January 21, 2009 / Uncategorized

Press Release: Gov. Paterson, Move Women Forward!


Earlier today, The New Agenda sent out a press release renewing our call for Gov. Paterson to appoint a woman to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

An excerpt (click here to see the full text):

After the 2008 election, ten states have lower representation of women in State Government positions. The U.S. Congress is still 84 percent male and women lost four seats overall. The U.S. Senate is 83 percent male, and women gained just one seat in the November election. This small gain will be lost if Governor Paterson appoints a man to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate Seat.

Amy Siskind, co-Founder of The New Agenda said: “The women of New York State have always appreciated how Governor Paterson has fought for equality. Women’s representation in our Federal Government is astonishingly low and we ask Governor Paterson to not move us backwards.”

Hillary Clinton was the first woman to win a Senate Seat in New York State. This was an important step forward for the women of New York State, a state that ranks only 27th in representation of women in State Government.

This evening, we learned that Caroline Kennedy has withdrawn her name as a contender for the seat. We anticipate that Gov. Paterson will announce his choice in the next day or so.

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