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What a week at The New Agenda….


What a week for our 5 month-old organization! I want to personally thank all of our members for their hard work and continued support. Here’s some exciting accomplishments of TNA:

Thank you, Gov. Paterson!

Thank you, Gov. Paterson!

Kirsten Gillibrand takes the open NY senate seat: we are just thrilled! TNA had vocally advocated for Sen Gillibrand. Having met Sen Gillibrand, I can attest that she is a real feminist and the “real deal.” This is a woman who is presidential material. Sen Gillibrand is grateful for our organization’s support and she knows we have her back! We want to also commend Gov Paterson and offer him our full support for making a courageous pick.
Chris Matthews is gonzo: a confidential source,who is “in the know,” informed us that the reason that Matthews did not run for the PA senate seat was as follows: his advisors were concerned that he would get smoked by two strong opponents: TNA (womens group) and the PUMAs – yes this is true. So, if you think that our work together isn’t making an impact, think again!

Grassroots Meeting: today TNA held its second grassroots meeting in the NYC area (thanks to Anne Marie for setting it up). Karen Gerringer, a co-founder of TNA and I were able to attend. We had a wonderful discussion about our organization and the way forward. We are planning to reconvene in one month and each bring a bunch of friends and grow a NYC area group. Sally had a wonderful notion of why TNA: “women deserve respect!” I say amen to that.

College Chapters: in addition to our charter chapter on the campus of Ohio University (which already has 25 members), we started another chapter at West Texas A&M University this week.

TNA Turns up the heat in Ohio: co-founder Cynthia Ruccia is making waves in Ohio, where a senate seat is opening in 2010 and neither party has a candidate as of yet. TNA has met with the head of the DNC in Ohio this past week, and will be meeting with the head of the RNC next week to urge both parties to run a woman candidate.  We will also be meeting with the first lady of Ohio. The press is all over Cynthia – one newspaper told her how glad they were to get our press release as they had not heard a word from any other womens right group.

TNA meets with The Wish List: co-founder Jenn Lee will be meeting in DC with the head of The Wish List. For those of you that unaware of this organization, this is the Republican’s version of Emily’s List.  TNA plans to promote women on both sides of the aisle.

Media: TNA was all over the media this week. We are becoming the “go to” experts on women’s rights. We were in several newspapers, as well as on CNN again. The good news is that there does seem to be a national dialogue starting on women’s rights. And our organization is front and center for this important discussion.

Ophelia heats up: Ophelia is thrilled to be hosting Rosa Clemente, VP candidate for the Green Party in 2008, as well as Jenn Lee, co-founder of TNA. Join us for an exciting discussion on promoting women in politics.

Dybul is gonzo: co-founder Nina Miller did tremendous investigative reporting on Mark Dybul, who up until this week, would have remained as President Obama’s AID’s Czar. Thanks to Nina and other voices, we can wave bye-bye this known misogynist. Nina’s pieces are a must read on our blog.

Once again, hats off to TNA and all of our members. We all have so much work to do together to advance women’s rights in this country. We’re just getting warmed up!!!