    The content of Letterman’s top ten list was unforgiving . I would further suggest that his attack on Gov. Palin’s daughter was a deliberate effort to hurt the Gov. in a viscious way. Getting a laugh from the audience was secondary. As a parent, you hurt my children; you hurt me.

  • Shelby

    I wrote a letter to the CBS network as soon as I saw the clip on the internet. I was on here trying to find his sponsors. Thank you for posting contact information. This is one time I hope he doesn’t get just a laugh and a slap on the wrist.

  • Deborah Bloom

    Thank you for posting all of the contacts this is the message I sent to all of them:

    I will be switching to watching FOX for my late night entertainment and news because of the constant belittling of Governor Sarah Palin by CBS staff. The final blow was David Letterman’s “jokes” about the governor and her daughters. I will also contact each and everyone of the sponsors of his show to let them know that as long as they continue to sponsor him I will not buy their products or services. The same goes for CBS news shows that attack the Palin family. CBS has become a political player instead of what was intended by the first amendment “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press” Maligning someones character or constantly taking political sides with one party over another shows bias not journalism, and appears to be abusing one of the greatest freedoms granted us in our constitution. Your staff members have let the American public down by not lettings us rely on your network for honest unbiased journalism.

  • Gina

    David Letterman is a vile sexist…His joke was demeaning and disgusting to any and all females! I am a mother of a daughter and no matter WHOSE daughter it…I was offended. I think Letterman should be fired, just like Imus when he made his nappy head comments….Letterman should be held on the SAME standards!

  • craig poundstone

    fucking letterman needs to go. He is a dumb liberal that is trying to destory this great county. He is not educated, just a dangeous fool.

  • craig poundstone

    I have you stock and I am selling it. My well sell their’s. Think about your decision very carefully,

  • JJJ

    It’s time for Dave to retire.

  • Liz

    Bristol is 18 and an adult, and she’s decided to be a spokesperson for abstinence. This isn’t about being the child of a politician any more. She decided to be a public figure, and when you put yourself on display like that, you are fair game.

    Sarah Palin is making a huge deal because she is an attention whore. If she was remotely worried about her family, she would never have accepted McCain’s offer to begin with.

    And thanks for the sponsor information; I just contacted each of them to urge them to not bow down to such ridiculous nonsense.

  • Jason

    Palin owes Letterman the apology. Her narcissistic sympathy tour has done far more damage to her children than any quickly forgotten jokes would have done. And Team Palin keeps throwing words like “rape” and “pedophile” around about Letterman. Everybody with half a brain knows he was only joking about Bristol, who was paraded around the convention and sent out on a very public abstinence tour.

    You people are nuts. Letterman is the one who deserves the apology for being called some of the worst things you could call a man and a father.

  • david letterman and his show advocate violence toward women and children.
    Only a pedophile would suggest A.Rod and a 14 year old child.
    cbs should release letterman from his contract for suggesting such an act.
    All men regardless of age should be held accountable for their actions, whether in words or deeds.
    As I recall Don Imus was Fired from his position until he publicly apologized.
    This is much worse than what Don Imus said.
    This was directed on a 14 year old child with a older man.
    david letterman is a perverted individual and should NOT be allowed to continue advocating pedophilia on his show.

    Regardless of “his” pathetic excuse, this will NOT be Tolerated.

    If you would like to contact cbs Call: 212-975-3247, 212-975-4321

  • KD


    Let me preface this by saying that I am no Palin fan. I take issue with your statement, however, on two points. Bristol became the target of jokes and criticisms long before she self-selected the public role that she now fills as an advocate for abstinence. Letterman’s joke was one in a long line of cruel jokes that have been made about a very young woman over the course of the last year. I can’t imagine being that age and having a matter as personal as my sex life put on worldwide display for others’ amusement. At its best, Letterman’s joke was tasteless and lacking class. At its worst, it was all of the sexist, misogynistic things that have been already said.

    ‘Tasteless and lacking class’ brings me to your comment re: Sarah Palin thrusting her family into the spotlight. I agree that she has opened herself and her family up to these difficult situations as a result of her decision to run for public office, but your choice of words in referring to her as an ‘attention whore’ seem to completely undermine the respect that one would hope one woman would give to another. That’s like one woman calling another woman a ‘bitch.’ That some women tear down other women by using words as belittling and disrespectful as ‘whore’ and ‘bitch’ is really unfortunate. Disagree with and dislike Sarah Palin as much as you like, but try to keep your opinions intelligent and respectful. Otherwise, you’re just supporting the ‘cat fight’ stereotypes that have existed for eons about women as individuals who are more interested in mudslinging than having a debate of substance.

  • Egallantry

    Twisted Liz says:

    “Barack Obama is an attention whore. If he was remotely worried about his family, he would never have run for political office.”

    Is it just fathers who should stay out of politics?

  • Terry

    Thanks for the boycott updates. Please make sure that all the names and companies are correct. I woudnt want to boyott a company that is not involved.

    Milky Way and Snickers are my favorite but as long as letterman is on tv and they support his show, I will shop for other goodies until they see the light.

    This is something we cannot back down from. He needs to be accountable for the disgusting things he said.

  • Enough is enough!! I am sick and tired of these negative comments about Sarah Palin and her family. Where are the women’s organizations who are supposed to be advocates for women? I am going to call DLetterman’s sponsors. The only way to get these folks attention is to hit them in the pocketbook. I will boycott these products. It’s time for us to stand up and be counted!! I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!!!

  • Liz

    Oh, please. I believe the woman wants her name in the paper because of her political aspirations — is that better? I’ve called men attention whores, as well. Regardless of my choice of words, IMO, Sarah Palin is doing this for attention.

    And this isn’t about what the media did last summer, which was tacky. I’m talking about the fact that Bristol was running around during most of May being on the talk shows talking about abstinence. Bristol has decided to be a public face for abstinence, and this comes with it.

    And this isn’t about her being a woman — any parent, knowing this media environment, who chooses to enter a presidential election when their daughter is pregnant and unwed and advocating abstinence…well, Palin knew what was going to happen and the attention it was going to bring, and she chose to let it happen to her kids. I just don’t have a lot of respect for that. The media is to blame, yes, but she knew it would happen. I don’t respect her as a parent because she put her own ambition first. She could’ve waited until the next election cycle when her daugher wasn’t walking around pregnant. It was just a selfish thing to do, IMO.

  • Mary

    I saw the following advertisers for the Letterman show on Thursday: bing.com, Saturn, Centrum, Samsung, Ford, Old Navy, T-Mobile, McDonalds, Chase, Listerine, Mazda, AmbienCR, Rogaine, Hotels.com

    We need to let these companies know that we will not support them as long as they advertise on Letterman’s show.

  • Thanks for this post. Dave has been far to politcal on his show and is very offensive towards anyone that doesn’t fall all over themselves over Obama. Fuck Obama – he’s hurting this country and CBS and the rest of the networks won’t mention all of the serious issues that he is causing. I what ALL media to find my own conclusion. I hope that everyone is doing the same.

  • Michael

    If you have Showtime, cancel it. Boycott the other sponsors.

    I guess if someone “knocks up” Letterman’s grandchildren he will joke about that too.


  • Michael


    So it’s Palin’s fault. Hope nothing ever happens to you or your children, but if it does I guess “you wanted it to”. Right?

  • D Johnson

    Greed, selfishness – including the act of making fun of someone else in order to make yourself look good – is WRONG. What has happened to us???

    This has got to stop!!!!

  • Cathy

    I am definitely going to contact the list of sponsors. I use quite a few items on that list too!
    Letterman has become so angry. It’s disgusting what he said about a 14 year old girl. How old is Dave? 62? He has lost touch. “It was a joke” my butt. It’s not funny when you talk about anyones daughter like that. Disgusting.

  • nat

    LIz, why are you accepting Letterman’s excuse that he was referring to 18 year old Bristol and not 14 year old Willow? The joke was scripted, and there was plenty of time to write in such a way that it was unambiguous. The joke was more easily interpreted as refering to the daughter who was actually at the Yankee game (who was 14).

    What if someone called Obama’s daughters “nappy headed hoes” a la Imus. Would Obama deserve that too because he ran for public office? Candidates of children have always been off limits. There is no way Palin could have expected the media slaughter that was given to her children. It was unprecedented.

    The media keeps reaching new lows with respect to the treatment of women (check out that ‘where’s the line’ video). Since there hasn’t been a line, it keeeps getting worse. At some point enough is enough. Hopefully this incident is it.

  • abbie

    Liz does not understand that this kind of thing hurts all women and creates a climate that tacitly encourages violence against women. I hope she never experiences rape of any kind. Perhaps she wants to be “one of the boys” but doesn’t get that when these attitudes are encouraged and condoned it results in them not viewing her the she thinks they do–that she is not equal to them and is just a sexual object. It’s a question of respect.

  • MC

    This is directed to commenter liz
    Your comments are ignorant and uneducated!
    Palin didn’t decide overnight to run for president…These things are years in the making…because her daughter got pregnant a few months before the election she needs to throw away her own dreams and aspirations? Not to mention all of the $$ and people involved in a presidential campaign? She didn’t get her daughter pregnant, the timing of the situation was unfortunate but you don’t throw away years and millions of dollars because of a situation that, by the way, our lovely country seems to condone by allowing teenagers to have babies and live off of the taxpayers! Along the same lines, we as a country watched Clinton have an affair with a woman his daughters age and ohhh he made a bad decision…but did anyone call him a bad father and how dare he embarrass his family like that and then commit purgery regarding the incident and he gets to remain president? But this happens to a WOMAN candidate and she should quit her campaign? Clinton made a clear choice to harm his family. Palin had no choice in the situation but to make the best of it by having her daughter be a GOOD example to other teens to learn from her situation and consider abstinence…I think that is commendable. Bristol was thrown into the limelight and had to suffer consequence regarding her own decisions. She has an opportunity to take a tough situation and let others learn from it. Why do we have to make fun of a kid who parents her child, continues to go to school, is earning a living and TRYING to help make the world a little better place…sounds like a pretty great kid… are people just jealous??
    I think david letterman is a pig and jokes (and I use the term loosely) regarding anyones children should be off limits!!

  • M

    Obviously Liz doesn’t have kids (or a daughter!) Just a giant grudge against a woman she doesn’t even know!
    Shame on you!! Your no better than letterman.

  • nissan has gotten just two complaints…get off your butts and call them… a CAR dealer!!! they will be sensitive in the current economic climate…and you have have a chance to tell them how you feel about the big auto bail-out rip-off

  • Go to the CBS corporate web site, they have a link for feedback. Highlight complaint and list Letterman as the subject. Then tell how you feel. I said that his comments about the Palin family were inappropriate. His apology was not an apology but a satire. Mr. Letterman has evolved from being a comedian to a political satirist for the left.

  • go to this website and they have a section to contact them. Click on complaint and list Letterman as the topic. Have at him and his left wing crued political satire.

  • Loralee

    On the bottom of Curth’s list of sponsors is the Republican Governor’s Association? Could that be right?

    I am at a loss for who we should be boycotting.

    Folks, ignore Liz she clearly isn’t interested in our causes and is not interested in any kind of intellectual discussion.

  • Jeffersonian

    Okay people – get a life.
    This is America and last time I checked we still had the right to free speech.
    Fortunately most of us have over 900+ channels we can turn to when we are offended by this type of clown. (unlike a comunist country that normally only has 1 channel.)
    We need to stop taking freedom for granted. We all need to grateful and respectful of the rights we do have and the freedoms we can all enjoy.
    Taking out your ignorance on these innocent companies is stupid.
    This type of crap makes me dislike republicans and Palin even more…. Just sad.

  • Elaine Jump

    I wonder how Letterman would feel if someone made a crude joke about his child on National TV like he did about Palin’s daughter.
    We are in a sad state of affairs when a person makes a joke like this and other people think it is funny.

  • nat

    Letterman has the right to say what he said, and we have the right to protest.

    It goes both ways.

    We all have freedom of speech, but we are also responsible for the consequences of what we say.

    Jeffersonian, why don’t you try telling a joke to your boss or your teachers that involves the sexual behaviour of their children. You are free to say it, but there may be consequences.

  • Join the boycott of these and other sponsors…


  • We need less hate and more good .Letter men can be funnier if he would just sit there and look dumb. And not open his pie hole.

  • Ann Webb

    I read your list of sponsers today to my husband who was in the final stages of buying a car from Nissan. He called his salesmen and said due to Nissan advertising on Letterman’s show he wouldn’t be purchasing the car.
    The only way we can stop this bias is through our pocketbooks.

    I guarantee if Letterman’s comments were geared toward the Obama girls there would be a much different outcome.

  • Al Holloway


    I just sent an e-mail to Houston radio station Owner, Dan Patrick, asking if he would lead national boycott against Letterman sponsors. Letterman should BE FIRED, and nothing less for it’s too late for empty apologies now. Dan Patrick led boycott after 911 that got Bill Maher fired from ABC after he could soldiers cowards. Let’s make this huge!!!!!!

  • LAShep

    I sent a strongly worded letter to every single one of the sponsors. I encourage you to do the same. Until the sponsors know this type of behavior is unacceptable, we have no on to blame but ourselves for not letting them know.

  • John Richardson

    Say what you want, but DON’T bring a politicians kids into it!!!!!

  • Susan & Gary

    As parents of a teenage daughter we are appalled at David Letterman’s deranged humor towards young women. This pathetic, bitter, old man has crossed the line. CBS will not be watched in our house.

    Why are all the Dad’s and Mom’s not speaking out?
    Susan & GAry

  • B Weisenauer

    I just saw the following sponsors for the Letterman Show to add to the contact list. Best Buy, Time Warner Cable, Steak N Shake. Everyone….please take the time to contact these companies and let them know how you feel about their sponsorship of such behavior and attitudes toward women.

  • David Marsden

    I want you all to know how deeply offended I was by the monologue on the June 10th episode of The Late Show with David Letterman, whereby host David Letterman said “One awkward moment for Sarah Palin at the Yankee game, during the seventh inning, her daughter was knocked up by Alex Rodriguez.”

    I noticed Letterman quickly came and said this joke of extremely poor taste and grossly humiliating towards adolescent girls, was actually a reference to Sarah Palin’s 18 year old daughter. So now we have to believe that not only is Letterman not funny, but he is also dishonest. The crux of the joke was that Alex Rodriguez had sex with Palin’s daughter during the seventh inning of a Yankees game. Why would the punchline of the joke be that Rodriguez was having sex with a daughter who was in Alaska? And if we are to believe that, then why was this joke delivered during a rare NYC visit by Sarah Palin? To accept this interpretation is simply beyond belief. CLEARLY the joke was intended regarding the only Sarah Palin daughter at the seventh inning that day, 14 year old Willow. I do not know when the writer’s of The Late Show decided that making light of the serious problem of statutory rape was fodder for comedy, but it was an extremely ill-advised move. As a licensed therapist, I have worked extensively with teenage girls who view themselves only in the crudest of sexual stereotypes. It can take years to overcome these stereotypes. Stereotypes that The Late Show has now reinforced for thousands of young girls across this nation. I have to ask you at what price is The Late Show willing to sell humor? Please consider your answer with thoughtful recognition of the lives of vulnerable young women devastated by the perpetuation of the stereotype you so tastelessly promulgated.

    I must say I am equally offended by certain conservative commentators who want to make this into a political issue by saying Letterman would never joke about Chelsea Clinton or Malia Obama. Surely there are some things so grossly inappropriate they transcend political boundaries. The rape of a 14 year old child surely is one of those things. We need not bring political conscience into what should be reserved for the moral conscience of all thoughtful people regardless of their political affiliation. Unfortunately, David Letterman and those associated with The Late Show, have demonstrated they are neither thoughtful or moral.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter,

    David Marsden, LCSW, BCD

  • EBH

    Jeffersonian on June 12th, 2009 4:17 pm

    How many right-wing radio hosts would survive a making a joke about Michelle Obama looking like a nappy headed HO or a vile statement about her kids. Left-wing democrats dominate Hollywood and control the airwaves of the three main networks. All we can do is use our buying power to stop this crap. I am personally offended when idiots like Letterman or brain dead Megan Fox bash conservatives and expect everyone to agree w/them or sit on the sidelines and shut up.

    You said:
    “This type of crap makes me dislike republicans and Palin even more…. Just sad.”

    Left-wing fascists, such as yourself, make me despise Socialists/Democrats who have no problem boycotting Imus, but when the tables are turned your/their left-wing hypocrisy is exposed. Not sure if you boycotted Imus, but the WHORE, Al Sharpton, sure did, now he is nowhere to be found to defend Palin.

  • Etta

    I am the grandmother of a teenage girl and it scares & disgusts me to think that an old man would make that kind of comment about any young girl, no matter who her mother is!
    Letterman is only reading, off the que cards held by one of the employees, what was written by his paid writers so he is not the only one at fault here. However Letterman made the decision to read those words on nationwide TV. Therefore, if he is taken off the air, that will also punish those who encouraged, supported and assisted him in this disgusting and indecent behavior, including Paul Shaffer, the band leader who also has young children.
    How can any parent no take action against Letterman’s behavior. Let’s all use the list provided plus add Letterman’s hollywood friend and shame them for acting proud to be his friend!

  • EBH


    Joe Biden’s daughter snorts cocaine, there is a video of her doing this, has Letterman told any jokes about her? Could you imagine one of the Bush twins getting busted snorting coke, Letterman would have a field day.

  • M. Teadt

    I agree with the comments made about a visible and correctly-focused boycott of a single “targeted” Letterman sponsor. It might be “unfair” to pick just one but so were his inappropriate comments. We need to make sure that the sponsor is “real” (that we haven’t picked the wrong one, as I see several comments that suggest some confusion about an actual sponsor–pick one!) then boycott that brand starting on July 4th for one month! Regardless of their decision to drop the buck-tooth idiot!

  • Loralee


    We aren’t taking our rights for granted, we are exercising them by boycotting sponsors (or “innocent companies” as you call them). Legally, supposedly, anyone can say anything but who decides where the line gets drawn? If we don’t like what someone says we have a right not to listen and not to support those who pay that person to speak. You have the freedom to ignore these posts – why don’t you?

  • mark

    EBH you are so right Bidens daughter (which holds a high profile job with the Department of Education in Delaware) is caught snorting cocaine (which I assume is still illegal) and nary a word from the left wing media, here is a druggie who makes decisions concerning school children, why are we spending all of this money for the war on drugs when our own so-called leaders are cartel financiers, could you imagine if it was Bristol Palin, there was a reason Johnny went with Jay all those years ago letterrman is a no talent hack with absolutely no character the same as Matt Laurer of GMA who tried to put it all on Sarah.

  • Faithful

    Bristol and Piper must file a law suit of defamation of character, this must not take place in a public event. David Letterman has assaulted a young girl and a young woman, with all the vile accusations that should leave him penniless and the man accused of raping a child should also file suit. Letterman is a nasty and vile old man whom needs to learn some respect for women, notice how he knock up his girlfriend and waited 5 yrs. to marry her, maybe he was afraid he have a hard time keeping Spitzer away from her. This kind of assault on women is a hate crime. He should be held liable for his obvious obsession with men raping a child or a woman. For he is guilty of raping this young girl and young woman of their dignity and worth, with his horrid and demonic accusations. This man needs to be striped of his platform that allows and permits such vulgarity and unlawful assaults on public event goers.

  • waterfall2

    National Organization for Women (NOW) has taken a stand in defense of the Palin family. On their site is a link to send an email to the CEO of CBS. Please take the time to send them your comments if you were offended and pass it on to your email buddies. We have enough real stories about child rape, molestation, kidnapping, murder, etc. so we certainly don’t need “jokes” about these topics to “entertain” us.

  • Randy

    Three recommendations:
    1. Put pressure on ALL advertisers. Even those whose ads are placed by our local CBS affiliate stations during Late Night with David Letterman should be boycotted. Why? Regardless of who chose to place the ad in this time slot, the advertisers are benefiting from the show. Let them, at their expense contact the local stations to move their ads to different time slots. The greater the number of companies (advertisers, CBS affiliate stations, etc.) that we can involve, the greater the impact of our efforts. Fear of loss is a great motivator.
    2. Don’t complete the online comment form on CBS.com. Companies provide this type of communication in an effort to keep complaint reports “in house” and out of the public eye. As mentioned in other posts, if you’re going to contact CBS, do so by hard copy letter addressed to company executives.
    3. If you’re going file a complaint online, do so on the Federal Communications Commission website at Scroll down to select “Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues”. Click “Next”, then select “Broadcast programs showing obscene, profane, and/or indecent material”. Click “Continue to online form”.

  • Randy

    Reposting with corrections –
    Three recommendations:
    1. Put pressure on ALL advertisers. Even those whose ads are placed by our local CBS affiliate stations during Late Show with David Letterman should be boycotted. Why? Regardless of who chose to place the ad in this time slot, the advertisers are benefiting from the show. Let them, at their expense contact the local stations to move their ads to different time slots. The greater the number of companies (advertisers, CBS affiliate stations, etc.) that we can involve, the greater the impact of our efforts. Fear of loss is a great motivator.
    2. Don’t complete the online comment form on CBS.com. Companies provide this type of communication in an effort to keep complaint reports “in house” and out of the public eye. As mentioned in other posts, if you’re going to contact CBS, do so by hard copy letter addressed to company executives.
    3. If you’re going file a complaint online, do so on the Federal Communications Commission website at FCC.gov. Scroll down to select “Broadcast (TV and Radio), Cable, and Satellite Issues”. Click “Next”, then select “Broadcast programs showing obscene, profane, and/or indecent material”. Click “Continue to online form”.

  • Gayle

    While the Palin/Willow issue has touched off this it is long overdue. TLetterman’s vicousness against Hillary Clinton and the horrid jokes against all women show what he thinks of women in general. He is a an earlier writer said “So last century”. I will boycott CBS as long as he’s on. Time for a some good books, movies and better televison.

  • Hi all,

    Go here and send your Letterman email to everyone on the list at one shot.


    I’m POd and I’m not gonna take it anymore!

    This is my site on my server. Each one on the list will get an individual email. Use your return name/email address or not.

    The admin@usataxpayer.org is not working yet so send new sponsor email addresses or fax numbers to: (i am working on the fax).


    I am also working on a system that will send emails to websites that do not expose the email address.

  • Mark

    Great website, it is good to see that I am not the only one infuriated over these comments. I like to confirm things myself and went to the Late Night website and found that overstock.com is a banner sponsor. I promptly “unsubscribed” to their email advertisement and followed up with an email to customer service.

  • Larry

    I want to personally thank all the supporters for Gov. Palin. America is a better place because the she’s in IT! She’s indeed the only politician with any common sense. The world will be a safer place when she becomes President in 2012. God bless her and everyone that supports her.


  • Joel Pena

    I am revolted by that misogynist. I contacted all of those sponsors and cbs they are all no longer welcome in my home. I just got my t – mobile but I am going to pay the early surrender fee and switch cariers. David Letterman you miserable piece of liberal crap, I hope you feel the same heartache you caused so many. Less you and more quality programing will be a good thing.

  • Go here to send your email to over 70 Letterman sponsors:


    From: Sears Webcenter

    When advertising is purchased on television there is no intention of endorsing a specific show or any views expressed on it. Airtime and advertisements are routinely slotted to reach a broad cross section of the general public. IN ADDITION, VIEWERS SHOULD NOT DRAW A CORRELATION BETWEEN SPECIFIC PROGRAMS AND ADVERTISING TIME PURCHASED.

  • Maureen Whrahch


  • Sandra Bryant

    I have liked Dave until now. I think what he said about Sarah Palin’s family is dispickable. David should be bounced out on his ear. I will never watch him again. He has hurt a lot of people over the years but this took the cake.

  • susan

    David Letterman’s comment s against young girls and women are unacceptable act of insults. It took him days to figure it out the need to apologize to the public and it was too obvious that he was not really sincere and even tried to make excuses for his actions.Perhaps he forgot that he is a 62 year old man and definitely not a 2 year old toddler.
    He needs to be reprimanded to be removed from the show.

  • John

    Letter-not a-man is a real joke. Calling women prostitutes, making sexual jokes about children, even an 18 year old girl is typical. Look at president Obama referring to Palin as a pig. This just shows one thing, the left is a bunch of hipocrats especially the pro women organizations who did not say a word. Leno kicked letterman’s ass in the ratings, soon will conan. I boycotting all products sponsored bye letterman.

  • Donn

    I am glad I found this site. I can now bombard the sponsors with letters to not cower down to the brainless right wing, A-hole, moronic, Palin suporters who have as much sense as she does.

  • Mike

    From an earlier post by Amy Siskind:

    “At no time has LifeLock ever sponsored David Letterman or any other national CBS talk show. It is possible, however, that depending on where you live that your local station inserted one of our advertisements into an open slot. We have no control what these stations do with the open slot or where the station places our approved advertisement.

    I would like to assure you again, that we have no affiliation with Mr. Letterman’s show.


    | Corporate Communications | LifeLock® – #1 In Identity Theft Protection”

    The company says they are not sponsoring Letterman specifically. That may or may not be true, but it is irrelevant. By buying ad time on CBS, they are supporting Letterman and CBS’ ability to keep spewing his filth at Americans.

    When a corporation gives you this line, tell them that as long as they are helping a network air trash like Letterman, you will be spending your money with their competitors and not with them.

    It’s the only way we can fight back against people who think rape is funny.

  • oscar

    By Tim Molloy
    Mon Jun 15, 1:30 PM PDT

    David Letterman’s comments about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and one of her daughters has prompted a hotel chain to pull its advertising on CBS’ website — and spawned a campaign to fire the Late Show host that includes a planned protest outside his studio.

    Embassy Suites, part of the Hilton Hotels Corp., pulled advertising on CBS’ site because of complaints, company spokeswoman Kendra Walker told TVGuide.com. The company was not an advertiser on Late Night with David Letterman.

    “We received lots of e-mails from concerned guests and we assessed that the statement that he made was offensive enough to our guests and prospective guests that we elected to take the ads down,” Walker said.

    CBS did not immediately respond to a request for comment Tuesday.

  • oscar

    Good Job guys. Keep up the pressure

  • oscar

    Please go to these websites they are petition to get letterman fired




  • Vera Smythe

    Let’s get David Letterman fired!! Don’t support the program sponsors!!

  • Joyce Sabatino

    David Letterman should be fired. His “jokes” stink, just like yesterday’s garbage, We place garbage in a dump and that is what should be done with David Letterman. Dump him.

  • Ann

    Received this message from Hellman’s/Unilever:

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your disappointment with the program content which contained a commercial for a Unilever product. We never wish to offend anyone and your opinions are appreciated regarding this subject matter. Advertising for Hellmann’s or media buys are done months in advance and unfortunately we can’t foresee issues in the media before they come up. We appreciate the feedback from our consumers and we’ve decided to pull our online ads from the Letterman show from our advertising schedule moving forward.

    We hope that this information has given you a better understanding of our advertising practices. Thank you again for taking the time to share your views with us. You can be assured that your comments will be considered as we continue to challenge our perceptions about what is appropriate for us in today’s environment.

    Kind regards,
    Your friends at Hellmann’s/Best Foods

  • Gee

    After complaining to several of Letterman’s sponsors, I received a reply from three. Lexus-Toyota said they plan to continue to sponsor Letterman, as did Citibank, but Hellman’s said it is ending is sponsorship of Letterman’s “show.” Reward those who do the right thing, and boycott those who support child rape and molestation.

  • Dean

    Some one called sarah a medea hog???
    with obomba hoging all the air time no way
    Has any one heard a joke about oboma or his wife from
    any one?? curious

  • keith

    Letterman makes Imus look like a suave diplomat……where is the Congressional outrage? Where are the women Senators and Reps standing on the steps of the capital calling for Letterman’s job? It may be happening but it isn’t being covered by the media……if the target of the sick slander had been a minority or a liberal you would have mass rioting in the streets – shear mayhem…….

  • scooch

    John McCain, 1998: “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because her father is Janet Reno.”
    Outrage!!! Joking about the rape of a child!!!
    But you don’t care about that, do you?!!
    Stupid hypocrites. Palin knows the joke was not aimed at her 14 y.o. anyways, she is USING YOU. But I guess you’re happy to be used.

  • scooch

    John McCain on camera to his wife last year:
    “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you c**t.”

  • Scooch, when I made the Where’s The Line video
    I searched extensively for evidence that McCain used the C* word to describe his wife. Turns out that rumors of it go back at least a decade. The rumors could be true, but I found no video, no audio, and no first-person observers who had gone on the record. If he had made the comment on camera within the last couple of years, I believe the video would be posted somewhere. The inappropriate Cheslea joke, however, is true.

  • nat

    scooch, take a look around the blog. This organization, which is less than one year old, has defended Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Judge Sotomayor and Michelle Obama against sexists attacks. For example, the RNC removed their sexist attack ad against Nancy Pelosi because of this organization.

    We support all women, regardless of political affliliation. How about you? Be careful who you call a hypocrite.

    I guess Amy’s posts on Huff Po have brought some very insightful commentators to our blog.

  • Tanaka

    Thanks for the list of advertisers. It allowed me to easily contact the advertisers and encourage them to ignore the morons at firedavidletterman.com.

    Your site is a good one. Too bad a bunch of idiots are co-opting it right now.

  • Joel

    Honestly, I can see how one would interpret this joke as being sexist. But let’s not forget, the real butt-end of the joke is Eliot Spitzer, not Willow Palin. If one is to presume that Willow is being targeted because she’s a woman, then one can only presume, and rightfully so, that Spitzer is the target of the same sort of discrimination; only against men. I’m not one to argue which sort of discrimination is worse, but I think it’s implied that Spitzer would make that sort of advance toward the young Palin only because she’s pretty, not because she’s a “prostitute.” He’s the pervert. It was a joke done in very bad taste, without a doubt, but countless jokes are. And the Letterman people are in charge of keeping viewers coming back night after night with fresh material. It’s not an easy job, so there’s bound to be a few blunders.

    And despite all of this, let’s not forget that the “escort” Eliot Spitzer solicited charges $1,000 p/h! Exactly what is it that men do where they would dare to ask such rates from women? I can assure you that even the most elite of male escorts serving women probably don’t touch such a figure. Strictly from a man’s perspective, this joke is testament to how great women are, and how lousy men can be. Sure, there’s a glass ceiling. Sure, sexism isn’t anything new. But you don’t have to look at the lowest common denominator of men to realize all the things wrong with them inherently. They pretty much just suck overall.

  • Seth

    alright, did letterman finally apologize? and if so! let me clarify something that is on my mind

    Lets say I am a baseball player! and someone turns around and makes a joke about me doing a nasty deed to a child and pretty much is calling me a Child Molester, don’t I deserve an apology?

    Where is Alex Rodriquez response to David Lettermans nasty despicable joke? or is Alex Rodriquez agreeing with David Letterman? and if so thats just sick!

  • Sammy

    Any company that sponsors david letterman will be wearing the same scarlet letter that letterman will be wearing for the rest of his life.

  • c ruttledge

    I didnt believe his first apology but was willing to let it slide but the latest insult to Palin shows just how sexist this man is. He does not respect women or children. Any of his sponsors will never see another dime of my money. He is a dirty old man and perverted also. As a woman a mother sister etc. I have never tolerated this behavior from a man nor will I now . C ruttledge

  • I sent the following message to every sponsor listed under the heading “Letterman rape jokes”:

    Because you are a sponsor of the Letterman Show and because he insists on making rape jokes about
    Governor Palin’s daughter and continues to insult Catholics over the world with his heathenistic remarks about the Pontiff who represents Jesus Christ on Earth, I will no longer consider purchasing any of your products and will urge others through my web site and through emails to do the same.