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“Where’s the Line?” – a powerful look back at the sexism of the 2008 Presidential campaign


In order to make the work more accessible to a wider audience, the member who created the “Where’s The Line?” slide show about campaign sexism has created a YouTube video of “greatest hits.”

The entire slide show, which was designed to be used as an educational tool, can be found in downloadable format here: Where’s the Line. Contact the creator at

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  • We have been really dragged over the coals by this misogynist bamboozler and the media! And, like most “battered women” we have take it….Now we see the tragedy of Bettyjean and her daughters…it brings a lot of things to mind, how we accept things we shouldn’t accept.

    We are in a nexus of real intolerance and garbage being dished out by this creep andhis accomplices. The latest article by Favreau in the WaPo, case in point!

    Bettyjean, Denise and Louisa have been on my mind and in my heart ever since I heard about the dreadful attack…

    Taking Our Power, Taking Our Lives: Women Under Threat

    Secondly…these pastors that THE ONE is choosing..many more to keep an eye out for in this piece from quite awhile back…

    Part 2: Obama’s Conservative Meeting Guests–The Pastors

  • Thia, GA

    If you haven’t already watched this I would wait until you can do so with a big glass of wine and a hanky. It made me cry my eyes out – throw stuff – cry – throw stuff …

  • yttik

    Oh criminey, I can’t even find the words to properly respond to this video. I’m actually speechless. Good grief! Arrgggggg….

    Good job, that is indeed a powerful video. We need to get this out everywhere.

  • Thia, GA

    Also go to you tube and rate it and leave comments. Maybe more people will see it and get involved if it gets enough hits to pop up on the radar.

  • bruce nahin

    Excellent , should be required watching for all journalism majors and current journalists

  • Anna


    Why? Since there were no negative consequences for this sort of reporting (perhaps even ratings jumps, for all I know) it could just as well serve as an example of what you can get away with.

  • Spiritof76

    Need to take a deep breath! I have sent this to on to as many people as I could think of, with a note explaining that this is is why I am still angry. I truly think many of them are unaware, but seeing these images together they can no longer ignore the messages we have been getting. I reminded them that we can not be silent. I will be looked on as a cranky old woman or a B—- but i don’t care, I intend to point out sexism wherever I see or hear it.

  • Anna

    Sorry for being a bit off topic, but I’m having trouble posting in threads fruther down (don’t ask!).

    Obama’s cabinet is complete

  • Zee

    Did you all know that there is something screwy with your comment boxes?

    Just FYI.

  • Zee

    I’m not technical but it looks as if the “wrap” is not happening, and the text simply scroll off the entire page.

  • Marchelle

    Unbelievable…it’s so frustrating to see all of this, compiled together. And what does the MSM do? Nothing. Makes one wonder how we got to this place where it appears to be perfectly acceptable to bash high-profile women with no repercussions. How did this happen? What has happened to the people of this country?

    I wish I had a constructive response, complete with suggestions and recommendations. But I am at a loss for words and can only express my frustration, disappointment, and anger. Perhaps later…

  • KendallJ



  • Anna

    This video is incredibly well done. I gotta contact the person who put it together.

    Signing off for the night. Heartbroken, but determined.

  • It was the loooooong link — in some browsers that just won’t wrap and it throws off the blog.

  • Becky

    I cried months ago. I ranted a year ago. For the time being, the saddness and anger have been replaced with constructive motivation to educate, raise awareness, and pass along love rather than hate. Thank you for a portion of my motivation. Very well done; I have been looking for a one-stop shop to use for educational purposes, and have now found it. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • Kiuku

    The repercussions are there. They will be evident when our country collapses.

  • ER

    Re: The entire slide show, which was designed to be used as an educational tool

    The powerpoint will not work on Mac. Here’s a condensed version on youtube.

    (This was posted by SadStateofAffairs on another website).

  • Anna


    Your blog “name” must stand for:

    Eternally Reliable, or
    Education and Resources, or
    Excellence and Responsiveness

    How do you do it?!*

  • ER

    Thanks Anna! I like to make things happen and move things forward. I am delighted to have found The New Agenda, and I want to encourage everyone to participate in the cause!

  • xax

    I saw about 3 mins and couldn’t watch anymore.

    The only thing I saw was their manic obession and blowing small things out of proportion. I can’t stomach the BS.

  • Made me angry all over again. Nothing was fortuitous here – it was a planned strategy – to fan those ugly flames and ride on them. The same way GOP-ers before were using racism and homophobia.