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ACTION ALERT: Sponge Bob Likes Big Square Booty? Tell Burger King and Nickelodeon No Sale!


Burger King Gone Wild? And in a prime time commercial for our young children to see?

The New Agenda says: No how! No way! NO SALE!

In the 30-second TV commercial that began airing last week, the Burger King performs a take-off on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” the original lyrics to which were “I like big butts…with that butt you got me so horny.” In the commercial, the lyrics are:

Burger King:

I like square butts and I cannot lie,
Squid and Sea Star can’t deny.
When a sponge walks in, four corners in his pants,
like he got phone book implants,
the crowd shouts, all the ladies stare.
Man those pants are square!
Swinging through the seaweed tangles
is a butt with sharp right angles.
Now, SpongeBob,
I wanna get with ya,
‘cause you’re making me richer.
Burger King wants me to seal the deal:
99 cents get a toy and a kids meal.

Burger Customer:

Booty is booty.

In the video that accompanies the lyric, women shake their booties while standing on a sponge:

The Burger King measures the width of a woman’s behind:

And when the King measures the squareness of a woman’s behind, look who’s dancing to the beat in the background:

Lest the connection to a beloved children’s character be too subtle, here’s the next scene:

The Chicago Sun-Times quoted a Burger King representative as saying the ad is “meant to appeal to the adults who take their families to Burger King restaurants.”

Oh really? So what of the children who see the ads running in prime time and may form a SpongeBob/booty association? What of the boys who absorb the message that female bodies are to be measured, not cherished? What of the girls who absorb the message that they are their butts? Do we just explain to children that they are not actually the target audience for the commercial? Ludicrous. The New Agenda feels that this commercial is unacceptable.

Take Action:
1) Write or call Burger King corporate headquarters. Tell them that unless women are not people, this commercial violates their Corporate Social Responsibility Mission Statement: Fundamental respect for all people, and our planet, guides our corporate conscience. Tell them you will not visit their restaurants until they withdraw the ad.

Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126
Consumer Relations (305) 378-3535 Staffed M-F, 9am–5pm EST
Email Investor Relations at investor@whopper.com

2) Write or call Nickelodeon, which bills itself as “the only network that puts kids first.” Tell them that to profit by teaching children to objectify women is wrong, and that you will purchase no more SpongeBob merchandise until the offensive ad stops running.

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 258-6000

3) Forward this action alert to a friend.

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  • Florida Lady

    is this a punk of some kind – can it be real??

  • Ali

    I was thinking the same thing. Did someone hack into this blog to post this? This is absurd to the highest degree. Please tell me this is a joke.

  • Karen

    It’s not a joke. I have been watching the commercial nearly every day. It’s flat-out disgusting and unbelievable.

  • Juliette

    This is so much worse than the sexism of the 50s. This is misogyny as embraced and exploited by my own party, the democrats. Everytime I see a women covered from head to toe in Islamic attire, I know it is not far from reality that we could be next.

    Rap “music” has already numbed the minds of our youth. Any one who eats at Burger King deserves to develop a big fat square butt.
    Can we now consider ourselves, third world fabulous?

  • yttik

    I’m shocked. This is just too absurd. It’s hard to understand how anybody could have thought this was a good idea.

    I’ll definitely send a couple of letters.

  • Rick

    I write to investor@whopper.com

    I am a parent of 3 young children who love spongebob and also am a member of a large community. We are appalled at the tasteless and despicable new ad that has the song ‘I like big butts’ interspersed as a parody. This thinly veiled attempt pass ghetto humor to our children is in poor taste and I and our community will boycott Burger King until the Ad runs.

    Whosoever was the brainchild behind this ad shows they were from a crass, ghettoized background, and I can only feel sorry for them and the people who approved of this, with your creepy Burger King pointing to the square backside of young girls, the square part will be lost on little children, how dare you do this to children and shame on you filthy people.

  • Sasha, CA

    I don’t believe for a second that kids are not the target audience for this. I mean, come on, it’s a commercial for Burger King Kid’s Meals and they even throw in a SpongeBob toy — of course that’s supposed to appeal to kids!

    Melissa at Shakes also did a good job covering the problems with this in her Assvertising series last week.

  • goesh

    -rank and disgusting and I certainly will be contacting these pigs to register my disgust with them

  • It’s very real. I saw it at 8 p.m. while watching TV with my children. I could not believe it.

    Happened to walk by a tv at 11:00 a.m. yesterday during The View and it was on again.

  • mamabroad

    Definitely disgusting and as a mother of 2 small daughters, seriously disturbing.

  • Karen

    I am glad I work at Wendy’s. They advertise the baconator with Wendy in a Rosie the Riveter pose.

  • Sean

    Ridiculous. I’m as liberal and progressive as they come, but you gals are insane. Please think before you speak and try to view things outside of your narrow ideological prism. FYI, you aren’t feminists either. Feminists are about equality (not only for themselves, but for homosexuals, and yes, even men too) and they take on serious issues like wage gap disparity in the work place. They don’t have time to waste on parodies and they don’t apply pseudo intellectual faux feminist theory on them.

    Just a bit of free advice: If even a bright blue progressive hippie like me finds your claim outrageous, pretentious, and overall uptight and ignorant, imagine how our friends on the right would attack you. They’d show no mercy and make sure you look just as stupid as the gun toting wing nuts we so regularly criticize on their side. It’s really a shame we don’t have any mainstream feminists in the media right now, but I think it’s stupidity like this that’s at least partly to blame.

  • Ali

    Alex, why do you hang out here?

  • goesh

    what I am emailing them:

    “I am contacting you to tell you I am boycotting Burger King and will continue to do so until you pull that sexist, stupid ad in which women’s butts are being measured and women are being treated as some kind of commodity. What the hell kind of message are you sending to girls and boys!? This is anything but cute and funny – it is disgusting and you obviously don’t care if your ad regards women as sexual objects to be maniupalted at will. I think you are nothing but greedy pigs who exploit women for profit. “

  • SantaFeK

    I wrote them a reasonably sweet letter.

  • Anna from AK

    I saw part of this ad with my siblings (middle school through kindergarten) a couple days ago. We quickly changed the channel, and I was really disgusted. We don’t watch Nickeldeon or eat at Burger King anyways.

  • Alex

    While I don’t agree with Sean’s choice of words, specifically “insane” and “ignorant”, the point we are trying to make was (admittedly obnoxiously) trying to make was that everytime the thinkers on this website are incredibly outraged by the slightest provocation, it lowers your credibility to be outraged on issues that deserve outrage, like the wage gap. When mountains are made out of molehills, like this ad or the Jon Favreau “scandal”, it takes away from one’s ability to have their message received by friendly ears because these ears are sore from all the shouting. It’s the boy who cried wolf story all over again. Yes, this Burger King ad objectifies women, and on a ridiculous level, but its pretty clear that it is a satirical, over-the-top message, and there really is no line of causation that says showing square behinds will lead to some unnamed ill. I wholeheartedly support gender equality, but let’s not miss the forest because of the trees.

  • Ali


    I apologize if the slightest defense of Sarah Palin in regard to sexism brought you here and encouraged you to behave (as you stated) “obnoxiously”.

    You are not responding to the information presented here in a way that encourages dialogue, so again, I really wonder why you are staying here.

    You are not educated on women’s issues and I know it’s hard to listen and use your analytical and free thinking skills to process all of this…. But as is, you are only being reflexively and I’m not sure what good this is doing.

  • Sean

    I’m sorry Alex, but if its not “insane” or “ignorant” it’s at least sorely lacking in any measure of self awareness. Though you got the point right about missing the forest because of the trees, it’s about more than that. It’s about wannabe feminists playing into the stereotype of being overly sensitive, humorless alarmists. It completely undermines all the good they could do if they just focused on the real issues plaguing the genders. As you pointed out, these circus antics completely saps the strength out of the valid statements they make on other much more poignant issues. There’s an old maxim about picking your battles, and I think it applies to the letter here.

    Now listen, I grew up in a household full of women (four sisters, no brothers), and I care deeply for their struggles (anyone who suggests otherwise merely because I’m a man is sexist, period). And though I can’t possibly fathom all the hardships they go through, I can’t imagine this Burger King issue is the battle they want feminists to have on their behalf.

    Also, I think feminists would extend their credibility greatly if they placed more emphasis on equality and fought fervently for homosexuals, minorities, and yes even men as well as women. Yes, I realize women will always be the main focus in the feminist movement, I think that much is a given. However, the roots of feminism are about equality for everyone, and acting as such would help eliminate the often heard accusation of seeking favoritism instead of their proper due.

    Lastly, I just want to make a point about marketability. The hard left feminists who find everything offensive, and claim exploitation and objectification in everything they see will never be marketable to the electorate. For a lesson in marketability one need not look further then our current president, Barack Obama. He could’ve played the race card to try to garner angry black votes and guilty white votes. He could’ve brought up all the hardships that have undoubtedly plagued him due to the color of his skin. But if he had he would’ve lost the election.

    Obama attempted to help the heal the racial divide of Americans. He didn’t try to pour salt in the wounds. For feminists to try to find the same success and acceptance they will have to act in a similar fashion. They need to let some things go, much like Obama did. Constantly placing the blame on others only makes them defensive and they will attack back in any way they can, purely on instinct. Although the poor treatment of women may be enraging or seemingly unforgivable, feminists must find a place where they can compromise with the mainstream. Then and only then will feminists, and America as a whole, make any real progress.

  • The original post does an excellent job being specific about why this ad is offensive. It doesn’t point fingers or intimate any connection to the politics of the political figures mentioned in some of the comments. Criticism of the ad rests best on the critique as expressed in the post itself.

    I will copy the contact info and encourage my blog readers to please express their feelings to the entities/individuals mentioned.

  • 408ft

    Sean, your argument is weak. You miss the point completely. It is in large part due to the fact that women are so easily used as fodder for advertising and media that there exists things like “wage rape”. It is a systemic problem with our society’s collective subconscious.

    You argue as if only the people at NewAgenda would stop being such nit pickers that all these more serious transgressions towards women would be so much easier to address. What a joke. You’re simply making excuses and enabling that kind of behavior with lame statements like this.

    And next time you come the Internet to debate, try not to use poorly constructed arguments, such as appealing to authority. Who cares if you’re a liberal or a hippie? I’m a conservative and pro-feminist, does that have anything to do with the merits of how women are treated in society? Do you think feminism is a liberal construct?

    Also if you want to be taken seriously you might dispense with attacking people who hold dear their constitutional right to bear arms. Try thinking outside the box and leave the party talking points at home next time. You might learn something.

  • Carolyn

    Of course Obama did not play the race card — he didn’t have to. There have been 50 plus years of civil rights activists to precede him who DID “nitpick” and kick and scream and make noise about offensive behavior. I imagine when Rosa Parks first took her seat on that bus in Alabama it seemed pretty small in the whole scheme of things as well, but it made a difference.

  • yttik

    “I’m as liberal and progressive as they come..”

    That certainly sums up why after 40 yrs, I no longer am. I just got sick and tired of tying to explain what sexism is to so called progressives dudes.

  • Sean definitely misses the point. Feminism isn’t equal legal rights, although it encompasses those. It’s also acting against the millions of little ways women are objectified (in ways men aren’t — objectification itself is neutral) and degraded in media and other instances which convey meanings to observers. Ignoring these “trees” ensures that the “forest” never really gets tackled.

    Which may, in fact, be your goal. Not ours.

    The “I have sisters” argument is … well, a non-argument. Next.

    And then, predictably, you claim that to grow credibility feminists have to encompass all other human rights movements. A familiar song. Certainly, nobody’s arguing against feminism being inclusive of concerns of all women. But now, we are to act for lefty men (apparently, even straight white men!) as well? Are you going to male-run human rights blogs and suggesting that their movements need to incorporate feminism to be more credible? Don’t bother answering that.

    Finally, you contradict yourself mightily in stating that Obama won the election via masterful marketing and also “attempted to help the heal the racial divide of Americans. He didn’t try to pour salt in the wounds.” I’m afraid to break it to you, but the people who heal divides, whether they be Alice Paul or bell hooks or Martin Luther King, don’t do it by marketing or avoiding the sore spots.

  • Florida Lady

    well put, yttik! the further “left” the more entrenched the sexism. I saw this with the anti-Hillary ranters big time.
    Geo. Bush, whom I did not vote for or support, had more women in more slots than The One does. The One is looking at finding every token minority he can, and women can content themselves with Val Jarrett, Mrs. Obama’s second cousin.
    Thanks but no thanks.
    Progressive men = Neanderthals too often. Some of them are here on this thread, defensively explaining their views in exactly the same way they insisted Hillary was all wrong for the job – tho her positions on most issues mirrored those of The One.

  • Sean and Alex are standard-issue anti-feminist trolls. The type has been around for as long as feminism has existed. I personally think that feeding them any attention at all is a mistake.

    Where’s that anti-feminist bingo card that used to float around the tubes? The one where you could check off the tropes in each troll comment (humorless, check, not focusing on important stuff, check, shouldn’t feminists choose their battles, check, don’t you realize that gay people/Kurds/dolphins are suffering even more,check).

    Or we could repost this: It’s the system, stupid.

  • AnneE

    This meant to appeal to adults that frequent their restaurants? Perhaps if they want to broaden their market appeal they should throw in a couple of racial slurs for good measure.

    Oh, and why is it that women complain about sexism they are told that they have no sense of humor? Or that they are misinterpreting the intent. That is the time honored refrain of the school yard bully–it is not my bad behavior that is the issue, it is your interpretation of my bad behavior that is the issue.

  • Sheryl Robinson, Editrix

    Thanks Violet. I got here late, and started deleting the comments, and then realized people had responded to these idiots.

  • Sis

    Version I: Anti-feminist bingo:

    Version II: Anti-feminist bingo

    I think Version I is the better. There will also be that special occasion where you’ll need both. Like now.

  • Sis

    Oooh, more Anti-Feminist bingo. A Version 1.01.a (linkage)

    And a Comics Version. Just in time for the TNA 20-Somethings.

    Both here:

  • ER

    Let’s not let Sean and Alex derail nor distract us. To get back to the issue and what we need to take ACTION on:

    From The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood:

    ” It’s bad enough when companies use a beloved media character like SpongeBob to promote junk food to children, but it’s utterly reprehensible when that character simultaneously promotes objectified, sexualized images of women.”

    Dr. Linn, a psychologist at the Judge Baker Children’s Center (a Harvard Medical School affiliate), states:

    “Cartoon characters play a powerful role in the lives of young audiences. That Burger King and Nickelodeon would sell Kids Meals by associating a beloved, male character like SpongeBob with lechery shows how little either company cares about the wellbeing of the children they target.”



    1. Follow the steps under Take Action in the post above.

    2. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has also launched a letter writing campaign. Click here for a quick letter you can send (in addition to the action steps listed in the above post): http://salsa.democracyinaction....._KEY=27008

    3. Boycott Burger King and Nickelodeon.

  • Pleasegos

    The Favreau “scandal”? How would you react if one of Hillary Clinton’s speechwriters put a picture on her facebook page (I say her because Clinton actually hired some women, having the most diverse staff and all) “playfully” putting a noose around Obama’s neck? Big joke, right? No sense of humor, right? It’s just a cutout, she shouldn’t be fired, right? No problem with her representing the white house. How about if she were groping or pointing at the cutout’s crotch, you mean to tell me there wouldn’t be a major scandal about perpetrating racial stereotypes in that instance and rightly so? (Yeah, yeah, YOU wouldn’t have a problem with that, whatever, it would be a huge deal, and she would be fired, and Hillary Clinton would be blamed for having such openly ignorant jackasses on her staff).

    To quote your hero although he plagurized from Deval Patrick, words matter and symbols matter just as much. Any idiot on god’s green earth can see how horrifying that is, but women aren’t really human beings and it would really put out the great egalitarian progressive men to be forced to consider them as such. I mean, these are PROGRESSIVE MEN! HIPPIES! alex’s friendly ears are bleeding from all the shouting, you know all the listening he’d really, really find time to do between disrespectful and condescending comments if y’all weren’t so dumb and flaky but focused on what alex says matters. KO was so planning to stop chasing Suzy Kolber into the restroom to berate her before her annoying protests gave him tinitis.

    Of course, you’ve probably spent your political lives working on issues that alex says are actually legitimate feminist concerns, only to find, hmmm, those aren’t real concerns after all, they’re the shill selfish ranting of overpampered princesses who have no credibility or whatever, and the only real concern seem to be to get your to sit down and shut up and put everyone else first–but no worries, there is a magic formula that will make feminist concerns also concerns of progressive men, and someday it will be found. (I personally think it might be printed on the inside of a Sarah Palin is a C%^& t-shirt).

    Sean, I don’t know how to grade you. I’m going to give you double bonus points for ‘humorless” “gals,” “uptight” and “pseuso intellectual faux feminist theory” but only single for “overly sensitive alarmists.” Insane was okay, but the misogynist right=winger/progressive male bingo card really prefers some variant on “hysteria.” A for effort though. As a WOC, I like that you managed to slip “angry black voters” and “the race card” in there, high progressive male points for that one. I’m sort of iffy on “hard left feminists,” that works for right wing misogynist bingo, but for progressive male misogynist bingo some variant of equating feminism with conservatism, fascism, Republicanism is usually a better scare tactic. You get some points for the “holy god, if a progressive man thinks you’re all a bunch of insert cliche here then you really must be” trope, but only the “now listen” flowed by cliches that were old during the New Deal gets you the triple word score. I’m going to give you double points for “some of my best friends are women,” but you achieve your first quad with the, “you are so selfish, you should be spending all your time advocating for the men who will never ever advocate for you, it’s all about EQUALITY” cliche. But you topped even that with the quintuple score with the irony award of all time, for “acting as such would help eliminate the often heard accusation of seeking favoritism instead of their proper due.”

    So, overall you scored pretty well. Your tone was great, lecturing earnestly about matters of which you know nothing while spewing male privilege is the prog man holy grail, and your concluding that feminist women must find a way to compromise with the mainstream where poor treament of women isn’t unforgvable or enraging but awesome Thursday night at Dem HQ is swell. You could almost feel the furvor with which you repeated all these cliches as if you really believed we would turn to the light with all this never before heard miraculous enlightenment. But, I want you to be the best progressive man you can be. So, I’m marking you down for a few things. There’s a whole world of anti-feminist cliches out there from this century even, let’s not limit ourselves, let’s step it up.

  • Sasha, CA

    the further “left” the more entrenched the sexism. I saw this with the anti-Hillary ranters big time.

    Hey, let’s not overgeneralize here. Most of my friends and I are very far left on the political spectrum and while many of us initially supported Kucinich or Edwards, the vast majority of my friends ended up voting for Hillary in the primary and were absolutely appalled by the misogynist bigotry coming from some on the left. While sexism is unfortunately widespread among people of all political beliefs, I generally find those on the left to be slightly less sexist than those on the right. Of course that’s still very disappointing because social justice is supposed to be a priority for liberals and progressives.

  • Ali

    I hear what you are saying in regard to overgeneralizing. But honestly at this point in the game it would be hard for me to say who is worse, the left or the right. I think both have demonstrated that they will use sexism and hatred against women to suit their goals, whatever they may be.

  • Sasha, CA

    at this point in the game it would be hard for me to say who is worse, the left or the right. I think both have demonstrated that they will use sexism and hatred against women to suit their goals

    That’s sadly true. The difference is that you’ll find more people who really get it, who are outspoken feminists, left of center than right of center. That’s why I consider the left to be marginally less sexist overall. Not that that’s anything to brag about — especially with the left’s supposed abhorrence of bigotry and emphasis on social justice.

  • ER

    Good discussion. The only way we can change things is to speak out and move to action. Have you taken action?

    It looks like the commercial is only one of Burger King’s soft porn commercials with crude lyrics and objectified women that are used to advertise to children. Check out this website: http://evilburgerking.tripod.com/

    In addition, Burger King has just announced this week that it will increase its advertising spending this year. See “Burger King Corp. to Increase U.S. National Advertising Expenditures” http://adage.com/article?article_id=136081 and http://investor.bk.com/phoenix.....highlight= Do we want to see more of this?

    My concern is that Burger King and Nickelodeon are teaching our youngest generation that it is ‘okay’ to degrade and sexualize women. I think TNA can lend a strong voice against this.


    How about a TNA Press Release on this issue and its broader implications? It’s another way to point out, and keep in the public awareness, sexism, misogyny, and the sexual objectification of women in the media. In my opinion, it’s a powerful strategy (and a moral imperative) as these corporations are promoting not only their product, but the sexual objectification of women, to children. In addition to the issues noted above, points and resources in a Press Release could include:

    1. MSNBC TV presents a discussion of the Burger King / Nickelodeon SpongeBob ad and a second Burger King culturally insensitive ad, “Texican”, where reference is made to burger “with a little spicy Mexican”: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21.....9#30213779

    During the video segment, Dr. Susan Linn, director of the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and a psychologist at the Judge Baker Children’s Center (a Harvard Medical School affiliate), notes that Burger King and Nickelodeon are using a popular male cartoon character to degrade and sexualize women.

    Emily York of Advertising age – doesn’t get it. She starts to acknowledge that the culturally insensitive Texican ad complaints have had some “traction”, but she disregards and plays down any complaints about the SpongeBob ad that degrades women. Here we are again with racism not being okay, yet sexism is. . .

    2. Here, the ads shown are disgusting, and the Today Show (MSNBC) anchors’ comments after the video segment, “Using Ads to Sell Burgers”, are dismissive at best: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/.....2#30261432

    3. It appears that Burger King has used a series of sexist, degrading ‘soft porn’ ads to market to children (!) and adults including:
    • The current Sponge Bob ads noted above

    4. Burger King has been accused of other corporate ethics violations:

    5. Nickelodeon which sells itself as “the only network that puts kids first”, nominated Chris Brown—the guy with two felony charges for battering his girlfriend, Rihanna—for their Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. . .

    6. Nickelodeon apparently says one thing and does another: “Nickelodeon bans characters from pushing junk food” Not! http://www.brandrepublic.com/N.....ILC-SEARCH

    7. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood can provide more information and good quotes, especially from Dr. Linn (mentioned above). http://www.commercialexploitation.org/

    Additional Action Steps:Updated from the steps under Take Action in the original post above:

    1. The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has launched a letter writing campaign. Click here for a quick letter you can send online: http://salsa.democracyinaction....._KEY=27008
    This is a great organization. You can learn more about them here: http://www.commercialexploitation.org/ TNA and CCFC are on the same page in many areas.

    2. Email, fax and call Burger King corporate headquarters. Tell them that their sexually suggestive advertising is inappropriate for children, morally and ethically irresponsible, degrading of women, and violates their Corporate Social Responsibility Mission Statement: Fundamental respect for all people, and our planet, guides our corporate conscience. Tell them you will not visit their restaurants until they withdraw the ad and change their advertisements.

    a) Call Burger King Corporation Consumer Relations (305) 378-3535 Staffed M-F, 9am–5pm EST?

    b) Email / fax / write to:

    John W. Chidsey
    Chief Executive Officer, Burger King Corporation
    5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
    Miami, FL 33126
    Phone: 305-378-3000
    Fax: 305-378-7262
    His email: jchidsey@whopper.com

    Russ Klein,
    President of Global Marketing Strategy and Innovation
    5505 Blue Lagoon Drive
    Miami, FL 33126
    Phone: 305-378-3000
    Fax: 305-378-7262
    (Can anyone find his email on LInkedIn or elsewhere? Possible email: rklein@whopper.com)

    Email Amy Wagner,
    Burger King Investor Relations
    Phone: 305-378-7696

    Susan Robison,
    Burger King Corporation Media Relations
    Phone: 305-378-7277

    3. Call / Email / FAX Nickelodeon, which bills itself as “the only network that puts kids first.” Tell them that to profit by teaching children to objectify women is wrong, and that you will purchase no more SpongeBob merchandise until the offensive ad stops running.

    b) Email / fax / call / write to:

    1515 Broadway?
    New York, NY 10036?
    Phone: (212) 258-6000 and 212-258-7500
    FAX: (212) 258-7575
    Ms. Cyma Zarghami
    President, Nickelodeon
    Possible email: cyma.zarghami@nick.com

    Dan Martinsen
    Executive Vice President Corporate Communications
    Possible email: dan.martinsen@nick.com

    Marva Smalls
    Executive Vice President, Public Affairs
    Executive Vice President, Global Inclusion Strategy
    Known email: marva.smalls@nick.com

    4. For those who are on Facebook, and apparently for those who aren’t, there is an open group regarding this issue. Quoted on another site: “Please join and invite your friends. Once we’re at 10,000, we can start calling in mass corporate and our local franchises.”

    5. Boycott Burger King and Nickelodeon.

    6. Forward this action alert to your friends and colleagues.

  • Karen

    Here is some contact information for the FCC:

    Commissioner Michael J. Copps: Michael.Copps@fcc.gov
    Commissioner Jonathan S. Adelstein: Jonathan.Adelstein@fcc.gov
    Commissioner Robert McDowell: Robert.McDowell@fcc.gov


    Federal Communications Commission
    445 12th Street, SW
    Washington, DC 20554

    Parents Television Council is already targetting Burger King.

  • ER

    Thanks Karen!

  • Tom

    Thank you for those addresses. I feel that commercial is inappropriate for adults, let alone children.

  • Karen

    Has anyone seen the commercial again? I saw either Sunday 19th or Monday 20th on sci-fi, but I haven’t seen it since. I talked to one teacher about it later and asked her to write a protest. She said, “I thought it was already removed.” Is it finally gone, or is it still on the air?

  • Karen,

    YES it is still on. Just saw it just now – prime time – during the NBA playoffs which loads of kids (including mine) watch! New version now – more compressed by still with the square butts and measuring by BK. Disgusting!!!

  • Candy bLAICHER

    I cannot stand this commercial! It completely revolves around sex! No wonder there are so many perverts that look at children as sex objects. Not only that, it is desensitizing our children to such a large degree that they will think that it is ok to be percieved this way because all the media and advertising is drilling it into our children’s mind and the adult mind to think that this is the normal way to act and be. I am disgusted completely disgusted. What the hell does a child know about having a sexy butt? Thinks to Burger King I guess they may know now. Our media and advertising schemes that they come up with is our demoralizing every aspect of our lives. I never liked Burger King anyway! I liked Spongebob but I sure as hell do not any more.

  • Peanut

    I am boycotting Burger King because of this filthy, unnecessary commercial. They say it is directed at adults, but it can be seen on TV in the middle of the day when my young child is at home and in the living room. There are no excuses. It needs to be pulled and trashed. When they do, I will give them my business again, but not until then.