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The New Agenda issues Halftime Report press release on Obama transition


The New Agenda is busy!

Today we issued a Halftime Report on President-elect Obama’s transition and what it means to women (bottom line: they don’t seem to matter):

Despite the fact that the majority of American women voted for candidate Barack Obama in November, apparently this constituency does not matter to the President-elect. Analysis of the first 40 days of the Obama transition period reveals shocking steps backward for the women of this country.

To date, Obama has appointed only four women out of 16 announced cabinet positions. At this rate the President-elect would need to fill all remaining positions with women in order to achieve near gender parity. (See the “Cabinet Watch Scoreboard” at for details.)

We also took the President-elect to task for his silence on the Jon Favreau grope picture. As Amy Siskind noted, “Senator Clinton will be our country’s face to the world in her newly appointed position as Secretary of State. What is Obama saying, or not saying, when he allows this display to be shown worldwide and remains silent?”

In addition, the stealth appointment of Larry Summers to the National Economic Council is, as Dr. Nancy Hopkins says, “a clever move” to bypass the need for a Senate confirmation. “Clearly Obama knew that appointing a man who notoriously claimed that girls have a innately lower aptitude for math and science would be hard for the American public to swallow,” said Dr. Hopkins.


In other goings-on, our piece at the Daily Beast has moved up to the number 3 spot! Check it out and don’t forget to leave a comment: Women Scorned.

And later tonight, be sure to tune in for our weekly talk at Chewing the Fat with Ophelia. Ophelia has a special guest, Beverly Cooper Neufeld of The Equal Pay Coalition NYC. We’ll be talking about one of the most important goals of The New Agenda: ensuring that the women in this country are paid fairly for their hard work and enormous contributions to our nation’s economic life. That’s 10pm EST on BlogTalkRadio. The call-in number is (347) 324-5942.

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