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ACTION ALERT: Sponge Bob Likes Big Square Booty? Tell Burger King and Nickelodeon No Sale!


Burger King Gone Wild? And in a prime time commercial for our young children to see?

The New Agenda says: No how! No way! NO SALE!

In the 30-second TV commercial that began airing last week, the Burger King performs a take-off on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” the original lyrics to which were “I like big butts…with that butt you got me so horny.” In the commercial, the lyrics are:

Burger King:

I like square butts and I cannot lie,
Squid and Sea Star can’t deny.
When a sponge walks in, four corners in his pants,
like he got phone book implants,
the crowd shouts, all the ladies stare.
Man those pants are square!
Swinging through the seaweed tangles
is a butt with sharp right angles.
Now, SpongeBob,
I wanna get with ya,
‘cause you’re making me richer.
Burger King wants me to seal the deal:
99 cents get a toy and a kids meal.

Burger Customer:

Booty is booty.

In the video that accompanies the lyric, women shake their booties while standing on a sponge:

The Burger King measures the width of a woman’s behind:

And when the King measures the squareness of a woman’s behind, look who’s dancing to the beat in the background:

Lest the connection to a beloved children’s character be too subtle, here’s the next scene:

The Chicago Sun-Times quoted a Burger King representative as saying the ad is “meant to appeal to the adults who take their families to Burger King restaurants.”

Oh really? So what of the children who see the ads running in prime time and may form a SpongeBob/booty association? What of the boys who absorb the message that female bodies are to be measured, not cherished? What of the girls who absorb the message that they are their butts? Do we just explain to children that they are not actually the target audience for the commercial? Ludicrous. The New Agenda feels that this commercial is unacceptable.

Take Action:
1) Write or call Burger King corporate headquarters. Tell them that unless women are not people, this commercial violates their Corporate Social Responsibility Mission Statement: Fundamental respect for all people, and our planet, guides our corporate conscience. Tell them you will not visit their restaurants until they withdraw the ad.

Burger King Corporation
5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126
Consumer Relations (305) 378-3535 Staffed M-F, 9am–5pm EST
Email Investor Relations at investor@whopper.com

2) Write or call Nickelodeon, which bills itself as “the only network that puts kids first.” Tell them that to profit by teaching children to objectify women is wrong, and that you will purchase no more SpongeBob merchandise until the offensive ad stops running.

1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
(212) 258-6000

3) Forward this action alert to a friend.

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