January 22, 2009 / Uncategorized

Gillibrand to replace Clinton — we think


The news is flashing around the media tonight that Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand will be Governor Paterson’s choice to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat. We’ve been lobbying Paterson to appoint a woman, so let’s hope the rumor is true. The official announcement is tomorrow.

According to the Huffington Post, Paterson made his decision before the Inauguration. If that’s the case, then I think we know now why Caroline “withdrew” her name.

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  • Zee

    A. well, this is good news!

    B. um, may have been some real reasons why Caroline withdrew for “personal” causes. Not so good rumors being aired on OReilly that she’s involved in an affair with the NYTiimes editor.

    Be that as it may, Paterson has acted well, both in allowing Caroline an out and then quickly appointing the woman he had in mind!

  • Zee

    By the way…what a beautiful, celebratory picture!!

  • Amy Siskind

    Fingers crossed. Kirsten is a winner!

  • tpt/ny

    Well although she is not my personal “1st” choice.
    I AM “THRILLED” if “OUR” message of a “Qualified & Ready on Day One” gets the NOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great work all……”I HOPE”!!
    If this is true & it’s Kristen not Carolyn; not to worry about her.
    She has just been advanced to the ” Chairperson” of an Economic
    Committee , that has members of the House & Senate on it.
    Shumer is the “Co-Chair”.

  • Lili

    As I posted on another thread at TNA just now. This is great news, particularly in light of the fact that Kirsten Gillibrand apparently did not cave to pressure to give up her support of Hillary for the nomination.

    If this is confirmed please let us contact Governor Paterson to applaud his choice of a woman to replace Hillary in the Senate.

  • Lili,

    I agree! Here is Paterson’s email form again.

  • Another point that could use a prompt statement. Now that CK is out, imo it would be very appropriate for women’s groups to speak up against the journalists who are beginning to trash her with rumours about her personal life.


  • Lili

    fsteele – thanks for Gov. Paterson’s email form.

  • Kathy in CA

    fsteele – I am beginning to think the same way that the media is thrashing CK a bit too far. However, I am not too certain that what I have heard so far today is sexist in origin. I think if the rumors were going around regarding a man – we would still have our trashy journalists gossiping away.

  • Zee

    fsteele, I think now that Caroline has withdrawn they should just simmer down on those stories.

    However, we’ll probably have more to worry about because on both right and left blogs the trashing of Kirsten Gillibrand has already begun.

  • KayJL

    the one-liner at midnight is what’s putting Caroline under full media scrutiny–she’s created a mystery the press now wants to solve. maybe some of the talk her own friends and aides have been floating as well–a couple of them are clearly trying to push a scenario that casts the person Gov. Paterson appoints as a “second choice”. the Governor’s people are mad at her and there’s even talk her uncle’s staff is mad at her for the earlier explanation that his health was the reason she dropped out, so her own friends and aides have started a battle of whose spin is going to prevail, with all sides feeding the media frenzy.

    to top it all off, she’s a candidate who lists the vetting of candidates among her qualifications, yet behaved as though she herself should be evaluated outside the governor’s vetting process. today I saw some articles asserting that Governor Paterson had humiliated her, and for the life of me can’t figure out how giving her the same consideration as lifelong public servants and asking her to cooperate with the same process that every other candidate is cooperating with could be considered humiliation in any way, shape, or form.

    if there’s any sexism in play at all in this situation, it’s way down the list.

  • kayJL,

    It all makes sense if her uncle’s health is the key factor. He collapsed Tuesday; on Wednesday the family got news of test results and prognosis and re-thought their plan about having TK and CK serving together in the Senate. In a family health crisis, confusion happens; and late night decisions happen.

    Actually all that happened at midnight was that CK made official the earlier report that she was quitting. The report that she was keeping her options open was the outlier.

  • KayJL

    fsteele, I loathe the media, but in this case it just seems like they’re doing their jobs and trying to pin down the story on an unexpected political event.

    I’m not sure I want to be speculating on whether or not there are reasonable explanations for why and how CK exited the race, because now that the media can of worms has opened up, we’re going to find out, whether we want to know or not 🙂 for myself, since she’s not going to be in the Senate, I don’t really care whether she has tax issues, nanny issues, or other issues. in my mind she is once again a private citizen.

    what I wouldn’t like to see is Governor Paterson getting slammed unfairly for the supposed “humiliation” of Caroline (as I’d been reading yesterday), because it doesn’t appear he’s done anything more than ask her to cooperate with the same vetting process as the other candidates, and because we asked the Governor to appoint a woman and from all reports it appears he’s going to do that. It just doesn’t seem right that response to his appointment of Gillibrand should include charges that he “humiliated” Caroline. if I’ve got a gripe with the media’s handling of this event so far, it’s with the op-style argument being floated that he subjected this shy woman to a long, drawn-out selection process, especially when several other women participated in the same process. so I’m thinking that as this story continues to shake out, there’s a possibility it could be Paterson who’s deserving of defense.

    my concern with rushing to the aid of Caroline has to do with long term credibility. if she’s the victim of sexist attack, yes, but if she’s the victim of her own decisions or actions, no. jmo the battles against sexism have to be legitimate and not for the sake of defending a woman because she’s a woman, or we’ll end up looking like a bunch of kooks ready to shoot at anything that moves. that’s a really harsh projection, I know, but that is exactly the way we’d be portrayed in the media, and our chances for effecting change would decrease considerably. most of us would probably agree that when the media wants to, it can shape public opinion, and I just think we should be careful not to provide ammunition that would help shape public opinion against us.

  • mamabroad

    I’m very happy about Gillibrand appointment! Not only will our country be served well by a well-qualified, forward thinking, talented woman, it also at least appears to seem that someone, Patterson, is listening to women. This feels like a first since over a year ago! This high profile response to women’s demands can only serve our cause well.

    Praises to Patterson!
    Congrats to Gillibrand, the women’s movement, the people of New York and the US!

  • Nell

    From Washington Post reporter Anne Kornblut this morning, the23rd, “Women did little better in congressional elections, as their numbers remained virtually stagnant. The House added four women, bringing the total to 75 of the 435 members. The number of women in the Senate — 16 — will either stay the same or go up by one, depending on who replaces Clinton. ”
    The Senate should have at least 50% women. I know those men would all lie down kicking and screaming but it would change our world for the better if it were to happen.

  • Zee

    ” I know those men would all lie down kicking and screaming”

    The white male victim whining has already begun. Hannity, Malkin and others are hammering this “white men need not apply” faux outrage because one of Obama’s advisers advocated finding ways to open up opportunities for minorities and women in traditionally white male fields.

  • Lisa

    I am afraid to get too excited until the choice is announced. Love the photo.

  • KayJL,

    Thank you for some very good points I had not considered. I didn’t know criticism of Paterson on this was so serious. He was sending some strong anti-CK signals all along; what was he supposed to do, send her an engraved non-invitation?

  • KayJL

    hi, fsteele…looks like Caroline will be okay. media mention of her was practically nothing yesterday. Gov. Paterson is still getting some blame, though. I ran across a video of Morning Joe (I don’t watch MSNBC) and Joe Scarborough was saying Paterson’s career is over because of the drubbing his aide gave Kennedy after she withdrew.

    I doubt his career is over (he managed to assemble quite a lot of the Dem delegation for the Gillibrand announcement), but no matter what had happened with the senate appointment, Dems are probably looking at a Republican ticket of Rudy Giuliani and Peter King, which is pretty formidable opposition.

    on the plus side, New Yorkers have a governor with some courage, and a lot of talented politicians on both sides of the aisle.

  • KendallJ


    Gulliani and King aren’t getting anywhere in the very blue state of New York. Believe me, Paterson just bought a whole lot of upstate votes by picking Gillibrand. They look like a great progressive team. Gulliani’s career died with that embarrassing flub in Florida. He is obsessed with thinking that he is THE 9/11 hero and nobody is thinking about 9/11except him. People who actually live here in N.Y. City think he sucked as the mayor and are resentful about his obsessive claims of heroism after the towers fell. Those of us who live here no better. If he Can’t win over the City, he’s done. Paterson’s real threat is Bloomberg. Bloomy really wanted Kennedy. You know how those elitists are, they stick together to keep the masses at bay. Both Paterson and Gillibrand are real down to earth regular people, more in line with the Hillary Clinton brand. They both will enjoy upstate/downstate approval.

  • KayJL

    hi, Kendall…I hope you’re right about Paterson/Gillibrand looking strong for 2010. I’ve come away from this with a very positive impression of the Governor and even though I’m not from NY, I’m going to donate to his election campaign. What the pundits are calling his sloppy selection process (on the senate appointment), I see as someone who had the presence of mind to take his time, who gave all candidates fair consideration and an equal application of the vetting process. He stayed calm and rational in a tough situation.

    I think the media tried to wag the dog on the appointment by putting out story after story about how the senate seat was going to be CK’s if she wanted it, that nobody else had a chance, etc., and now the media is ticked off because he didn’t fall in line with the story they were writing.

    that is an interesting point you make about Bloomberg. I had forgotten about him and was paying more attention to what his assistant was putting out there. Sheekey’s claim that CK should get the senate seat because she supported Obama was ridiculous, especially when Bloomberg himself didn’t endorse anyone for president. anyway, I wonder if what we were seeing today with the heavily attended Gillibrand announcement was a show of solidarity among Democrats that they aren’t going to allow Bloomberg to pull the strings on Dem politics in New York State. while I was watching it all on tv I had wondered if it was intended to be a show of strength against Kennedy spin, but now I bet you’re right that Paterson is probably more focused on Bloomberg.

    also, I was helping my husband spray paint the base of a wood burning stove while the announcement was on, and thought I heard one of the commentators say that Andrew Cuomo had promised not to run against Paterson in the primary. I don’t know if I heard that right, but if true, that would be more indication that the Governor was very careful about bringing together the various elements of New York Democratic politics before playing his hand on the appointment. which would mean he not only has courage, he’s got smarts, too.

  • KendallJ


    You make some strong observations. Some Democrats are skeptical about Bloomberg’s meddling in democratic politics. He’s NOT a democrat by his own choice. We tends to think like one on several levels, but chose ti identify first as a republican and now as an independent, He likes to straddle the fence so he can play both sides as well as the middle.

    Once again the media tried to shove their elitist brand of democrat down our throats, just like they did with Obama. I am so proud of Governor Paterson for not caving, and for listening to the people in this state rather than the elitist media drum beat.. We New Yorker’s have to defend him in his 2010 bid. I’m sure Gillibrand will be stumping for him upstate and he for her in the City. I’m hoping that they both will be triumphant.

  • OT, but we have been talking about using our posting resources to promote ongoing good projects by Hillary, Gillibrand, Palin, etc.

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