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The Boston Globe Magazine “Honors” Favreau…you MUST be kidding me….


Today one of our members alerted us to the fact that the Boston Globe Magazine is honoring Jon Favreau as a one of six Bostonians of the Year. Sorry, has The Boston Globe been taking a nap for the past month?

The New Agenda also noticed that Favreau was the subject of a glowing article in the Washington Post this past week. It would seem that Mr. Favreau, similar to Larry Summers a few weeks ago, has hired a PR firm to rehabilitate his image.

Thanks to our member “ER” for some suggestions on how we can speak out about this:

1. Go to the Boston Globe Magazine and COMMENT on this issue. This is an opportunity to counter the dismissing comments there, and to teach the public why Favreau’s behavior is unacceptable and why he should be fired. And to repeatedly ask why hasn’t he been fired. Here’s the link:

2. Write a letter or email and send it to the following Boston Globe Magazine contacts. They are the reporters and editors for this piece:
• Charles P. Pierce is the reporter who wrote the article on Favreau: phone: (617) 929-2724
• Doug Most, Editor of the Globe magazine: phone: (617) 929-3454
• Susanne Althoff, Senior Assistant Editor: phone: (617) 929-1543
• Anne Nelson, Assistant Editor: phone: (617) 929-2776

3. Letters to the Editor: Send a Letter to the Editor’ to the Boston Globe Magazine and to the Boston Globe newspaper (which publishes the Boston Globe Magazine every Sunday). Here is the contact information:
• Boston Globe Magazine, Letter to the Editor: or by mail at: The Boston Globe Magazine/Letters, PO Box 55819, Boston, MA 02205-5819.
• The Boston Globe newspaper, Letter to the Editor: or online at:

4. Send your letter or email to Ellen Goodman, a Boston Globe Columnist. I anticipate she will understand the issue and, hopefully, write a good editorial.
• Ellen Goodman –

5. Copy your letter or email to your Senators and Representatives. Ask them to take up the issue of sexism in the media and to ask Obama to fire Favreau. You can find your elected officials’ contact information here:

6. Talk with your press contacts. Write a letter to the editor of your own newspaper. Write editorials and commentary. Involve your friends and colleagues. Here’s a great list of media contacts from Alagre’s Corner:

7. Invite all of your like-minded friends and colleagues to join The New Agenda.

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