June 6, 2009 / Women's History

Your Saturday Night Smile,Courtesy of Sarah Palin



HatTip:  Bruce Nahin


photo credit: John Berry/The Post-Standard

Politico reports that:

Governor Sarah Palin paused Friday afternoon in front of a monument bearing the Declaration of Sentiments, an early feminist touchstone.  “We anticipate no small amount of ridicule,” she read, and remarked: “Some things never change.”

The Declaration of Sentiments is considered to be the founding document of the women’s rights movement.  Authored chiefly by Elizabeth Caddy Stanton and signed by attendees of the 1848 Seneca Falls women’s rights convention, its words are engraved into the “Waterwall” at the National Women’s Rights Historic Park, which Gov. Palin was touring.  She was in New York to celebrate native William Seward’s 1867 purchase of Alaska.  For more detailed coverage of her side trips, including those to the Harriet Tubman’s house, and the National Women’s Hall of Fame, see Syracuse.com.